Raspberry Ketone Review – Does it work and Where You Can Buy It

When it comes to losing weight safely and naturally, you want to work with your body not against it. You can look at alternatives like stimulants or surgeries, but often all you need is a little gain in your metabolism. Due to age and genetics some bodies slow down and others started slow, but when your system works the way it’s supposed to, fighting fat will not be so hard. It’s a matter of getting your metabolism burning again.

These may sound like the words of a skinny person, but think again. That’s why I wanted to try out the famous raspberry ketone for myself! Could one little pill with a few plant ingredients really make that much of a difference? I had to see if actual results were possible. This supplement has had so much media coverage, it was hard not to be curious! With so many options, choosing which one to buy for the best price was overwhelming. Find out what happened.

Is Your Metabolism Stopping Your Weight Loss?

It’s an unfair fact of life that some people are born with a metabolism in hyperdrive and others can’t get out of first gear. To add insult to injury, as we age first gear seems to grind to a halt until only the mere thought of a hamburger and French fries can put ten pounds on our hips! You can diet and exercise until you’re blue in the face, but the dial on the scale only drops one if two are gained. At some point, you realize the only options are to quit this ridiculous battle of will within yourself or find something to give your drive for a healthy, slim body a fighting chance.

That’s where a zero side-effect, all-natural ingredient supplement may just be the ticket. Or not… Check out my own before and after story!

lose weight with ketone

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is phenolic compound, which is the chemical substance in plants that gives them their smell. That’s right, the smell of fresh, red raspberries is the key to amping up your fat loss. Unfortunately, you can’t just smell it. You have to ingest it, but eating two pounds of raspberries every day is unrealistic. That’s why numerous supplements have been released harnessing the result-driven power of this natural phenol. I chose VitaBalance for their quality control, discounted prices and superior ingredient list.

How does VitaBalance Raspberry Ketone Work?

VitaBalance Raspberry Ketones help the body deal with weight gain in numerous ways.

  • Breaks Down Fat Within Cells
  • Supercharges the Metabolism
  • Increases Overall Energy Levels
  • Helps to Control Weight and Fat
  • Raises Levels of Adiponectin Hormone
  • May Help Moderate Blood Glucose
  • Reduces Appetite

Holistic, Safe Ingredients

It’s not just the raspberry ketone that makes this supplement stand out above the rest. The other three ingredients have been equally proven effective in weight management.

  • Raspberry Ketone – Burns fat faster by breaking it down and releasing it from cells.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – High in acetic acid which raises the hormone adiponectin to burn carbs for energy.
  • African Mango – Increases leptin hormone so you eat less and burn more.
  • Green Tea – Catechins, a strong antioxidant, helps to prevent weight gain and low levels of caffeine gives you focus.

The Correct Dosage and Directions

Just add two pills before breakfast to your morning vitamin medley. Drink them with a large glass of water. I liked taking both at once to start my day energized and get my metabolism running as long as possible. Some people like take one with breakfast and one with lunch. That is your preference. There is no need to take more than the suggested dose. It does not speed up the benefits.

What Are the Side Effects?

As all the ingredients are all-natural, plant-based herbal remedies, there are no side effects listed. I personally did not experience any. If you are extremely sensitive to caffeine, it could be possible, but the green tea is very subtle. If you’re pregnant, nursing or on medications, it’s always good to check with your physician before taking any new supplements.

Does VitaBalance Raspberry Ketone Really Work?

This was the question I set out to answer. After 10 weeks of taking the recommended dosage, eating a fairly balanced diet with a few cheat days and doing the same neighborhood dog walk three or four times a week that I’ve always done, I did actually lose weight. I made no strict or serious changes. I lost 21 pounds! I have about 18 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weights.

Yes, this stuff absolutely works, and I will be ordering more until I get the body I want! I also plan on adding in Green Coffee Plus to help finish off these extra pounds. As the body gets smaller, the last bit of weight can be tricky. If you eat pretty well and have a form of regular exercise, these are gentle enough to get your body changing on their own. If you struggle with diet and exercise, I recommend a stronger option like PhenQ. I like stacking health supplements to keep my body from adapting to one brand.

Real Experiences with Raspberry Ketone

Me and my roomie started taking these before our spring break trip to Ibiza. We were smoking hot by the time we got there. My stomach has never been flatter! – Rebecca & Sarah
I have struggled since college, when the freshmen 15 became the senior 35. Then I got pregnant. That didn’t make things easier. Now I’m getting married and he’s great. So I really wanted to show him how great I can be. My wedding is still a month away and I started taking these three months back. So far they’ll have to take in my dress 16 inches! It’s unbelievable. He’ll be marrying a brand new me! – Jessie
So I’m not a jerk but I got these for my wife. She’s always complaining about her weight so I thought I would help her do something about it. It worked! – Skipper

Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone – Guard Your Money From Scams!

There are so many different brands that sell raspberry ketone. Amazon, eBay and GNC are full of them. My success was with VitaBalance, and I cannot attest to any others. This particular formula has the right amount of what the body needs to lose weight. Here is the link to their official site, so you can be sure to get the right product and safely begin to burn off that extra fat!

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