XYZ Smart Collagen Review – Before and After with Side Effects

Man has been looking for the fountain of youth since the dawn of time. We would do anything to gain a few more years, look younger and stay beautiful. Science fiction has toyed with the idea while science has been creating real solutions to our globally shared plight, getting old! We have alternative procedures, cosmetic surgery, injections and pills to stay as youthful as possible. We accept the risks and live with the side effects.

While we can’t live forever, we may be able to preserve our youthful appearance well into advanced years with the collaboration of science and nature without breaking the bank! Let’s find out.

Does Your Skin Look Older Than You Feel?

We all know that sickening feeling of removing our makeup at the end of the night only to reveal the lines and wrinkles of a lifetime. Our cheeks crack with a thousand laughs and our eyes ripple from a million smiles, while our foreheads record every worry and sigh in deep creases. We hold decades of emotions etched into our skin like a personal record of moments for everyone to see and judge.

Where did that young, fresh person go? What would you do to see that youthful face again?

What is XYZ Smart Collagen?

There is a lot of hype about collagen on the market today, some fake, some not and definitely some better quality than others. Collagen is what makes your skin plump like a baby’s cheek. Elastin is what holds it up and tight. By 35, our bodies already produce half the amount of collagen and our elastin gives way as well. This is why the skin gets thin and begins to crease and sag. By stimulating collagen production, the skin supposedly plumps up once more.

So why did that last collagen you bought not do a thing?

Because the collagen has to work with the elastin. When you use a supplement that encourages collagen growth, it triggers leukotrienes which tell your skin to produce even greater amounts of collagen flooding your dermis layer. The elastin can’t keep up with this which is why you may be perky for a little bit, but the body will rid itself of the extra collagen. The two must be in balance to keep your revitalized, fresh look. XYZ Smart Collagen has patented a formula that controls the rate of collagen production to stay within the ability of the elastin to keep it firm and line free!

While you treat yourself to wrinkle free skin, try one of our tested lightening creams, Zeta White or Hendel’s Goji Cream, to erase age spots and get a flawless, creamy tone.

You should use cosmetic collagen

What does XYZ Smart Collagen Do?

  • Fills in wrinkles and lines around the mouth and eyes
  • Visibly lifts the skin shaping the face and defining features
  • Improves skin elasticity for the firm, plump look of fresh skin
  • Rejuvenates and smooths skin texture
  • Reduces the depth and width of stretch marks

Organic, Sustainably Grown Plant Ingredients

Though we are not permitted to share their proprietary blend, it is clearly printed on the label with purchase. We can say all the plant ingredients are:

  • Cold pressed to retain quality
  • Vegan friendly
  • Certified by Nagoya, Cosmos, EcoCert and Nature Compliant
  • Sustainably grown, raw materials

They do share their primary ingredient, sap from the evergreen, South African Bulbine frutescens which has been clinically proven to slow down collagen decay while increasing its production and blocking leukotriene synthesis.

Follow the Directions for Best Results

XYZ Smart Collagen advises users to gently massage the cream into your skin using circular motions and working up from the neck to the forehead, twice a day, morning and night AFTER washing your face. Allow the cream to fully absorb into the skin and avoid the rim of the eyelid and the tear ducts. They also recommend wearing a facial sunscreen to protect from any further damage and speed up your results!

Get a better skin with collagen

What Are the Side Effects?

There are no side effects that have been reported with XYZ Smart Collagen. It uses only high quality ingredients that meet industry certifications to offer you the finest solution to collagen enhancement available.

Does XYZ Smart Collagen Really Work?

Yes. It really does work, and we have a team of women that have the before and after results to prove it. XYZ Smart Collagen claimed to reduce your appearance by 7.5 years, and we cannot disagree. The 12-week test was conducted on eight volunteers in our home office that religiously followed the instructions, wore a SPF 15 or higher sunscreen during the day and each washed their face twice daily with the same facial bar. Each woman had undeniably smoother skin with less visible lines or wrinkles. This may not be the fountain of youth, but it’s the next best thing!

Real Experiences with XYZ Smart Collagen

My wrinkles started as soon as my youngest got to kindergarten! I’m only 35! I decided to try this before doing anything more serious. I am well impressed. My husband says I haven’t aged a day since we met. Guess he didn’t notice those years in the middle! – Lucinda
I was skeptical but this has done wonders. I’m going to my 30 year high school reunion and think I look better now than I did then. – Josie
I’ll never pay for botox again! This is so easy and natural. My skin looks great and there are no lines in sight. Even while making partner! – Ellen

Avoid Scams When You Buy XYZ Smart Collagen

Unfortunately, we did find a couple of artificial products out there with fake labels and manufacturers. These were found on Amazon and eBay, so we recommend you do not by from sites such as GNC or other forums. To guarantee the real product at the best price with free shipping throughout the U.S. we’ve added the link to the official website. Buy smart and safe!

William C. Hilberg
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