Penis types: blood penis vs. flesh penis vs. size

The penis is a corpus cavernosum that is well known. However, here, too, a distinction is made between different species. What they are, what they differ in and what else there is to know you can find out now:

The blood penis

BlutpenisIt is the most common, about 79 % of all men have it: the blood penis.

This is small and flaccid in the “cold state” and is only filled with blood and swells when the mood is right. It is in no way inferior to the opponent – the meat penis – in terms of length, thickness or well-being for the woman.

Quite the opposite: I find it much more practical in everyday life for “wrapping it in your trousers” 😉

The meat penis

The remaining 21 % of men are equipped with the meat penis. It is very voluminous from the ground up: about twice as big as its counterpart in a flaccid state. On the other hand, the meat penis does not increase as much in the erect state.

Whether you have a blood or meat penis cannot be influenced, this is inherited in the genes. According to several sources – not confirmed to me – the meat penis in human evolution is said to come from warmer regions and the blood penis from colder regions.

And what do women prefer?

This question cannot be answered in general because all people women tick, think & feel differently. Some like the blood penis better, because they like the “moment of surprise from small to big” great. Others prefer the meat penis because they (felt) feel more during sex. And others again…but finally it depends on the whole package: the right partner, the technique…and of course the size 😉

What is the average penis length?

There are numerous studies on this question. The results vary slightly depending on the study. Actually logical, after all it is only about average values. In addition, there are different measurement techniques: in some studies the men measure themselves, in other studies third parties measure. With which kind of measurement there is the more honest result you can certainly imagine 😉

To give you a clue here some numbers for the worldwide comparison.

Average length in stiff state:

  • North Korea: 9.66 cm
  • Thailand: 10.16 cm
  • Japan: 10.92 cm
  • USA: 12.90 cm
  • Russia:13.21 cm
  • France: 13.53 cm
  • Spain: 13.85 cm
  • Germany: 14.48 cm
  • South Africa: 15.29 cm
  • Italy: 15.78 cm
  • Colombia: 17.03 cm
  • Ghana: 17.31 cm
  • Ecuador: 17.77 cm
  • Congo: 17.93 cm

One recognizes: There are ethnic and/or geographical differences in the penis length!

And from which country do you come?

Except for statistical values

There is no shame in having a small penis. These are genes that are determined from birth. Every person is individual and unique and that is a good thing. If you still think / think / think you have a penis that is too small, perhaps the use of a so-called penis pump would be just the right thing for you.

Provided you have a big portion of ambition & discipline, because results don’t come overnight by themselves!

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