Sebaceous glands on the penis: symptoms, background & treatment

Addicted: Free sebaceous glands on the penis can be a real scare. Suddenly they are there, many small white dots on the penis and you think “What is that? Is that dangerous?

Free sebaceous glands are called Fordyce-glands in the technical language and occur not only at the penis, but also in the mucous membranes of the mouth, at the scrotum, at the lips and at the vulva. They are small, white yellowish dots with a size of 1 to 5 millimetres. They produce sebum and keep your skin supple.

What are these sebaceous glands and are they dangerous for the penis?

sebaceous glands on the penisThese are so-called free sebaceous glands, which are completely harmless. They have no connection whatsoever to the glands on our hair. About 30 – 80 % of the population have such free sebaceous glands, they are already present from birth and only appear in the course of life. Mostly from the beginning of puberty, but sometimes only in adulthood.

If you wish, you can have them removed by a specialist (in this case a dermatologist) for aesthetic reasons, but this step is not necessary from a medical point of view and is therefore not covered by the health insurance.
Many doctors even explicitly advise against this step because the procedure is time-consuming (every single point has to be cut out individually) and often scars remain behind. These scars can be possibly still more disturbing than the existing white points.

Free sebaceous glands on the penis and sex: how do women react?

If you search a little bit for this topic you will come across an insanely large number of forum posts asking what kind of white dots are on the penis, how to remove them and especially how women react to them. It is well known that we men react very sensitively to changes in our penis.

I want to tell you a little story:

One morning I discovered these sebaceous glands on my penis myself and was very scared. Immediately I sat down at the PC and googled: Pimples on my penis and white spots on my penis were my first search terms until I finally came across the topic of sebaceous glands on my penis. After a comparison of pictures found on the Internet and my penis, I came to the conclusion that these are the aforementioned Fordyce glands. A dermatologist confirmed my diagnosis and advised me not to change anything and to live with it.

Fine, it was nothing dangerous, I thought, but how will women react during sex? I’ve thought 1,000 thoughts and surfed in forums and I can guarantee you one: Women don’t care!

Most people didn’t notice it at all and when I mentioned it only one “Yes, and?”

Free sebaceous glands are something quite natural. You perceive them at the first moment only very intensified, much more serious than it actually is. Don’t worry what women might think about it, you don’t have to be embarrassed to have these sebaceous glands. Most likely it will not even attract the attention of a woman.

Hint: This text is based on my findings and of course does not replace a diagnosis from a specialist.

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