If you don’t have enough testosterone:

Do you often not feel like it, perhaps even slight or severe erectile dysfunction, limited testicular function, feel listless and tired, can no longer sleep so well etc.? This can all be due to the fact that you have too little testosterone in your body.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and is also responsible for many other important things in the male body. If you suffer from a testosterone deficiency – i.e. have too little testosterone in your body – this has a negative effect on your libido on the one hand and on your well-being in everyday life on the other. Learn more about this topic – you can get rid of this problem!

How do you best determine if you have a defect?

It is, of course, difficult to attest to this “clinical picture” yourself, which is why it is recommended that you consult a doctor if you suspect that you have too little testosterone. The doctor can determine your testosterone level and knows exactly whether it is in the target range or not.

However, there are some indicators that you may be suffering from such a deficiency. To name just a fraction:

  • Hair loss and skin deterioration
  • Partially depressive traits and strong mood swings
  • sleep disorders and associated with them during the day a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness
  • In your job, it can also happen that you no longer perform what you actually could
  • doneness in the sexual, professional and private sense
  • Disorder of sexuality (as described above)

If you recognize yourself now in this symptom picture, then don’t be too shy to let the matter be clarified. The doctor can help you against a considerable lack of testosterone with the help of a testosterone replacement therapy. With this therapy you can continue your life normally and are no longer affected by too little testosterone.

What can you do for a good testosterone level?

If you don’t have a glaring problem with your testosterone level, you can increase your testosterone naturally. This can be done in several ways and we would now like to introduce some of them to you. It has to be said that these ways work best if they are applied simultaneously. The synergy effects are formed and you can defeat the testosterone deficiency!

The diet – probably the strongest tool in the fight against testosterone deficiency

Your diet can have a decisive influence on your Testo level and can help you to increase it rapidly.

Try to avoid packaged ready meals as much as possible and choose food that has been processed as little as possible. This could be untreated vegetables, fresh fish, fresh meat, complex carbohydrates – in the form of lentils, beans, potatoes, etc. – or nuts. You should also be careful to eat less sugar, drink plenty of water and only eat when you are really hungry.

All these tips will not only help you to increase your testosterone levels but will also help you to live a healthier life and feel more vital and fitter in everyday life. So the whole thing is a win-win situation for your body!

Change your lifestyle to increase testosterone?

If you want to increase your testosterone, you can try changing your habits. As a rule, these adjustments will help you the most if you try to get out of the unfortunate situation of “too little testosterone”:

  1. Sleep much
  2. Start exercising – best weight training
  3. Be active and fight the lack of drive
  4. Go out and treat your body to the fresh air and sun

Conclusion: The secret of testosterone enhancement?

In addition to your fight for more testosterone, it makes sense to purchase a plant-based preparation. This is usually harmless to health and can ensure that you can significantly increase your testosterone level by the supply of – apparently banal – ingredients.

But beware: There are many products – especially from the fitness scene – that simply don’t help and therefore only cost you money. Do not fall for these products, but trust the recommendation of an expert!

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