Penis Pump: Size Increase, Background Knowledge & Offers

With this website I would like to inform interested and curious about the topic penis pump and penis extender comprehensively. Starting with the possible uses and applications, up to the different models like the Phallosan Forte or the classic penis pump and its advantages and disadvantages.

Last but not least I will inform you about many other topics around sexuality, the different possibilities of penis enlargement, how to get a harder erection and things that interest men.

Unsatisfaction in sexuality can have a negative effect on the whole attitude towards life. No matter if you have potency disorders, problems with premature ejaculation or a krummen or even too small penis, the ego of a man can suffer a lot from it.

However, there are solutions for most of the problems of this world. It is important not to close one’s eyes, give up and accept one’s destiny. Take your time, get yourself a coffee and read my articles in peace. I’ll explain the different possible solutions, explain the advantages and disadvantages and tell you about my experiences. Ready? Then let’s get started.

First of all I want to take away your fear: there are many more people with sexual difficulties than you might think – only a few or none talk about it, especially not in public! If at all the exchange takes place anonymously for example in Internet forums.

There are different ways to tackle these problems. Depending on the cause, you can operate it, go to a psychiatrist or swallow medication. Doesn’t everything sound so great, does it?

Editorial recommendation: Better than a penis pump

Penis-Extender Phallosan forte
  • Permanent effect
  • Can be proven to enlarge the penis
  • Use comfortably under clothing
  • Improves erectile dysfunction

Penispump: The advantages

  • More length, more thickness, or both:
    depending on the model of the pump and personal wish it is possible to get a longer or thicker penis – or both! In addition, the larger penis often increases your self-confidence. You can find out which product is suitable for which purpose in the respective article.
  • Helps to impotence or erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation:
    Training with the pump can help with impotence and improve male potency. You fight your erection problems step by step and take care for a strong erection during sexual intercourse or for masturbation through better blood circulation.
  • One-off investment costs:
    and those lie in the manageable framework in the comparison to usual alternatives (the penis enlargement as OP is with approx. 9,600 ?, the durable income of Potency means goes likewise into the money and is for the body on a long-term basis also not so healthy for the body).
  • No surgical intervention necessary:
    who likes to be operated?

Penispump: Unfortunately there are also disadvantages

However, it would be unfair to say that there are only advantages and hymns of praise to be used, so I will also address the possible disadvantages in this article:

  • Long-term use necessary for results:
    let’s start with the biggest disadvantage, the necessary long-term use to see noticeable results for a better potency, harder erection, penis enlargement or straightening. Often you read in forums that penis pumps are not effective at all. I claim: the application was just not frequent enough and regular. A lot of discipline and ambition is required for this aspect.
  • No complete concealment possible in case of impotence:
    If you want to compensate your Erectile Dysfunction with it, it will be difficult to hide it from your partner, at least initially when you are still “in training”, in contrast to medication for potency. The device is too big and the application of the penis pumps too comprehensive.

The penis pump: How it works?

On the market there are many different products in the most different quality and price categories. Therefore I only explain the principle of a penis pump in the following. The individual models are described in the product-specific experience reports.

And the principle is very simple:

Penis pump description Penis pumps can be very effective!

In a cylinder (also called suction bowl or piston) consisting of glass, acrylic glass or PVC, an electric motor or a hand pump creates a vacuum. This causes additional blood to enter the penis, stiffening it and increasing its volume. So-called penis extenders work according to a similar system. The exact mode of operation is presented in the respective experience reports.

vacuum or a vacuum?
A little info on the side: often people talk wrongly about a vacuum pump. From a technical point of view, this is not correct, as only a vacuum is generated and not a vacuum. A real vacuum would have irreparable consequences for the erectile tissue and the glans.

For use in potency problems such as impotence, a so-called penis ring is usually applied immediately after application to stiffen the penis.

For penis enlargement or straightening a continuous and permanent application is necessary.

Vakuumpumpe mit Gurt zum Potenztraining

The only penis pump that can be worn comfortably under clothing by means of a belt system that thickens the penis permanently and lengthens and improves the erection hardness.

See penis pumps as medical aids that increase your best friend and improve your performance in bed with continuous application, personal stamina and a little discipline.

The big problem, however, is that many people unfortunately do not have the ambition to deal with one thing for a long time and then blame the pump.

See penis pumps as medical aids that when used continuously, personal endurance and a little discipline will augment your best friend and improve your performance in bed.

The big problem but is: many unfortunately have no ambition to deal with one thing for long and then blame the pump.

In 4 minutes everything you need to know about penis pumps

Safety first: please read before using a pump

The proverb “less is more” applies particularly to the application. Many people are eager to generate as high a negative pressure as possible in order to achieve supposedly faster and better results with the penis pumps. That is however nonsense, wrong and health-damaging. Long-term injuries such as venous damage can be the result. I can only recommend again and again: start carefully and increase slowly.

The exercises must not cause any pain, at most a slight pulling. If you’re not 100% sure, stop, read and try again – it’s not bad at all, it’s true greatness.

Note this carefully

Under certain aspects it is strongly advised not to use this product for health reasons. If you

  • Problems with your cardiovascular system or your breathing
  • vascular varicose veins or implants on the penis
  • Diseases such as diabetes or cirrhosis have
  • or injury or surgery to the limb had

The use of the various pumps and extenders should only be carried out after consultation with a doctor.

Penispump: Symptoms of incorrect use

The following side effects may occur if used incorrectly:

  • formation of blood bubbles / haematoma
  • severe reddening of the skin
  • Tissue cracks and hematoma
  • Swelling of the penis wreath
  • deafness in the erectile tissue

If any of these symptoms occur, discontinue use immediately.

New curious?

If you’ve read this far: great! I assume you are now interested in the topic, aren’t you? How about now buy a penis pump?

If you need more information, have questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to share my knowledge about penis pumps & penis enlargement with you.

But until then, I wish you a good pump!

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