Seminal congestion myth: Is it really true that men suffer from it?

Sperm congestion – every man is afraid of it. But is it really true that the gentlemen can suffer from thick eggs, or is it all just a myth? There are plenty of funny sayings and jokes around the subject like “Karo shirt and seed jam, I study mechanical engineering”. But what is behind the urban legend? Is there really a seed jam? No, the pain of cavalier was actually only invented to make life easier for sexually frustrated men.

If sperm congestion is just a myth and sex error, why do many men have pain? This article will tell you!

What is sperm congestion? That is unfortunately only a legend!

“Help, I have congestion, can you help me?”, you can soon no longer say this sentence to your partner. Because the hope of having sex through it will vanish if your wife or girlfriend finds out that the seed congestion is just a myth. So the argument no longer counts. Your penis will not explode . Even if you are supposed to have pain, it has nothing to do with the sperm.

A seed congestion is demonstrably not and it is impossible that it comes to an overproduction of sperm, even if the testicles constantly produce new sperm. The body absorbs them when they are not needed or when they leave the body due to ejaculation. This happens without any side effects. The man does not notice this process at all.

No sperm congestion in the man! Where do the pains come from then?

Every man complains from time to time about pain and swelling of the testicles. But these symptoms have nothing to do with the myth of sperm congestion. But then why does it sometimes come to a burning and stinging, if one does not come to the climax? What is the cause? Medicine explains this as follows:

  • >When a man is aroused, vasodilatation and vasoconstriction occurs. This means that the arteries dilate in the testicles and this leads to an increased circulation of blood in the testicles and penis. At the same time, the veins that divert blood constrict, causing the testicles to swell. This effect normally only happens when the penis is aroused. After the male orgasm the vessels normalize again.

If the man does not have an orgasm, it can happen that the blood cannot flow off and the muscles of the vas deferens become cramped. Pain develops, which can extend to the groin area and in some men the testicles turn bluish.

If you have after sex testicular pain, you should do something about it at the first signs, otherwise the symptoms and pain will worsen. Especially if you remain abstinent. The easiest way to get rid of the symptoms is to ejaculate to have an ejaculation. You don’t have to have sex for that. Masturbation is also sufficient. Immediately after the climax, the pain should subside and the testicles should return to their normal size.

If the burning and the swelling remain, it can be a epididymitis. You shouldn’t wait any longer to see a urologist. Because epididymitis is not a harmless disease. The testicles swell to the size of a mango and there is very strong pain. If the inflammation remains untreated, the epididymal tubules may close and in the worst case this leads to infertility. Do not endanger your health and go to a doctor. Because there may also be other diseases like water accumulation in the scrotum or testicular cancer behind it.

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Instead of sperm congestion a tumor? Testicular cancer is another cause of pain

Another cause of testicular pain in men can be a tumor. Men between the ages of 20 and 40 are particularly susceptible. In order to detect testicular cancer as early as possible, physicians advise to palpate the testicles once a month to detect changes. Thus possible causes can be clarified in time. Of course a persistent feeling of pressure in the testicles does not automatically mean cancer, but if the pain is not bilateral, it can be a tumour. If the swelling can also be felt on one side and feels hard and knobbly, this can also be a cause for testicular cancer.

These are signs of testicular cancer:

  • Swelling of the testicles
  • Hardening & Knubbel in tissue
  • constant pain
  • unilateral testicular pain
  • pressure sensation
  • Touch sensitivity
  • water accumulation in the testis
  • men’s breast enlargement

From the age of 45, it makes sense to perform a routine checkup. This is covered by the health insurance companies. You can have testicular cancer screening performed by urologist or family doctor. Thus first signs do not remain undiscovered. It is better to go to the doctor once too often than too little! Then your sex life will not suffer either.

By the way, we have also found out for you whether the myth of sperm is right for sore throats and coughs. Just read our guidebook!

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