Phallosan forte For Sale? My Price Comparison: Buy At Pharmacys or order discounted & cheaply online?

The orthopedic extension device is probably the most effective and advanced product to enlarge the penis. But where should you buy or order the Phallosan forte? Are there discounts or sales? Due to the pharmacy registration in most countries it is also possible to obtain it locally. What about the Phallosan forte price at the local pharmacy? In this article I will clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants and compare prices to see where you can really buy at a cheap or at leat reasonable price.

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Amazon, Ebay, pharmacy or from the manufacturer – where can I buy?

Before we compare prices and services, it is important to clarify where you can buy the phallosan.

  • Amazon: You can’t buy the phallosan from Amazon yet and there is no prospect of a change shortly. Even if it was available I woud not exchange the discretion and service you get when ordering it through the official shop.
  • Ebay: Now and then, individual offers from private sellers appear on eBay. As these are usually used products and there is no warranty or support, I advise against this possibility. Moreover, prices are often very high and you couold stumpble upon fakes.
  • Pharmacy: Under a special code (located on the manufacturer’s page: ▷ to the website) you can buy Phallosan forte at the pharmacy. Since very few branches have the Extender in stock, it usually has to be ordered which leads to additional costs.
  • From the manufacturer: You can also order it straight from the manufacturer. To do so, go directly to the Swiss Sana Anstalt website and open the online shop. Just follow the following link: ▷ go to the manufacuter’s store.

Service Test & Price Comparison: Order Phallosan forte or buy it locally?

Ebay and Amazon are obviously out of the competition, but the pharmacy and the manufacturer’s shop are still there. Before I bought my own extender, I got myself informed in a local pharmacy – both by phone and in person. In addition, I researched where else one can buy and order the Phallosan forte and discovered the manufacturer’s shop. I would like to record the following results in this comparative test:

CriterionManufacturer site:
Order Phallosan forte
Buy Phallosan locally
Price comparison:On the manufacturer’s website the Phallosan forte price is 339$ plus 25$ shipping fee in the US. In the UK it is 239 + 20 Pounds.Two out of three pharmacies could not give me any direct information – for whatever reason – and the third one demanded 441$. This is overly expensive for no reason.
Service:If you buy the Phallosan forte directly from the manufacturer, you get a discount: 4 free sleeve condoms in different sizes. Otherwise they have a price of 100$. The manufacturer also provides free telephone and mail support.In none of the pharmacies where I asked about the extender, I was not told anything about the product. Instead of a help they gave me strange looks. I just didn’t feel that I was in good hands.
Discretion:If you order the Extender online, it comes in a very discreet outer packaging. A bank transfer does not require a traitorous purpose and the other payment methods from PayPal to credit card are also 100% discreet.An anonymous order is not possible in the pharmacy. In addition, they are forced to enter the local branch themselves. My experience has been very negative, as there seems to be no understanding of the need for such a product.
Delivery time:I ordered the Phallosan forte on Friday afternoon and the package arrived the following Tuesday.They couldn’t give me an exact prognosis in the pharmacy.

Here you get the Phallosan forte for sale
on the manufacturer’s website:

Detailed information about the ordering process and possible discounts can be found here at the manufacturer: ▷ to the original shop

For me only one thing came into question: Buying Phallosan forte at a discount online

The advantages of buying online are apparent:

  • Cheaper Phallosan price and accessories worth 100$ free of charge
  • It is basically allways on sale if you count in the free stuff
  • Absolute discretion in payment and shipping procedures
  • Reliable information on availability and fast shipping
  • You have a competent contact person and free support

I have practically anticipated it, but for me nothing else came into question than to buy the Phallosan forte online. The order was easy, cheap, fast and without any problems while even getting a discount and the contact was nice and courteous in contrast to the deterrent treatment in the pharmacy.


Conclusion: You Get The Best Price & Service Online!

The few possibilities allow a quick evaluation, and the result of my test is clear: Buying the Phallosan forte at a reasonable price is only possible in the online shop. In my opinion, there is nothing to be said for buying locally. Swiss Sana Anstalt is consistently competent and professional as well as cheap if you count in the free accessories.

The professionalism is definitely reflected in the product itself, which I have been able to test extensively within the last few months. If you are interested in what I have achieved, I recommend a look at my Phallosan forte review & results.

So if you order in the shop here, you enjoy the following conditions:

  • Scope of supply: Adjustable strap, suction cup with cuff in sizes S, M and L, protective cap for the penis tip, pre-mounted drawbar, operating instructions and a template for measuring progress.
  • Phallosan price: 339$ + 25$ = 364$ for product and delivery.
  • Contact person: Support via email and hotline is free of charge.

Addendum: Good treatment, free spare part & phallosan app

It’s been almost 2 years since I bought my Phallosan online. You may have already read about my gains and other positive effects. Since I recently had contact to the support and was treated superbly there, I would not like to withhold this from you – I think the info fits here quite well, as it is not insignificant in the purchase decision.

So what happened then?

I hadn’t worn the extender for a good 3 months because I had other things in my head and was already thrilled with my progress. When I wanted to start again, the protector cap tore right after I put it on for the first time – I think I put it in the wrong position (it was lying in the sun for quite a long time) and it became porous.

In the online shop you can order spare parts without any problems and quite cheaply – the cap is not covered by the warranty, because of wearing parts – but I tried my luck with the support.

What resulted from my request?

They promised me a free replacement delivery and after only 3 days I had it in the mailbox. I didn’t even have to do convincing work! I found this very accommodating and even if the cap could have been bought cheaply in the shop, this is a very nice gesture.

What’s the deal with this app?

Brand new is also the app, which the employee drew my attention to. It is compatible with all Android and Apple devices and is like an electronic coach: possible progress can be calculated, before-after statistics are kept and you get all information about the training. Every buyer has access to the app, no matter where you buy your Phallosan. Take a look at them – information is available here: ▷ go to the manufacturer’s page.

phallosan at the best priceSo I stick to it and say:

Buy the Phallosan forte, best & at the cheapest price from the manufacturer. Here is the link to the offer again: 
▷ go to the original shop

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