Penis training good for erection and a bigger penis!

Penis-Training is a topic which is known within a comparatively small community. Only a few years ago nobody knew what to do with it, but more and more people are interested in this trend, as it slowly turns out, which outstanding successes can be achieved with it. Synergies emerge which ensure that difficulties are solved and strengths are further developed. All in all, one could say that penis training offers added value for men of all ages and is definitely worth considering.

Do you know this if you have problems getting or maintaining an erection or if you are simply not satisfied with the hardness of your penis during stiffening? Do you know that you think your penis is too short or that someone is giving you the feeling that you don’t have enough? Do you sometimes find that your penis is too narrow (for length) and you wish you had a thicker penis?

All these inconveniences – and a few more – can be eliminated with penis training. That sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? In fact, the results of training are very impressive and speak for themselves. That’s why we have 2 of the best training plans for you when it comes to training your penis!

Basics for successful training:

Before you think about special techniques and the like, you have to realize that you need two things to increase your penis or to keep your erection longer and harder. You can’t buy these two things, they have to come from inside you.

  • First : Patience. During penis training it is important that you have patience, because the results do not come overnight. You must be aware that it may take several weeks or months before visible results are achieved. But don’t worry: the successes are coming – experience has always shown this.
  • Second: Continuity. It doesn’t help if you have patience, but then stop training. Even if you have a bad day – and we all do – you should do your penis training. Only if you do this daily will you have a realistic chance of significant improvements in the length, width and hardness of your penis!

What do you need for effective penis training?

You can also train your penis without any aids. However, we would not recommend this as it is very time-consuming and does not produce any long-term results. The natural penis training without pump or extender basically includes two techniques, which are also used in the training plans with aids, because they are a good supplement.

Penis-Training? Ja, aber nur mit dem richtigen Equipment! Wir haben den ersten Extender getestet, dessen Wirksamkeit durch Studien belegt wurde - hier finden Sie die brandheißen Ergebnisse.

Cone technique: for longer sex?

The cone technique is about training the pelvic floor muscles as well as possible. Among other things, this is responsible for how hard and long your erection is maintained. If you have a good PC muscle, more blood can also be pumped into the penis and it will immediately look fuller, longer, thicker and larger overall.

It’s actually quite simple: you have to try to get a feel for how to tension the pelvic floor. It is the muscle that is also responsible for maintaining your urine flow. Once you’ve figured out how to get this muscle to contract, the actual training can begin, and you can always increase (lengthen tension phases).

Jelq Technique: Still getting an erection in old age?

This exercise forms the basis of penis training. This results in a short-term enlargement of the penis, which is due to the fact that the blood circulation is promoted and thus more blood enters the erectile tissue. In the medium term (a few weeks) this technique ensures a better erection.

The best way to do it is to grasp your penis with your index finger and thumb in the lower area and then pull it up to your body (including penis skin). Now you have to exert light pressure and push the handle – including the penis skin – under the glans. Now let go again and repeat the procedure for 5 minutes.

If you are already more experienced, you can also perform this technique over a period of 10 minutes at a time.

The most effective training:

When it comes to training your penis effectively, we have our favourite! This is an orthopedic extender designed to lengthen the penis in a natural way without surgery.

Once you have decided on a good extender, you can wear it discreetly and comfortably under your clothes. Overall, it is recommended, especially for beginners, not to wear such devices for more than 6 hours per day. This means that you can wear the Extender either in the morning until noon or at night – it’s a matter of taste.

Small tip: If you have problems putting on the stretcher at the beginning, you can use the Jelq technique to “warm up” your penis a little and prepare it for training.

Can you enlarge your penis like this?

In fact, the best results are possible when it comes to enlarging the penis through training. Within half a year it is not uncommon for you to be able to gain about 2 cm in length. How exactly the penis training works for you cannot be said in advance, because every person reacts differently to it. There were also test participants who gained almost 5 cm in half a year. Other positive aspects of an extender are:

  • Improved erection (longer and harder)
  • Longer penis
  • Thicker penis

A big advantage of this training method is that you don’t have to do anything active – except put on and take off the extender. The time required is minimal and the results are the best and most long-term compared to the other techniques!

Penis-Pump-Training: That works too!

If – for whatever reason – you did not decide for an extender, but for a penis pump, then of course you can also train with it. However, the results are temporarily very limited and you have to invest more time, because the training is “active”.

Explained step by step:

    • Error a light erection
    • Pull the vacuum pump over your penis
    • Pump up to the pressure of your choice and keep this upright for a short period (<5 min)
    • After this, take a short break and repeat this procedure two to three times


As you can see, this variant is more time-consuming, whereby – according to experience reports – you can expect an increase of about 2 to 3 centimetres per year. Measured in terms of effort, an extender makes sense in two ways.

Conclusion: Extender for maximum growth and optimal penis training

In fact, we would recommend a high quality penis extender for penis training. The small additional costs compared to the penis pump are absolutely negligible, if you compare the effort and especially the results. In both points the Extender is worlds ahead!

Empfehlung der Redaktion: Besser als eine Penispumpe

Penis-Extender Phallosan forte
  • Dauerhafte Wirkung
  • Kann den Penis erwiesenermaßen vergrößern
  • Benutzung bequem unter der Kleidung
  • Verbessert die Erektionsfähigkeit

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