Impotence self-sufficiency

Helpful tips for impotence self-help and for a better erection

You suffer from impotence and wish you could finally enjoy your sex life again? With this wish you are not alone, because sex is part of a happy everyday life and a fulfilling life. However, if the penis is not really stiff anymore, sex is not possible either. Many erectile dysfunctions can be treated in a simple way. Simple household remedies and behaviors can already lead to an improvement in your erection. Medications are not always necessary. We will tell you how this works and give you many impotence self-help tips.

This is how easy erection problems can be solved

If you suffer from impotence, we have good news for you. Often you can get a grip on it by changing your stuck habits. Maybe your problem will soon be history if you use our tips for Impotence Self-Help.

    • Each to a healthy diet: Our body can only function as well as we care for it. That means for you: He is on a good and vitamin-rich diet If this is missing, this can be one of various impotence causes. To avoid this, you should make sure that you have a sufficient supply of vitamins and fibre, but also that your diet is low in cholesterol. This helps to prevent vascular calcification. Foods that promote potency include asparagus, strawberries, garlic, artichokes, ginger and ginsengs. If you integrate them into your diet, you make an additional contribution to good potency.
    • Movement: You don’t have to mutate into a sports cannon right away, but you should make sure that you move regularly and a lot. Daily walks, climbing stairs or any other form of activity contribute to a better erectile function.
    • Lose weight: You weigh too much? Then it’s time to lose weight. Too much weight can lead to impotence and erection problems. This is due to the fact that fat in the abdominal region leads to a lower testosterone level .
    • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs: In the ideal case you do not supply your body with any toxins. This also includes cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. They have a negative influence on the ability of your penis to straighten up.

    avoid impotence self-help cigarettes

    • Many sleep: Good sleep is important for personal well-being and thus also for the functions of the body. If you are completely overtired, your body will naturally not function as well as it does in a fit state. Therefore, make sure that you sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. A good mattress, a dark and quiet sleeping environment, as well as a cool temperature in the bedroom contribute to a healthy sleep.
    • Avoid stress: Relaxation in everyday life is important and contributes to our well-being. If you are constantly under constant current, this can lead to a reduced erectile function in the long run. So take time out in everyday life every now and then to simply go down a bit and get some rest.
    • More sex: The more sex you have, the better your potency. Of course, this is only possible if the penis can still straighten up and impotence has not progressed as far as an erection is no longer possible.
    • Circulation-promoting showers: With the right showers you can promote your blood circulation, which can ultimately lead to a better potency. Work on your body with the cold shower jet. Let the water run first over the legs, then over the arms and chest. Then let it flow over your back, groin and lumbar area. A subsequent treatment with a natural hair brush or a sisal sponge rounds off the massage and ensures better circulation. The latter is necessary for the penis to become stiff.
impotenz selbsthilfe klappt nicht

So you see: Impotence self-help is possible. However, it only works for mild erectile dysfunction. If your impotence is due to severe organic or psychological causes, a visit to the doctor is unavoidable. The doctor will know which treatment method promises the greatest chances of success in your particular case. He may prescribe you impotence medication. Alternatively, treatment without medication is also possible.

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