Urine test strips – what are they good for?

Even though many people consider urine to be unhygienic and perhaps even disgusting, it says a lot about a person’s state of health. With such a high probability, you have already done a urine test once in your life. These are used to detect certain diseases or to determine the general state of health. There are now many different test methods, and in the following, we will deal with the so-called urine rapid test. A urine test strip is used for this. With many other methods you give the sample in a beaker and then in a laboratory – more or less protracted and complex – for certain disease pictures is tested. The urine test strip, on the other hand, provides relatively quick and uncomplicated information about the result!

Why it makes sense to do a review

Urine is an indicator of many bodily functions. It is a direct product of the urinary system and excretes substances that the body no longer needs. Nevertheless, it consists for the most part of water and is accordingly also something to which the water balance in the body can be attached.


You don’t necessarily have to buy a urine test strip to be able to determine whether something is wrong with the urine. Sometimes it is already sufficient if you pay attention to the color and the smell. It is also interesting to see how often you have to urinate (pollakiuria, for example, is conspicuous) and how much urine is released. If you find that you notice something abnormal, then it makes sense to have a urine test done by a doctor. The doctor can then clarify whether it is a problem that you should take care of.


In case of doubt, you should always consult a doctor. Self-diagnoses are often imprecise and only less meaningful. Some people also use this test to determine their blood sugar level – keyword diabetes.


The urine review strip – what it reveals to you:

Certainly, the fastest way to test your urine is a so-called urine test strip. These are also often used by your family doctor. You can also buy one at DM (or another drugstore) and in the pharmacy. The evaluation of such urine test strips is very easy and you don’t need expensive analysis equipment or anything else.


For more specific tests or more detailed investigations, such a quick test is hardly suitable. For an exact analysis, you still have to go to a specialist.

What is the “right” urine?

Urine is comparatively susceptible when it comes to impurities (e.g. bacteria). Therefore, you should use the so-called “medium urine” when performing the test yourself. You let the urine run for a few seconds, then stop briefly, prepare the glass, fill it a little, remove the glass again and let the rest run to the toilet.

How is such a urine test strip constructed?

The quick test often works with colors and different fields. To do this, you need the evaluation table to understand what the colors on the urine test strip actually show you.


A urine strip is not the most accurate way to examine your urine. A quantitative analysis of urine using a urine test strip is only possible to a limited extent or often not at all.  Such a test only indicates substances in the urine that actually do not belong there (in medical terms “norm negative”).


Now hold the urine test – according to instructions – in the urine and wait the given time. Then you can simply evaluate it with the matrix or read off the results.


The following substances can be found on a urine test strip. All of them are “norm negative”, which in turn means that they should not normally be present in the urine. Remember that if they are present, it will not allow self-diagnosis. You should perform the urine test in consultation with your doctor.


  • Protein (Are proteins present in the urine?)
  • Sugar
  • Nitrite
  • White blood cells
  • Red blood cells
  • Bilirubin (degradation product of the red blood pigment)
  • Urobilinogen (a degradative of bilirubin and thus a degradative of red blood pigment)
  • ketone (metabolic product)
  • Nitrite
  • pH value (this indicates the acidity of your urine – normal is a value that is about between 5 and 7)

Urine review Strip Evaluation

As I said, the evaluation is very simple. Use the package insert for this. It usually explains everything very precisely and you can reliably read off the urine strip test which box, with which color, stands for which value.


If there was protein in the urine, there may be a problem with the kidneys. If leukocytes and/or their degradation substances are in the urine, this may indicate an infection caused by bacteria. If ketones and sugars are present, this may mean that glucose levels are elevated.



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