PeniMaster Pro Reviews – Fact or Fiction? See if this extender has the results you really want.

If you’re looking for noticeable gain in both length and girth, take a moment to find out if the PeniMaster Pro is what you’ve been searching for. This German made penis extender stands out above the rest in many ways including design, quality, comfort and results. Though any extender theoretically will work, they cannot all be easily worn for as long and don’t offer diverse wear options. They also don’t have so many reviews claiming significant growth of up to 1.5 inches in the first six months! The craftsmanship, style choices and recorded outcomes are quickly making this PE tough competition. Follow my own trial run and take a look at the specifics and product comparisons listed below.

Longer and Thicker Without Pain, Raw Skin or Discomfort

With this tool your penis will grow

Is PeniMaster Pro the best? You’ll need to read on and find out for yourself. I can say that if you’ve suffered from a small penis or simply wished for a bit more bulge in your pants, then this PE is worth trying. Some of you may have tried others and been disappointed by the difficulty of use, lack of results or pain it caused.


If you had the chance to get that length and thickness without hours of uncomfortable equipment or downright painful experiences, would you take it?


PeniMaster Pro What it is and How it Works

The PeniMaster Pro is a German penis extension system designed to give you increased length while flaccid and erect. It offers you multiple ways to wear the extender with belts or a set of medical stainless extension rods for increased tension that is a maximum in the industry. We don’t need to go into the fine details on how to use the PeniMaster as it comes with a detailed user manual and a thorough video tutorial for those new to penis enhancement.

I will say that there is a slight learning curve, and even if you’ve tried other extenders, you may want to watch the DVD anyway. Tension and hold make all the difference.  The system should not cause you any pain. Finding the best tension for newbies is not difficult. Simply increase the pull until you feel slight discomfort. This prolonged elongation will eventually force the penis to stretch and build new penile cells.

Your Penis will gain size with Penimaster Pro

My PeniMaster Pro Experience

I had my coconut oil ready, but I was pleased to find my PeniMaster Pro came with lube. I didn’t need much and easily slipped the tip of my penis into the glans chamber. The complete kit comes with either a ball pump or a hose to create the vacuum suction in the glans. In my test run, I found the hose offered a snugger fit than I could get with the pump. The head attachment was the only tricky part, but once I got the swing of it, I could get the whole thing set up in minutes. I was extremely pleased to find there was no slippage or losing suction during the day.

My favorite thing about the PeniMaster Pro is how it combines the best of all other brands out there. The set comes with both a belt expander system and the classic extender rods. Both could be easily worn under my clothing, but I found the belts to work better with my fitted suits. I wore the rods at home in the evenings.

My Before and After

At first, I had average results. In the first three months, I wore it for 7 hours a day and 8-9 on the weekends. My initial flaccid length was 4.25 and erect 5.75, and I grew a half inch. The real change came with six months of use! I am now 5.3 flaccid and 6.8 erect! I’ve almost made my goal of 7 inches.

PeniMaster Pro Testimonials

Everyone who tries it, loves it, not just for the features, but the comfort and lack of injury in the process. Read a few reviews from real experiences that gave these men what they had been wanting.

The PeniMaster has changed my life! I have more confidence in and out of the bedroom, and my partner is loving the new size. This is so much more than an expander! ~ Brian Sanders
My complaint in the past is always weak tension and slippage. At first I wasn’t sure how much tension to use with my PeniMaster Pro, but I soon learned that a little goes a long way. I’ve now thrown out all my other ones. ~ Meet the Beef
I’ve tried so many penis extenders but I finally found one that I can stick with. The PenisMaster Pro is so comfortable and versatile. I have no problem using this on a daily basis. ~ Paul Gingrich

Why the PeniMaster Pro is Better than OthersPeniMaster Pro make your penis bigger

The PeniMaster Pro vs Phallosan or Sizegenetics is simply no comparison at all. It has so many extra parts after the basic model with cheap upgrade kits that it quickly becomes the best of all options. The glans chamber is highly superior in both function and fit compared to straps or nooses. It doesn’t cut off blood circulation or cause chafing. No other brand out there gives you such variety in fit and wear. If you want to use belts or tension rods, the choice is yours, and the pulling force is more customizable and intense because of it.

You can find the Penimaster and the Penimaster Pro here at the manufacturer

Which PeniMaster Pro option should you buy?

The price between the basic and the complete kit is so small it’s best to go directly for the pro-package option. This is not something you want to scrimp on.

You have five PeniMasterPRO choices:

  • The Basic Kit: This is what is says, basic. It simply includes the positive-locking, anatomical glans chamber with sluice rings for ease and fit.
  • The Rod System: This package includes the rods which create the pulling force in a uniform fashion by allowing you to adjust the tension and begin stretching.
  • The Belt System: Instead of a rod, you will get belts that can be worn around your thigh, waist or even slung over your shoulder.
  • Complete Pro-Package: This is what I bought and tested as it gave me both the belts and rod. I recommend this choice if you want to commit to your improvement.
  • The Weight Expander: For the truly committed, there is an option with combinable weights from 250 grams to 1,250 grams.

Buy the Extender

Avoid the Scams and Buy from a Reputable Source

You may think Ebay is reputable, but do you really want something that’s been attached to another man’s penis. I don’t! Amazon also has them on sale, but the source isn’t guaranteed. There are a lot of phony options online with inflated results photos. Beware of an extremely low price or a coupon claim.

You even need to be aware of a sneaky “s” in a fake brand called PenisMaster. Don’t be fooled. You don’t want to be reading up on how to tell if your PeniMaster Pro is real, so be sure to only buy from a reputable source like ours. We offer the genuine product at the best price to make sure you get what you’re paying for!

you can make your penis longerMore Than Just Penis Envy

I didn’t just get another inch and some. I also got excellent shipping speed, professional customer service when I needed a spare part, a tool with superior precision and quality and what I believe is the best extender on the market. It gave me a self-confidence in my sex life like I have never had before! This extra charisma has shown up at work too. I didn’t think I was a loser, but I actually feel like I’m more good looking.

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