How to use zinc to easily promote testosterone production

Zinc is necessary for many processes in the human body. It supports numerous enzymes and is indispensable for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Another important process supported by zinc is testosterone production. Meanwhile, there are also many studies, which prove that the Testosterone-Spiegel by the income of the food supplement strongly rises. If there is a zinc deficiency, it can, therefore, lower the concentration of testosterone.

You can find out in which form the mineral is taken and how it can best be absorbed by the body in the following article.

Why is testosterone important for men?

First, you should know what testosterone is needed for in your body. It is a biochemical messenger substance that is not only present in men – testosterone is also produced in the female body, but at a much lower concentration.

In men, testosterone contributes to the male appearance that develops during puberty. It helps build muscle mass and bone density in both men and women and also increases sexual desire and drive.

If the sex hormone is present in too low a concentration, the deficiency manifests itself in symptoms such as:

  • Listlessness
  • Depressions
  • Body exhaustion

How to ingest zinc

If a too low testosterone level is given or you want to increase the concentration of the sex hormone for various other reasons, the intake of the mineral zinc now offers itself – there are different possibilities.

The mineral is particularly popular with many people from the bodybuilding scene. They take the zinc during a testosterone cure since it can increase the level additionally and can improve the result of the cure.

Increase testosterone levels with food

Zinc can be ingested through a wide variety of natural foods – which ultimately leads to increased production of sex hormone. Zinc-containing foods are for example oat flakes, Brazil nuts or peanuts.

In addition, other – not necessarily zinc-containing – foods are said to increase testosterone levels. Although these foods can easily be incorporated into your daily diet, they are often not sufficient to fight a zinc deficiency or to increase testosterone levels remarkably. Furthermore, it is difficult to constantly calculate how much of the food should be consumed to meet personal zinc needs.

Introduce the trace element as a preparation

Zinc is available as a dietary supplement in many different forms. In pharmacies, one finds mostly zinc-containing effervescent tablets. These seem to be easy to take and comparatively very cheap, but they are rarely high-quality zinc. Particularly since the body cannot take up the zinc well and the success thus on itself can wait.

In combination with Magnesium

The human body absorbs zinc better in combination with certain substances. Magnesium is a substance that favors absorption particularly well. In the meantime, one also obtains combination preparations which contain both zinc and magnesium. This has the particular advantage that magnesium is already perfectly dosed in relation to zinc.

How high you should dose zinc depends on whether you suffer from a zinc deficiency or not. If there is no deficiency, a 30mg preparation per day is sufficient. If you suffer from a zinc deficiency, there are even 100mg preparations – but you should discuss this with your doctor.

What other ways to increase testosterone levels

As already mentioned, there are various foods that can increase the production of the sex hormone. There are also other vital substances that have the same effect as zinc. These include, for example, B vitamins, L-arginine or vitamin D. All these substances can be taken just as well as food supplements in the form of preparation and can thus increase the testosterone level.

Zinc as an Exciter for testosterone production

Zinc can actually stimulate the formation of testosterone. When taking the mineral, you should take special care that you take a high-quality supplement. Tablets from the pharmacy or various offers from the Internet are often inexpensive but do not come qualitatively to a rudimentary high-quality supplement.

It is best to choose a good combination preparation and take zinc and magnesium at the same time. This allows better absorption of the body and therefore a faster production of testosterone. But also here you should make sure that it is a high-quality product.

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