The Penis Ring

Whether dildo, vibrator, costumes or whips – there are numerous sex utensils that can be used and used in the context of intimate intercourse. The multitude of sex toys is mainly denied to women, but there are also various utensils for men. Among other things the penis ring, which has several tasks.

What is a penis ring?

The penis ring is, as the name suggests, a sex toy which is put over the penis (or testicles) of the man. It is not to be confused with the Glans ring. Consisting of silicone or latex, sometimes also of steel, the penis ring provides variety and more fun when it goes “to the point”. The size and form are different; depending on taste and penis size there are different models, which can be used. It is advisable, however, that untrained people start their first attempts with stretchable models; especially steel penis rings can be perceived as unpleasant, especially at the beginning.

The tasks of the sex toy are various; whether delaying the ejaculation, the “continuing” after the ejaculation or also the feeling to have a “thicker” penis – the penis ring provides for alternation.

This is how the penis ring works

The penis ring should fit as tight as possibleAfter the man has ejaculated, the size of the limb decreases; the penis becomes flaccid again. If, however, the penis ring is pulled over the penis after ejaculation, the blood cannot flow back so that the penis remains stiff. Because of this method, sexual intercourse can be prolonged. Another possibility that is often used during sexual intercourse is that the penis ring is pulled over the penis during sexual intercourse. If the penis ring is stuck, the penis will automatically become thicker and thus provide a special experience during sex. The penis ring can also make ejaculation more difficult. For this reason, the penis ring is also frequently used by men who sometimes have problems with ejaculation or come too fast.

Use the penis ring correctly

If the penis ring is pulled over the limb after ejaculation, the limb remains hard so that the man still has the opportunity to practice sexual intercourse even though he has already had an ejaculation. The penis ring can also be pulled over the penis before ejaculation. It is important that the penis ring is not used permanently; by preventing blood backflow, blood vessels can burst, which can significantly increase the risk of injury. Especially if the ejaculation is to be delayed, the risk of possible injuries increases, because many men use the penis ring at the beginning and only wipe it off when they are ready for orgasm or when they want to stop sexual intercourse.

Alternatives to the penis ring:

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