How to Increase sperm quantity? We have the answer!

As perfidious as it may sound: Many men dream of being able to cum more. On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that an increased amount of ejaculate is associated with an increased probability of having a child. On the other hand, it is also simply perceived as nice to have a lot of sperm – especially for the latter reason, many men ask themselves the one question: How to finally spray more?

In fact, many myths entwine around this topic and the most dubious rumors circulate about the secret of the sheer endless sperm. If you have ever thought that you would like to squirt more ejaculate – for whatever reason – then this is the place for you. Because we’ll tell you how you can manage to multiply your sperm count.

Don’t let pornography unsettle you

Pornos often show how almost inhuman amounts of sperm are squirted. Even the “normal” man wonders if there’s something wrong with him. But we can make it easier for you: This is quite normal and has to do with the fact that in porn, too, the amount of sperm is often tricked, so that it looks as if the actors are squirting more than they actually do.

This effect is mainly due to two phenomena:

  • The camera angle often makes a huge difference here
  • It is simply and poignantly used artificial sperm

The trick with the camera angle consists in the fact that often close-ups are shown and the ejaculate “focuses” on a place. So it seems as if the total amount is a lot, although it is actually quite normal.

Artificial sperm is more or less self-explanatory. When this is used in porn, the camera is of course held in such a way that the viewer doesn’t see it. When the actor reaches the climax, the artificial sperm is used and the viewer believes that this is just a normal ejaculation. A “bad trick”…

The tip no. 1 to be able to cum more during sex:

It sounds banal and it is actually quite logical. You eat it every day and surely you have never thought about it in this context. The easiest and most natural way to increase the amount of sperm is to drink more water!

Sperm consists of about 95% water, so it only makes sense that you can increase your sperm quantity by drinking more water. Drinking water also has many other positive effects on your life. This applies to everyday life as well as to your sex life!

Another important factor for your sperm is its consistency. This may sound a bit odd, but in fact “more liquid” semen is “better” than “thicker” semen. This has to do with the fact that thick semen is harder to squirt and can only drip out of your limb. If it just drips, it looks like it’s less sperm overall, although it may be exactly the same as the people you think you’re spraying a lot of. So if you drink more water, your sperm will become more liquid and it can be squirted better. It is obvious that more spraying does not always mean more spraying – it depends on many optical factors. You can often simply work on these and you will quickly notice an improvement!

Cellery – this vegetable helps you squirt more!

Perhaps you have already seen a celery bar in the supermarket. The probability that you just walked past it and didn’t pay any further attention to it is comparatively high. But that was perhaps a mistake.

Porn actors have also been swearing by this miracle weapon for years when it comes to heating up the body’s own sperm production. If you prepare it properly, celery also tastes good.

celery is – just like water – an effective method to be able to squirt more. In addition, your wallet is spared and you can use it as you like or experiment with it. After some time you will find out what amount of celery you need to consume in order to notice a significant difference in your sperm quantity. Try it here and study and so many “professionals” can hardly be wrong here.

Zinc as a catalyst for testosterone production – and for more semen volume!

Zinc is contained in many foods. However, the concentration of zinc in these is often so low that a deficiency occurs in your body. You can prevent this or eliminate it by taking zinc preparations. You’ll find plenty of such products in every reasonable drugstore and they don’t really cost much.

In addition, zinc has many other properties – also useful in the bedroom – which you should use for yourself:

  • Increases the release of the male sex hormone testosterone
  • Improvement of nutrient uptake
  • Your hormonal balance is positively influenced
  • Also it is good for the skin and may improve your brain performance

If you want to try to eat zinc via your diet, then you should best stick to the following foods:

  • Whole grain products
  • Cashew nuts
  • Yogurt
  • salmon etc.

All in all, the supplementation of zinc is a good thing for the amount of sperm and your general well-being. Especially if you exercise regularly, zinc helps to speed up your regeneration!

Are there any preparations that will help you squirt more?

The methods mentioned so far are helpful, but maybe you don’t feel optimally supported by them yet. It would be too easy to increase the amount of sperm with more water and some celery to make it look like porn.

In fact, there is now a whole range of preparations that are specifically designed to help you spray more. But first of all, caution is required.

With the right product, it is possible to squirt more. Often it is small tablets or capsules that contain many different potent ingredients so that their effect among each other is even stronger. These synergies are then useful to you in increasing the amount of sperm you produce. These preparations are particularly effective if you follow the other tips mentioned above in addition to taking them!

Many fake products that are more likely to harm you

In such a competitive market there are of course always “black sheep” that you want to exploit. They offer products that have no effect and are often very expensive. In the worst case, the substances that you then ingest are also harmful to your health and only make you feel worse.

To prevent you from falling for such products, you should orientate yourself on experience reports and the expertise of experts! Blindly going out to buy can quickly backfire.

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