Urinary retention, a medical emergency – this is how the treatment looks like

A urinary retention (medical ischuria) is a medical emergency. Because then the man can no longer empty his bladder properly and this leads to pain. If the urinary retention is not treated, this endangers the kidneys and other organs. Especially affected by ischuria are old men. At age between 70 and 79 the risk of urinary retention is about ten percent.

Definition of urinary retention

Urinary retention occurs due to a blockade of the urinary tract and defines the inability to empty the bladder>inability to empty the bladder inability to empty the bladder> inability to empty the bladder Instead, this fills up more and more without the urine being able to be discharged. The difficulties in urinating sometimes occur suddenly so that doctors call this disease acute urinary retention in this case. Chronic ischuria can also occur. Both forms, if not treated, cause damage to the kidneys.

Acute urinary retention occurs in older men

Acute ischuria usually affects older men. It usually occurs during benign prostate enlargement, which constricts the urethra to such an extent that the bladder fills continuously, but the man can no longer let water in. The symptoms are very strong pain in the abdominal area and an extremely unpleasant feeling of pressure. Acute urinary retention can also have other causes, such as blockage of the urinary tract, tumors, kidney stones, bladder stones or nerve disorders. A herniated disc can also trigger acute ischuria. Since it is a medical emergency and leads to a rupture of the bladder in case of non-treatment, those affected should call immediately the emergency doctort – but it is best not to let it go so far and carry out a urinary ray measurement with only the slightest suspicion, this could reveal certain things in advance.

Chronic Ischurie verursacht starken Urndrang

The chronic urinary retention behaves somewhat differently. There is no severe pain and the symptoms are frequent urination and a strong urge to urinate as well as incontinence. Causes are mostly bladder stones, a weakened bladder musculature or a narrowing of the urinary tract as well as the intake of certain drugs. If chronic ischuria is not treated, side effects such as an overflow bladder or permanent incontinence may occur. This is because the tissue in the bladder expands to such an extent that the sphincters can no longer function properly.

Was sind die Ursachen für eine Blockade beim pinkeln

The causes of the urge to urinate are manifold

Problems during urination are caused by various causes and often by a narrowing of the ureter. But these are not the only reasons for ischuria. The urge to urinate can also be psychological or caused by a neurological disease. Here now the causes at a glance:

  • The urinary tract is blocked: It is mostly caused by benign prostate enlargement. With age, the prostate gland becomes larger and narrows the bladder and urinary tract. This leads to chronic urinary retention and therefore to frequent and above all nocturnal urination.
  • urinary stones: Urinary or kidney stones cause severe pain in the kidney area and colic-like pain in the lower abdomen occurs when the stones are removed. If the stones get stuck in the urinary tract or in the bladder, the man can no longer urinate and an ischuria occurs.
  • Urethral constriction: The constriction of the urethra usually occurs after a catheter of a Dk removal. However, urethral stricture can also be caused by injury or inflammation. In rare cases it is congenital.
  • Bladder cancer: Tumors in the bladder can also cause urinary stasis. The symptoms are usually blood in the urine and pain when urinating.
  • Ischuria in women: Ischuria can also develop in women due to a lowering of the uterus. This often happens when the woman has not only one pregnancy, but several births. An oestrogen deficiency during menopause can also block the urinary tract.
  • Other diseases: In chronic bladder disease, after surgery, multiple sclerosis, spinal paralysis, poorly adjusted blood sugar levels and other diseases, bladder function can be disturbed and urination can lead to problems. The consequences are often cramping of the urinary muscles and urinary retention.
  • Psychic and neurological complaints: In anxiety disorders, stress and other psychological illnesses, the bladder muscles become tense. This can result in urinary retention.

Ischurie: Behandlung, Therapie und Medikamente

The treatment and therapy of ischuria depends on the respective cause. It is important that you see your doctor as soon as the first symptoms appear. The doctor must find out as quickly as possible which reasons the urinary constriction has. For this purpose he conducts a patient interview and examines the abdomen and lower abdomen. He also takes a urine sample and analyses the urine in the laboratory. Also Ultrasound, X-ray examination and Computer tomography are used to quickly and painlessly identify kidneys, pelvis and bladder filling level.

In order to relieve the bladder as quickly as possible, a bladder catheter is used. This is a thin plastic tube that is pushed into the bladder via the urethra so that the urine can gradually flow off in small portions. This relieves pain and also prevents complications such as bleeding in the bladder wall or a rupture of the bladder.

Depending on the cause, the catheter remains temporarily or permanently in the urethra. If there is a bacterial infection or inflammation, the doctor also prescribes antibiotics. Once the bladder is empty, the doctor performs a bladderoscopy to identify pathological processes and remove any bladder stones that have got stuck. If urinary retention occurs due to a psychiatric complaint, the patient is referred to a psychotherapist.

Behandlung bei einer Blockade der Harnwege

What to do with urinary retention

If there are problems urinating, there are several ways for the man to prevent urinary retention. It is particularly useful if does not use draining drinks such as coffee or cola, as these increase the urge to urinate. You can also develop tactics to resist the temptation to go to the toilet in order to train the bladder. Also help with urinary retention relaxation baths, which relax the muscles of the bladder.

In order to prevent ischuria due to bacterial inflammation, you should ensure sufficient hygiene in the intimate area. During sexual intercourse a condom protects against the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Urinary and kidney stones that lead to urinary retention can be prevented if you drink between 2.5 and 3 liters of water per day.


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