Sex increasing food: Myth or truth?

Selected foods increase the sexual performance of the man – a great thing, or? If it would be so easy, because of course there is also a catch here. What’s really true about the myth of potency-enhancing foods and what I’m not telling you now in the following article

No scientific studies on sexual performance enhancing foods

If you enter Google “sexual performance-enhancing foods” you will get a lot of search results that promise you the blue from the sky: from well-known foods like bananas, eggs, strawberries, ginger, cherries, watermelons to exotic things like Goksura, Ankota or Munjataka, all these foods should increase male potency. Mir is not a single scientific study known that proves that one of the above foods can increase potency.

The Internet is one of mankind’s most wonderful inventions. However also each quantity garbage, wishful thinking and not founded statements stands here.

Various fruit varieties
Fruit is very healthy and promotes sexual performance

With sexual enhancers you can earn a lot of money, that is well known. Here the desperation of men is exploited. Every man knows how important potency is for his own ego. If something doesn’t work the way it should, panic quickly arises. So there are always attempts to earn money with dubious products and to animate the visitors to buy with pompous messages. Some time ago I therefore created the most honest list about sexual performance in meticulous detail work. If you are interested in the topic you should read the unconditionally through.

Sexual performance increase through a healthy lifestyle

Before you run to the next supermarket and buy local and exotic fruits and hope to increase your sexual performance, please read this article in peace.

Yes, you can increase your sexual performance with healthy foods. But it’s not about one food, but about nutrition in general.

What I mean to say, get used to a healthy lifestyle:

  • do enough sports (e.g. walking, jogging)
  • move yourself in the fresh air (e.g. long walks on weekends)
  • reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • feed healthy and eat enough fruit & vegetables
  • non-use of convenience food, deep-frozen dishes and FastFood

This is what your diet could look like for a day

To show that a balanced diet is not so difficult, here is a small example of a possible daily routine:

  • Breakfast:
    Muesli enriched with fresh fruit and whole milk, served with a glass of tomato juice
  • Morning:
    an apple, banana or kiwi for in between
  • Lunchtime:
    a homemade salad, sandwiches or yoghurt with fruits. In addition a delicious shake (homemade of course)
  • Afternoon:
    a muesli bar for in between
  • Evenings:
    a homemade meal made from fresh ingredients without flavour enhancers ect.

This is of course just a fictional example to illustrate how easy it is to eat healthy with a little discipline.

All these tips will increase your overall quality of life and well-being after only a short time and will ultimately also increase your sexual performance. It is important that you approach the matter with continuity. With one-time changes you will not notice any positive results. You have to think long-term.
Because ultimately you do it for yourself, your body and your health.

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William C. Hilberg
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