Penis encyclopedia: All technical terms explained

All-Day-Stretcher (ADS)

Equipment that is worn during the day and/or at night to stretch or stretch the penis. The clear focus here is on the highest possible wearing duration and a very pleasant wearing comfort. A well-known device: PHALLOSAN® forte


Some kind of masturbation. The aim of this exercise is to increase the blood flow to the penis, but not to reach its peak. It is masturbated to the “point of no return” and then stopped. The blood circulation in the cavernous body is increased by these states of excitement.


A water powered penis pump from the USA, see also: the Bathmate penis pump


Name of a person with a blood penis. Not to be confused with the “haemophilia”.


Abbreviation for “Bone-Pressed Erect Length”: pressed onto the bone, eriginated length. Besides the BPFSL an important length measuring mechanism for PE (Penis enlargement).


Abbreviation for “Bone-Pressed Flaccid Stretched Length”: pressed onto the bone, stretched, loose length. The equivalent of BPEL.


English word for Penisring


The abbreviation for “erection quality”. This term is mainly used in the penis enlargement scene, but can also be found in various medical forums. It expresses the quality of the erection. Since there are no fixed units of measurement here, one always goes out from oneself. One (n) knows, how strong the respective erection is and expresses thus e.g. from “I have lately only a 60% erection quality, why can that be”.

Meat penis

Also colloquially often called “Fleischi”, the Flesh Penis.

PC muscle

The muscle “Musculus pubococcygeus” lying in the pelvic floor in German chambone coccyx muscle. It is often mentioned in connection with “PC muscle training”.


Abbreviation for the English term “Penis enlargement” Penis enlarge


Porn addiction

A relatively modern addiction to the consom of pornographic material. See article for details: Porn addiction: Causes, consequences & treatment.


Means to increase male potency. See also: Potency products: the most honest list on the Internet.

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