IPN Test

The IPN Test (named after the Institute for Prevention and Aftercare in Cologne) has been used since 1994. It is an alternative to the PWC test. Its advantages are > – according to the institute – the renunciation of a load and a differentiated allocation (via comparison tables with age, resting pulse and training state) of a loading scheme suitable for the review person.

Procedure of an IPN Test

The procedure is similar to that of a PWC test or lactate level test. A gradual increase in load is performed according to a previously selected scheme on a bicycle ergometer, treadmill, etc.

The IPN review is enjoying increasing popularity as it is said to be more accurate than a PWC review. Read the 16-page documentation in PDF format at www.cardiotest.net. On closer inspection, this page is a shop page for the sale of IPN software.

An independent, 39-page diploma thesis by Jeannine Engel and Bernhard Senn of the Feusi Physiotherapieschule Bern from 2003 deals much more critically with the IPN review.

Quotation from the thesis:

No exact specifications can be made for preventive cardiovascular training, as promised by the IPN review®.Jeannine Engel and Bernhard Senn

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