Phimosis or foreskin constriction – cause & treatment

In a foreskin constriction, a distinction is made between physiological and pathological phimosis.

Physiological Phimosis

In case of pain a doctor should be consulted immediately

This is a completely natural adhesion of the foreskin to the male glans and occurs in 95% of all newborn babies. It is also called preputial adhesion and it is a self-protection from the body to protect the glans and urethra from harmful environmental influences and pathogens.

Physiological phimosis usually returns to normal in the first 3 years of life. In rare cases, it can last until adolescence.

If this is not the case and the narrowing of the foreskin causes pain, medical treatment is necessary. Often the use of a special cortisone containing ointment is sufficient, an operation is necessary in the rarest cases.

A treatment should always be carried out in consultation with a specialist. Do not act – for the sake of your son – on your own, this can lead to pain and further injuries like the “Spanish collar”.

Paraphimosis or Spanish collar

A Spanish collar occurs when the foreskin is forcibly retracted and the glans is trapped. This results in a disturbance of the blood supply and can lead to bruises and painful swelling. If it is not possible to reset the condition, seek immediate medical attention.

Pathological Phimosis

In pathological phimosis or foreskin constriction it is impossible to pull the foreskin over the glans without pain. Further factors can be pain during urination, (regular) inflammation of the glans or urinary stasis. A pathological phimosis must be treated by a medical specialist.


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