Is it possible to make your penis longer?

The own penis size employs many men, not all had luck and were well equipped by mother nature. A penis that is too small can be a huge problem for both sides in a relationship:

  • the woman is not properly satisfied and will be unhappy in the long run
  • this fact naturally scratches the man’s ego: a vicious circle

Is it only about sex in a relationship?

No that of course not. But good sex certainly makes – if you are not beyond 80 years – an important building block for a great partnership. Ask yourself the following question honestly: Do you want to be with a woman permanently together, with whom you never come to a climax during sex?

In the beginning, when you are very much in love, this is certainly possible, but probably not on a long-term basis (of course I am aware that this statement does not apply to all 80 million inhabitants in Germany, here too there will be guaranteed exceptions that do not conform to my opinion).

Problems in everyday life with a small penis… 
…are certainly too well known to you, that’s why you’re here after all. There are many unpleasant situations, be they

  • when showering after football training or in the gym
  • sauna visit
  • and probably the worst: the intimate encounter with a woman (what will her reaction be? Can I satisfy her?)

fact is: many men have a lack of self-confidence due to their penis size and this in turn can lead to serious long-term psychological problems up to sexual disturbances.</block rate>

When does one begin to speak of a small penis?

The average penis in Germany is 14.4 cm long in the erect state and has a circumference of 12 cm. This is only the average and no norm, 12 cm are just as normal as 16 cm.

A penis can be shaped in many different ways

Also a common problem: a thin penis

Not only the length is important for a woman, but also the thickness. If the penis is thin, there is a risk that the woman will not feel enough during sex and will therefore not enjoy sexual intercourse much. Most of the women I have spoken to even say: rather a little shorter and thicker instead of a long and thin penis. In the ideal case it is of course long and thick!

The solution: a penis enlargement

A penis enlargement should be considered carefully. Why do you want a bigger penis?

Do you suffer from dysmorphophobia? Or do you just think you can’t satisfy your partner?

A dysmorphophobia is a disturbed self-perception and a serious topic, which should be treated in specialist care. Just as if you only believe that you cannot really satisfy the other person(s). Talk about who is ready for sex, is also ready to talk about this topic. This topic is very difficult to address at first, but you will be amazed at how much better and relieved you feel afterwards.

Do you already have an average penis and only want more? 

Then you’re lucky you’re not under pressure. We will come to the possible solutions of your problem soon.

Or you really have a too small penis in an erect state, so that sexual activity is impaired?

In this case, a penis enlargement definitely makes sense.

Sexual dissatisfaction can affect many areas of life: partnership, general (dis)satisfaction, work, etc.

Be realistic and careful with penis enlargement

No matter which method you choose later, no miracles are to be expected. It is not possible to enlarge a penis with a length of 7 cm to 17 cm – neither with an operation, a penis pump, a penis extender or other methods. Please take a long distance from the many rip-off offers on the Internet á la “7 cm more in 7 days” or any “wonder pills” which should enlarge your best friend (probably still within shortest time).

Such offers are unrealistic and implausible, neither are 7 cm in 7 days possible (that is not even possible in a year), nor are there any pills or medications on the market that can enlarge your penis. Unfortunately even today too many men fall in the spell of their despair of a small penis on such bait offers and the only thing that is big later is the wallet of the providers.

The possibilities for penis enlargement

penis pump description
Penis pumps can be very effective

In principle there are 2 ways to lengthen a penis. Either by surgery or the use of penis pumps or penis extensors. Since I prefer enlargement in a natural way, this article deals only with the use of penis pumps or penis extenders.

Both systems work in a similar way, but the way they work differs from model to model. The basic principle is described here in detail.

The penis tissue is exposed to a permanent pressure – either by a vacuum or a tensile force – whereby the tissue stretches and grows slowly. This method is by no means new, but is used in many areas such as the modern tunnel earrings and the plate lips of different primitive peoples.

The advantages of such a penis enlargement

The costs are very manageable compared to an operation. According to the “German Center for Urology” a penis enlargement costs an average of 9.600 €. In addition, this cost is not covered by the health insurance for aesthetic operations and must be borne completely by the patient.

Therefore I recommend in the first step always to try an alternative method: to buy a penis pump. In the best case you saved about 9.300 € in the end! Of course you have to say that there is no 100% guarantee of success. Each body reacts differently, the skin tissue of each individual is different and the type and duration of application are decisive for success or failure.

And that brings us to the disadvantages

Penis pumps must be used permanently to lengthen the penis. If you decide on a penis extender, regular wearing (e.g. at night while sleeping) is mandatory. The one-time use will not lead to any results. It is best to use it daily and over a period of several months. For this a lot of discipline is required, which not everyone shows in the long run. Of course it is demotivating not to be able to register any success after the first or second week, but this principle is based on long-term use. It is similar with weight training: after 2 weeks of hard training you will not notice a bigger biceps.

So if you have a firm desire for a longer penis and can imagine using this method every day, it’s just the thing for you!

My recommendation for a penis pump:

  • PHALLOSAN® forte: is super suitable for professional use, medically tested, the manufacturer has many years of experience and is comfortable to wear.
  • Bathmate: a water-based penis pump with a certain fun-factor, much less expensive, only suitable for use in water (shower / bathtub).

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