Foodstuffs and their desire enhancing effect

Libido problems are often concealed both in society and in the partnership – it seems to be an unpleasant topic, although it affects countless men as well as women. While you as a man are affected by impotence when an erection does not occur and are therefore unable to experience satisfactory sexual intercourse, the situation is slightly different for women. Women are also able to have sex without an erection, which is why we do not speak of impotence.

If you as a woman suffering from a libido problem, then you are probably struggling with the following problems:

  • Insufficient moisture in the vagina
  • A poor vaginal blood flow
  • Psychic problems

Sexual intercourse is feasible for you, but it is not a pleasant or satisfying feeling as it should be and how it can become again! For women, there are no potency agents like for men because they would not be effective. But there are so-called more lustful means, which can help you to have a satisfying sex life again. They are effective for both sexes. What these drugs are, where they can be purchased and how they work – more about that later.

How listlessness affects your life and you can change it

“Sex is not everything in a relationship” – this may be true, but you also know that satisfying sex life is essential for a healthy relationship. As a man, you suffer from sexual dysfunction because you are unable to satisfy your wife through sex in the first place. If you suffer from listlessness as a woman, then you first think that your partner is still satisfied, because sexual intercourse is possible for you. For many men during sex, it is important that you satisfy the woman and get to feel it – but you cannot.

It is so easy to find sex pleasant again and thus make both partners happy – lust enhancing means will help you to save your relationship in sexual terms!

What are the lust enhancers?

Men who suffer from impotence usually resort to Viagra or PDE-5 inhibitors. These drugs are effective, but there are healthier alternatives that show less side effects – read more about them below.

With women, one could not determine any provable positive effects with these sexual enhancers. For it there is meanwhile a set at other means, which can increase the desire – to it belong:

  • gels and creams applied before sex
  • Outtake capsules
  • Essential oils

These drugs are usually available in pharmacies or online shops, but often have no proven positive effect and do not show an effect with every user. It is even possible that they have side effects. Particularly with creams, you should pay attention to the ingredients – otherwise undesirable intolerances or allergic reactions could occur.

Addition to these substances it can even be much easier to increase the desire of men and women – namely through food.

How can food increase pleasure?

In order to increase your sexual desire, you don’t always have to try out drugs from pharmacies. A visit to the supermarket is enough because various foods can influence factors that favor an increased libido – they are so-called Aphrodisiacs. How does it work?

First of all, it is important that you visit your doctor to clarify that your libido problem is not due to any serious health cause. A large blood count can help you to find the cause for listlessness. A common reason is the lack of certain nutrients or hormones needed for sexual desire. If you have such a deficiency, you can usually remedy it with certain foods. In addition, certain foods can have a positive effect on your psyche through their taste or smell and thus increase your libido.

Which foods can act as natural lust makers

There are a number of foods that can increase the desire of men and women. If you do not want to prepare these foods on a regular basis, you also have the option of purchasing the libido-enhancing active ingredients as a preparation.

1. Fish

The Omega-3 fatty acids contained in the fish provide better blood circulation to the genitals and can also brighten the mood, which often changes the libido positively.

2. Meat

A steak can increase the desire by the contained zinc – the higher the zinc content in the meat, the better it works as a lust maker. A tip: Beef has a particularly high zinc content.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate makes you happy – in fact, that is true. Chocolate releases the luck hormone phenylethylamine and a good mood is important before sex. Recommended are chocolates with a cocoa content of at least 70%.

However, there are lots of more lustful food, such as saffron or chili. If you suffer from nutrient or hormone manganese, it makes sense to find out in advance which foods contain the deficient substance.

What to do if the lust enhancers don’t help?

It is important to know the cause of the sexual displeasure. If lust-increasing foods no longer help and there are no other physical causes, then your libido problem could be caused by your psyche. Often stress in everyday life or an unhappy relationship reduces pleasure. Then you should think about psychotherapy or a couple therapy – these can help you and your relationship.

Conclusion: Are aphrodisiacs really effective?

It is quite true that the substances or hormones mentioned can increase the pleasure of men and women. However, these are contained in most foods in far too small a quantity and often only work in the long term. It usually makes more sense to buy preparations with the desired nutrient. You should note, however, that some aphrodisiacs are only effective for one sex.

Furthermore, especially in online shops, you should make sure that they are original products. Many dubious merchants advertise with particularly favorable prices because they offer counterfeit products, which will not help you and show no effect.

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