The active ingredient Proscar – tablets against hair loss

If you also stand in front of the mirror in the morning and more light spots appear beside your secret hairline corners, it could be that you suffer from androgenic hair loss. We know that this is accompanied by a tremendous amount of suffering. Maybe that’s why you’re already depressed, or maybe you don’t want to look at yourself in the mirror anymore.

But we can assure you that there is a possible solution: Proscar! The hair loss remedy has a proven effect and can bring you some advantages. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to summarize all information about the drug, how it works, how long you have to take it until you see the results and point out that possible side effects are possible. We also point out what to look out for if you want to buy it away from the pharmacy.

What exactly is the active ingredient Proscar

Proscar is another name for the active ingredient Finasteride. It is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor and belongs to the group of synthetic steroids. It is very similar to testosterone, the sex hormone of men, but has a completely different effect.

Testosterone is usually converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body. However, this process has a negative effect on some processes, such as the formation of hair. This means that men tend to lose their hair earlier than women. Proscar is used to interrupt this conversion process.

In addition to being used to treat hair loss, Proscar is also used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BHP), where the dosage varies depending on the disease.


The correct dosage and administration of Proscar

Regarding the dosage, it depends which cause should actually be treated.

We recommend to take this medicine:

  • Prostatic hyperplasia: 5mg
  • Androgenic hair loss: 1mg

The dosage form is usually tablets that cannot be divided. So it is also not possible to take only half of them and possibly achieve a better result in hair loss. The user takes one tablet daily, together with enough liquid.

When do you see the first results?

The effect of Proscar (Finasteride) has been proven in studies. The first results can be observed after a correct intake of 3 to 6 months. Of course, it is also important that the medication was taken as recommended, in the appropriate dosage.


How long do you have to take Proscar?

Many also wonder how long to take the medicine. The fact is that if you want to keep your hair, you have to take the medicine as well. If the time has come to think about discontinuing the drug, it should be clear at the same time that hair loss occurs repeatedly, because the natural processes begin again.

As a rule, the intake is slowly but surely balanced out. In many cases, the hair remains for a few weeks as it has been cultivated and then falls out piece by piece. The results are therefore not permanent.

What side effects should you expect

Unfortunately, Proscar is an active substance with all kinds of side effects. Accordingly one should inform oneself in detail about it in advance because the consequences are often irreversible. Although it is encouraging to note that the frequency of side effects is lower with a dosage of 1 mg per day than with 5 mg, one should nevertheless be aware of this. The following side effects may occur:

  • reduced libido
  • erectile dysfunction
  • Testicular pain
  • infertility
  • Depressions

Unfortunately, even after weaning the tablets, some side effects are still present. For example, many men report a potency disorder while taking the tablets, which is ubiquitous even after stopping the tablets. This condition is known as a post-Finasteride syndrome. It is therefore advisable to consider carefully whether the active substance should be used unless it is medically necessary due to a disease.

Special case women – you are not allowed to take Proscar

In addition to men, women naturally also suffer from hair loss when they reach a certain age. However, they are not recommended to take Proscar because they are more at risk than men. Especially if you are pregnant. In this case, the active ingredient can lead to malformations of the external sex organs of a male fetus. Pregnant women are therefore advised to avoid any contact with the substance.

They are also advised to use a condom during sexual intercourse with men who take the tablets. For this reason, men who take Proscar are not allowed to donate blood. The risk that the blood will be passed on to a pregnant woman is too high.

Good experiences with Proscar

If you are aware of the side effects and still try it out, you will be rewarded with a fuller coat. Already within studies, it could be found out that the active substance brings results within 3 to 6 months with itself. The experience reports on the Internet, which can often be compared with before-after images, are predominantly positive.

A small deficiency, which many complained about, was that one cannot control where the hair actually grows back. In some cases the back of the head became fuller again, while the hair on top took a little longer to grow.

So it is not always possible to say exactly where you see the results until they are visible on the complete head.

Proscar is not available in Germany without a prescription, so it is necessary to try to diagnose the problem first. The attending physician then also accompanies the intake of the medication and can react if problems arise. Therefore it is also not recommended to order the active substance or eventual generics on the Internet.

The same also applies to Austria and Switzerland. There are some users who buy their medicines from abroad because it is available here without a prescription, but the price is usually the same. In addition, it is always advisable to have a doctor in the background during treatment, who can be consulted in case of questions or problems.

Is Proscar actually available over the counter?

Buy a Proscar – order it online in a serious way

As described earlier, Proscar is first and foremost prescription only, so that you can’t avoid diagnostics anyway. Now, one or the other local pharmacy is very expensive. The price varies strongly, whereby it always depends on whether one decides for a monopreparation (Androfin, FinaHAIR, Finisar, Finasterax, Prespa, Propecia, etc.) or one of the numerous generics.

It is therefore advisable to make a price comparison on the Internet before deciding on one of the products. The decisive factor, however, is that a prescription can be obtained from an online pharmacy without any problems. Above all serious and without a long waiting time. Sources where it is possible to buy without a prescription often either do not have the originals in the distribution, or it is an active substance that is associated with even more side effects and risks.

Therefore, we advise against procuring these options. Although hair loss is a serious matter, one should not put one’s health at risk anymore in view of the already considerable side effects.

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