Help! Help! I come too fast – 5 tips that help!

Finally it’s time: a girl you’ve been craving for a long time wants to sleep with you. Since weeks you dream about it and now it should finally happen. You kiss, take off your clothes and off you go…but after a few seconds everything is over because you have already come.

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? Every guy should have thought of it at least once. And I bet to a large extent it has already happened – including me. That was of course super shit, unpleasant to it and it annoyed me too. After all, they were looking forward to exactly this moment.

But once you have reached the “Point of no return” – a stop is a thing of impossibility.

The good news: there are tricks & tricks against coming too fast

There is truly no master who has fallen from the sky yet. So don’t worry too much or go crazy. I’ll tell you 5 tricks with which you can delay your orgasm and guaranteed not to come too fast.

1. Do it yourself before sex

What now? Seriously? Yeah, I’m serious about that. If you have already come once it will take longer the 2nd time. So the ideal tactic. Probably you will take a shower and change before you meet the said woman. Wedel off your palm before showering and then you’re off to the date!

2. alcohol stuns the senses

A drink before sex can work wonders

Granted, not quite the healthiest tip and a (too) drunk guy (and woman) is anything but sexy. This does not mean that you should get drunk with 2 per mille. If you go out with your wife or you meet at home drink 1-2 cocktails for a relaxed mood. Don’t get drunk, though!

3. The use of technical aids

Okay, now it’s Tricky. The sex industry has produced for this problem – which is known to affect the majority of men – some technical aids to help with exactly such problems. My recommendation: the Penis ring or the Delay Spray. These 2 are relatively quick and easy to use. It becomes a little more complex when using a Penis Pump, this requires regular training and is not suitable for short-term use. If you are interested read the article about the Bathmate penis pump.

4. relax you & distract you

Sex goes through all the nerves & muscles of the body. Your body is tense, your brain is running at full speed. Usually you think of erotic things, sexuality, the woman in front of you, how great she looks… that’s wrong. Trying not to think about it, at least not to that extent. And above all, I think “shit, I’m coming, I’m gonna have to hold out a little longer”. The stronger you cherish these thoughts the sooner you come to the said “Point of no return” and zack everything is over again. relax, don’t get more nervous than you already are.

5. use extra strong condoms

Contraception with condomA condom is mandatory for foreign sexual partners. Safer sex is sexy! If you are in a committed relationship and you have unprotected sex, extra strong condoms can help delay the fun even further. Extra-strong rubbers act like a “shield” around the penis. And don’t worry: This doesn’t mean that you won’t feel anything during sexual intercourse.

What helps only conditionally: potency-enhancing foods

Anyone who takes a closer look at this topic will come across so-called “potency-enhancing foods” on the Internet. There one should eat e.g. much watermelon and zack rises the male potency and one can endure longer in the bed. That is in my eyes complete bullshit. A single fruit has little effect on it, also there is no study known to me with a considerable number of participants, who confirm these effects.

I am rather firmly convinced that a healthy diet (which also includes a lot of fruit and vegetables) and physical activity has a positive effect on the well-being of the entire body and ultimately also your best friend.

finger away from dubious sexual enhancers on the Internet

Likewise one often reads of new and above all freely saleable Potenzmitteln in the Internet. The only thing which is increased here is the cash of the salesman, but quite certainly not your potency! Before you spend here money inform you in detail and read many evaluations on the Internet (when you learn to recognize also fast faked evaluations). In case of doubt, I always advise you to consult a specialist and if necessary use prescription drugs. The first visit may be unpleasant, no question. But in the end you save money and you know what kind of medication you are taking – what you don’t really know about over-the-counter items from the internet.

I hope I could help you get too fast.

Could these tips help you a little? I hope so… I wish you a lot of fun with trying out and a long pleasure with your wife!

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William C. Hilberg
As an author, Mr. Hilberg has published several papers on health issues that have gained international recognition. He is close to nature and loves the seclusion and activity as a freelance journalist. In his function as editor William C. Hilberg manages the entire content of PENP. Our team greatly appreciates his expertise and is proud to have him on board.