Increase the Amount of Ejaculate – How to Squirt More? A Must-Read!

There are different reasons to want to increase your Ejaculate volume. Many people dream of simply squirting more ejaculate during ejaculation in order to feel more manlike or to show their partner how potent they are.

No matter what drives you: There are many people who want to achieve this and there are many half-truths and rumours on the Internet about how you can supposedly drastically increase your ejaculate amount. But in the effort to increase the amount, you will have to take many setbacks if you just try it out.

In order for you – as a man – to manage to increase the average amount of sperm you leak, we have some advice for you! But you should be patient , because you will not be able to double your sperm quantity from one day to the next. Nevertheless, our experience and tips can help you to speed up this process significantly!

What is a small, normal and high quantity?

It’s normal for Ejaculate levels to decrease with age, which has to do with the fact that the testicles – and indirectly the prostate – cause less sperm to be produced. Ergo: It can come out also less with the ejaculation, since the supply from which is scooped, is anyway already reduced.

No matter whether young or old… You have the possibility to take influence on your ejaculate quantity and to increase it. Average successes and/or quantity data are difficult, but you should anyway always measure at your own yardstick. The main thing is that at the end you are satisfied with the result!

Tip number one: Zinc for more ejaculate!

We start with one of the best tips ever. Make sure that you consume sufficient zinc. It should be 10 mg elemental zinc per day to achieve noticeable success in increasing your sperm count. In fact, the influence on the amount of ejaculate has been scientifically proven.

The average amount can be more than doubled by the mineral >more than and thus it is one of the most effective preparations when it comes to more injections. But not enough: it also has a positive effect on the following aspects:

  • Rise in testosterone levels
  • Improvement of potency
  • intensification of sexual desire (libido)

Who wants to cum more sperm as a man should consume zinc

Zinc is present in limited quantities in some foods, so you can try to meet your needs here. Some examples are pulses, beef, wholemeal products and shrimps.

In most cases, however, this is not really enough to increase the amount of ejaculate, which is why in our experience food supplementation makes sense. Here there are different means, with which partly also still other active substances are stacked.

To produce more sperm by such supplements can work – if a good product has been chosen.

A healthy lifestyle – the A & O

This may sound boring now, but if you want to get your more ejaculate, then it is essential that you attend to your health. Only if your body is healthy can testicles and prostate gland produce sperm optimally, which can then escape during orgasm.

What does that mean? Increase the average amount through healthy living

What is a healthy life. It primarily depends on you eating well and doing sports. These two factors also have an influence on your potency. They significantly determine your testosterone level and also affect your libido. In general it is a good idea to live healthy, because this is where the key to perfect manpower lies – and yes: to more sperm.

Proteins to increase the amount of ejaculate?

More and more people pay attention to their body and eat protein shakes or protein-rich meals after training. These proteins help to build muscle, but also have a positive effect on the amount of sperm . Only with enough protein can your body work optimally and produce maximum sperm.

Prevention – Things you shouldn’t do as a man

Of course it is good to optimize and take measures to increase the amount of ejaculate. Don’t forget that it can make sense to ban certain behaviors from your everyday life that have a negative effect on the attempt to increase the amount of ejaculate. This primarily includes the following aspects:

  • Too much pressure on the testicles – this can be caused, for example, by clothing that is too tight
  • Too high temperatures – exaggerated sauna sessions, non-breathable clothing, hot baths, etc. have a negative effect
  • Cardiac arrest – this point is related to the first one. Make sure that your testicles are always sufficiently supplied with blood and nutrients. Do not cross your legs.

If the amount is small: Ginseng helps!

Ginseng is a plant that can be prepared in different ways. Egal as you like to eat it: it will help you with your problem. Besides, it has other – very positive – effects on your health that have nothing to do with ejaculate. But here we are again at the point “healthy lifestyle” and “prevention” of diseases!

Amino acids for men – also a good idea?

L-arginine, L-carnitine and L-lysine are amino acids which also play a role in the increase in quantity. Why this is so is complicated, but it has something to do with the fact that proteins are also important in the production of sperm . In the end, amino acids are the building blocks from which proteins are made. To cut a long story short: they help you to spray more!

Last but not least: Techniques to increase the amount of sperm!

A man with a trained pelvic floor muscle cannot only delay the orgasm and thus be a better lover. It has also been proven that a well trained PC muscle is directly related to the strength of ejaculation.

You can also massage your testicles, which will result in better blood circulation and thus increase the amount of ejaculate produced.

Our conclusion: You can increase your ejaculate quantity!

In fact, with some tips, it is possible to increase the amount of sperm so that you can squirt more. As you have read, there are several (effective) ways to achieve your goal. It makes sense to combine these methods in order to achieve a very good result as quickly as possible!

When it comes to nutrients, a preparation that combines the most important substances that increase the amount of ejaculate is definitely recommended!

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