Smegma: lack of hygiene is the cause

Actually this belongs to the basics of body care, but in fact you read more often about acorn cheese, how it is made, what it is and very important how to get it away again. I’ll explain this in this short, crisp article.

What is Acorn cheese anyway?

Acorn cheese is actually called smegma and is a white yellowish substance mostly between the foreskin and the glans. This acorn cheese is often an accumulation of sebum, old body cells, urine, bacteria and sperm, whereby not all components must be present in this mixture.

If you have free sebaceous glands on your penis, they have nothing to do with the formation of smegma, by the way, because acorn cheese is produced exclusively due to poor hygiene!

How to remove acorn cheese?

First of all, you should wash your penis properly under warm water. If everything is clean you should pay attention to proper body hygiene in the future:

  • Wash thoroughly after masturbation, sex, and toilet use.
  • Always wear fresh underwear.

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William C. Hilberg
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