Penis Enlargement with PHALLOSAN ® forte: My Experience

Suppliers with products for penis enlargement are now abundant on the market. Some cost a little more, others less and many have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. I have already introduced several Penis Pumps & Extender and gained some experience in terms of design, functionality and workmanship.

However, the PHALLOSAN ® forte is the only product that achieved an average penis enlargement of 1.4 inches in a German study.

How he scored on my test, I’ll tell you now.

Quality has its price: with 339$ it is an absolute premium product. For this you get an approved, medical product which is proven to work – of course only under the condition of regular use (like all systems).

If this is too much for you, then you should say goodbye to the dream of a bigger penis – cheap pumps and Co. simply do not work. That’s a fact.

But if the price for a high quality and functioning product seems fair to you, you should definitely read on with this test report. I hope you enjoy it!

PHALLOSAN ® forte: understanding the principle

The PHALLOSAN ® forte is a Penix-Extender. This principle is still used today by some primitive peoples for various limbs (e.g. the neck of giraffe women): a continuous, gentle stretching of the cell tissue causes adaptation and thus thickening and lengthening of the penis.

2 characteristics are very important for success:

  • Geduld: Please get your results out of your head within 3 weeks. This is de facto not possible and also not wanted. Plan at least 6 months for this project. This time must be.
  • Discipline: Everyone wants to succeed, to be better, but very few want to do something about it someone said to me and there is something true about it. By wearing once a week you won’t achieve a breakthrough, you have to stay on the ball for the first time. It’s like a gym. Without permanent training, you won’t reach your goal. So you have to wear the Phallosan Forte every day, preferably at night for several hours.

The scope of delivery: this awaits you at home

  1. Protector cap to protect the glans
  2. Tension fork with tension spring device for adjusting the tension (400 grams to 3 kg) with traffic light system (already mounted on the suction cup size M)
  3. Vacuum pump with 3-way valve
  4. Belt incl. foam ring, sliding buckle and adapter for pump and suction cup
  5. 1 suction cup each with cuff condom in sizes S, M and L
  6. Manual, Videos and Packaging
  7. Measuring template
  8. 4x replacement cuff condoms in size S, 2x M and L (not shown in the graphic)

So, still motivated? Great, then I’ll show you something about handling.

The application is child’s play. The first times it will, of course, take a little longer, but with a little practice the system is ready to go in 1 minute:

My tips before using for the first time: shave intimate before use, otherwise hair will be accidentally squeezed in and possibly (painfully) torn off. It is recommended to attach the penis extender in a semi-erect state. For even easier use and to protect the protector cap and the manikin condom (and of course your best piece) it also helps to make a little baby powder (yes, seriously!) over your penis.
    1. Measure your penis size with the enclosed template and then choose the right suction cup in size S, M or L.
    2. Pick up the suction cup and put it on the suction device. Then grab the cuff condom (which is made of medical silicone and not latex) and put it behind the bead of the bell and fix it with the help of the drawbar.
    3. Next, pull the protector cap a little apart with both hands and put it over the glans. The foreskin should be retracted. The protector cap is very important because it protects your glans against a too high negative pressure or swellings etc. in case the stretching system has been adjusted too much. The manufacturer insists that you are completely protected with the protector cap, so please use it.
    4. Now you roll the cuff condom to the bell rim and put it behind it, put your penis into the matching suction cup and roll the condom off.

Template for measuring the penis thicknessNow that the creation of the system is done, we come to the settings:

  1. Place the green valve on the “pump symbol” and activate the suction pump. When pumping you should notice how your glans are sucked further into the suction bell and the cuff condom fits tightly. Once you have a comfortable vacuum you adjust the valve to the “lock” symbol.
  2. And the last step: put one end from the belt over the suction cup to the penis shaft, while you put the other end like a belt once around the hip. Connect the belt to the suction cup through the two eyelets. The belt tension can be increased with the belt slide buckle. The whole thing works with a traffic light system: the pulling force here is between 400 grams (green) to 3.0 kg (red).
  3. Then you can follow your normal, regular daily routine: work, sleep, go for a walk in the city…no problem at all. Neither do you feel it great, nor can you see from the outside that you have something hanging there, so don’t worry. Even tight trousers are not an issue. Only the way to the toilet is a little idle, because you have to take everything off completely.

And now the whole thing again for illustration as video:

More videos about possible effects, successes and application can be found here.

A note about the adjustable belt tension:
with this system, you stretch the penis permanently. It is absolutely useless and the manufacturer strongly advises not to set as high a traction force as possible, according to the motto “a lot helps a lot”. No, rather “less is more”, so please adjust the tension to a low strength at the beginning.

The whole description sounds very complicated at first sight, but if you have done it 1-2 times it is really easy. And it actually works: new body cells and thus new penis tissue is created by the constant stretching and stretching.

Your penis gets bigger and bigger. First successes become visible. Slowly, because it takes time, but that it works is clinically proven. In addition, also an extensive study was accomplished. Read on!

Further advantage next to penis enlargement:
You will feel harder erections and more intense orgasms during sex!

Phallosan forte box mit Extender und Gurtsystem
  • Clinical Studies prove the effective penis enlargement
  • The application is simple, discrete and pleasant
  • The only effective and safe method

Attention: Currently there are accessories worth ~100$ free of charge

PHALLOSAN ® forte: many application questions

For simplicity’s sake, the following are common and legitimate questions and answers:

How long do I have to wear the belt in one piece?

As long as you can, as long as you want. The results of the studies show – which is a logical consequence – that the best results are achieved with the longest wearing time. I definitely recommend wearing it at night (that’s about 8 hours) and during the day just how your everyday life allows it or how you like to wear it.

And what if I get an erection at night?

This is not a problem, in this case the cuff condom expands with it. At most a slight pressure can occur at the glans, but this does not affect the blood circulation.

Can the PHALLOSAN ® forte belt fall off with me?

No, don’t worry, it’s all right. You don’t have to be afraid that if you go for a walk in town and wear a belt, it will suddenly slip out of your pants and fall down. This is exactly secured by a special construction. Reliability and anonymity of the product is the top priority of the manufacturer!

For which penis size is the PHALLOSAN ® forte suitable?

For each. No matter how small, no matter how big. That’s why the suction cups in the 3 different sizes are included in the package.

How much cm growth can I achieve with the PHALLOSAN ® forte?

The question of all questions. Of course it is not possible to answer all of these questions. There play many factors such as effective wearing time and over what period, the “initial size” at which you have started training and of course your own body a certain role.

In the erect state, enlargements in the length between 1 – 3 inches are possible. And almost 1.5 inches is an incredible amount, that will be confirmed later by every woman 😉

In the year 2005 an extensive study took place to the effectiveness of the PHALLOSAN ® forte Extenders. The results of the study were as follows:

periodPenis circumferencepenis length flaccidpenis length erect
Start of studies4.17 in3.11 in4,84 in
After 3 months4.45 in3,33 in5.28 in
After 6 months4.49 in3.69 in5.55 in

The given values are all average values of the study results.
The percentage changes look as follows:

  • Penis circumference: plus 7.60 %
  • penis length flaccid: plus 18.70 %
  • penis length erect: plus 14,63 %

Do you also want an increase in the erect state of fast 15 %? One study participant gained a whole of 1.93 in – do you also want that?

Further evaluations from the study showed that not only the penis size changed positively, but also other factors like an improvement of erection quality as well as erection duration showed up with many participants.

Fazit: In the comparison of before and after the penis became thicker and in the average by 1.42in longer – absolutely painless and gentle.

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Verschiedene Phallosan Glocken für unterschiedliche Penisgrößen

PHALLOSAN ® forte: further fields of application

The PHALLOSAN ® forte is not only used for penis enlargement, but also for penis straightening. Actually logical, because by stretching the penis is “straightened” again. But here, too, success takes time. A patient was able to reduce his penis curvature within 3 months from 60 degrees to 40 degrees (to be read in the study results on the PHALLOSAN ® forte homepage).

Application areas according to manufacturer:

  • for penis lengthening
  • in case of problems with a crooked penis
  • in erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)
  • for postoperative treatment after a prostate surgery
  • in erectile dysfunction in diabetes mellitus

So much for mode of action & application. If you need further information about the effect, my experiences or about possible successes of penis enlargement with the Phallosan ® Forte, feel free to contact me!

PHALLOSAN ® forte App for the Smartphone

Digitalization does not stop at any industry, not even here. In the meantime, the manufacturer has launched an app for the smartphone. With this app, the success of penis enlargement can be closely observed. Possible growth forecasts are also made for natural penis enlargement.

These are of course only prognoses, the successes depend finally on your personal employment .

In the settings you can choose between “inch” and “centimeter”, the rest is self-explanatory and very simple. Just have a look at the app, you can find it in the Google Playstore for Android and in the App Store for iOS.

PHALLOSAN ® forte: all advantages at a glance

  • Quality:
    Studies prove the effectiveness of the product. The fact that various health insurance companies cover the costs on prescription from the doctor and that the belt can also be bought in the pharmacy underlines this quality feature.
  • Proven medical device:
    from a manufacturer that has been active in the market for over 14 years and is certified according to ISO9001:2008 and 13485:2003. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty (except on the cuff condoms and protector cap)
  • Patented orthopaedic belt system:
    Patent number EP 1023013 B1
  • No allergenic substances:
    no latex materials are used, the belt is free of formaldehyde and nickel.
  • No active but only passive application required:
    in contrast to penis pumps which have to be used actively, this stretching belt is put on once and can then be worn 12 hours a day or at night without any problems.
  • High wearing comfort and easy handling:
    the application is child’s play and wearing the belt in everyday life or while sleeping does not restrict in any way.
  • Increase self-confidence:
    knowing that your penis has grown and you have reached your goal will certainly give a boost to your self-confidence. It will not only increase your penis size, but also your quality of life.

And disadvantages? Apart from the price of 339 $, I don’t really think there are any. The overpriced prices of accessories are often reported in relevant forums. The protector cap has a lifetime of approx. 8 weeks, 3 new caps cost 25$. Are thus approx. 25$ accessory costs in 6 months… everyone must decide for himself whether this is too expensive – I accept these costs for 2 inches more gladly in any case.

In addition there is currently an offer, which secures you with the purchase of accessories parts in the value of 80€ for free. You’ll find the offer here.

Of course 339 $ is a lot of money, but men are honest. Quality has its price, and the Phallosan offers this extensive quality. You have no side effects as with tablets and if you really wear the penis extender for several hours a day, you will see your success in the form of greater volume or length.

These are not only my experiences, but also the experiences of other customers.

Therefore the PHALLOSAN ® forte is my clear favourite. If you seriously think about a penis enlargement or straightening, if you want to use a professional device and if you have the two above mentioned features, this product is absolutely perfect for you. You don’t get a 08/15 product but a tested, certified, medical product for the best piece of the man.

Buy PHALLOSAN ® forte – but where?

Here there are 2 options, in the pharmacy or online. I personally recommend in comparison for discretion reasons the online purchase directly from the manufacturer. After all, not everyone has to know that my best friend is (still!) too small. Besides the price is better here.

The dispatch takes place in a discreet cardboard box without any reference to the product. Discretion is absolutely important and the manufacturer takes that to heart!

New in the program is the Phallosan Plus, which we couldn’t test yet. First experiences of users are however very positive and therefore also this pole extender is worth a try.

Here you’ll always find the guaranteed best deal – no coupon code required:

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