The Penis Shell: Application, Hints & Offers

Whoever deals with the sex toy for men available on the market will sooner or later come across the penis sheath – or more rarely called – the genital sheath. Ever heard of it? I couldn’t imagine anything of it at first and had to do some research in Shops & Forums. The result of my research I present to you now. But first of all: I didn’t test these covers myself but only give you the results of my internet research and my personal thoughts about them!

The penis sheath: artificial enlargement of the penis

The actual purpose of this penis sheath is to be “pulled on the penis” like a condom before sex in order to achieve enlargement of the penis. It resembles an artificial Penis lengthening for sexual intercourse. The woman should feel more…in return the man feels almost nothing more. At least relevant empiric reports reflect this in many Internet forums (exceptions confirm naturally the rule, no question). But the majority is of the opinion that it impairs the fun factor considerably).

By the way: should you be uncertain with your penis size you nevertheless once throw a view into the statistics over the Penisarten, the blood and meat penis and the average size .

These cases are available in different materials (Cyberskin, Jelly, Silicone) and in price ranges from 10,- to 40,- €. Jelly (a plastic) is not recommended as a material, Cyberskin would be the (but also the most expensive) solution and silicone plays in the midfield.

Conception with the penis sheath: in no case!

Contraception with a condom instead of a penis sheathPleasantly one reads more often that some people supposedly use these penis sheaths for successful contraception. This is absolutely not advisable in any case! These sheaths are by no means designed for contraception. There may be individual cases in which they have been successful so far, but they do not offer such safe protection as, for example, a condom. From this off hardly anyone will communicate in a forum or the like, if the protection with the cover has not worked once and an unwanted pregnancy is the result. Because then you would have to admit that you were wrong with your opinion 😉

Tu therefore you and your partner a favor and fall back on safe contraceptives such as a condom, the pill or the spiral.

Sensory, useful or just a gimmick?

As always, it all depends on it. If you personally stand up for (fancy) sex toys you can test them, but you shouldn’t expect too much. Especially, because through the “cover” the feeling of the penis decreases strongly.

I think other sex toys like a penis ring are the better alternative for the man concerning the fun factor.

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