Build a penis pump yourself – a good idea?

Can you actually build your own penis pump? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And do I really save money? Questions that you should ask yourself before the undertaking “I’m building my own penis pump”. And I will be happy to answer them for you.

Is it a good idea to build a penis pump yourself?

Definitely not! First of all, all necessary materials must be absolutely clean and free of corners, edges, and resistances. You need a cylinder and something to pump. As an idea for the cylinder, there are the craziest things: cut plastic bottles (there we are again at the edges!), cans (like please?) or big plastic hoses (how is that supposed to work?).

Then everything has to be assembled – suitable of course! In the end, you might have spent 10 € on the material, invested 3 hours of time and made something useless, which in the worst case could injure yourself with cuts through sharp edges. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

You probably end up saving a little money, but at the expense of your health. A bad deal.

Buying is healthier than tinkering!

Purchase a penis pump, either online or stationary. Behind it are big companies that know what they’re doing and produce high-quality products that are not harmful to health.

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William C. Hilberg
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