Increase Testosterone Levels with Pomegranate

In a study conducted in 2008, it was noticed for the first time that the administration of pomegranate could remarkably increase the testosterone level. The trials were initially conducted in rats. After the positive results, similar studies were carried out in men and women, which also led to success. Why this is the case has not yet been clarified. Nevertheless more and more men swear by the special effect of the pomegranate. How best to consume the pomegranate to stimulate the highest possible testosterone production is explained in the following article.

Why is the testosterone level important?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone (“androgen”). It is responsible for many processes in the body. During puberty, the hormone is responsible for the development of the male appearance. Also in old age, it has important tasks in the body – testosterone provides strength, potency, and libido. It also plays an important role in building muscle mass. This is why the bodybuilding scene often hears of testosterone cures, in which the body is supplied with a particularly high concentration of the hormone.

If the testosterone level is too low, the “deficiency” manifests itself in symptoms such as sexual listlessness, physical exhaustion, and listlessness. The pomegranate could help increase testosterone – How? This will now be explained to you.

How to eat the miracle fruit

There are numerous ways to eat the valuable substances of the pomegranate. However, it must be said in advance that not all possibilities are equally good. In the following, you will find some variations of the form of intake with their advantages and disadvantages.

Pomegranate juice

A good way is to eat the fruit in the form of pomegranate juice. On the one hand this has the advantage that it is cheaper than eating a pomegranate daily and on the other hand, you can consume a higher concentration of the substances in a shorter time with the juice.

If you decide to drink pomegranate juice, you should make sure that it is the so-called mother juice of the pomegranate. Such mother juice contains all important nutrients. In order to achieve an optimal result regarding the testosterone level, approx. 200ml per day is recommended.

In an ordinary supermarket, you will often find pomegranate juice made from concentrate. This is much cheaper than the mother juice, but it also contains much less valuable substances. In the same way, pomegranate syrup is not recommended. This contains in addition extremely much sugar and harms the body more than it helps.

Garnet apple extract

Besides pomegranate juice you have the possibility to take pomegranate extract in the form of capsules. In such an extract the concentration of the important ingredients is clearly higher compared to the other mentioned possibilities. These include

  • Acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

Another advantage is that the capsules are even easier to take and cheaper than juice.

How to dose the pomegranate

For juices and extracts you should pay attention to the polyphenol values. This information distinguishes a high-quality product.

Up to now, it is unclear how much polyphenol has to be consumed until it is too much for the body. In studies, about 600mg per person is often administered daily. The double amount of the substance is supposed to increase the testosterone level after numerous experiences with an increase of up to 20%. At higher dosages, however, one should be careful.

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