Hornzipfel – Causes & Removal Methods

Hornzipfel are called Hirsuties papillaris coronae glandis in Latin and are also colloquially called Hornzipfelchen, Eichelkrone or Eichelkranz. These are whitish or reddish wart-like spots on the glans, which can form up to the foreskin frenulum.

No lack of hygiene, no disease, no infection!

About 10 % of German men suffer from horny tips. These form during puberty and are completely natural, comparable to the sebaceous glands on the penis. It does not a concern here as often believed an infectious illness, a condition of the lack of body hygiene as with the Smegma or around malformations. By the way, this can also affect women, this is called Hirsuties papillaris vulvae in Latin and occurs in the area of the external female vulva.

removal only in a medical manner & way

HornzipfelLeevedly there are no home remedies & co against Hornzipfel, even if some paid e-books would like to tell you so. They have to tell you something, after all, you have to get the 20 pages of text right.

Before you throw money out of the window my tip: go to a specialist. In this case a dermatologist, a specialist for dermatology. He knows exactly what to do. He can really judge whether you are the Hornzipfel or another disease such as HPV viruses, genital warts or condylomas.

The methods of treatment are different, a widespread method is the removal of the tips of the horn with radio waves under local anesthesia. At first, this sounds much worse than it actually is. There is also laser treatment or cryotherapy. Since the removal of corneas is not a medical necessity, the costs for this are unfortunately not covered by the statutory health insurance.

Don’t worry that he has to see you naked. Also you do not have to be ashamed for it absolutely. Doctors have the vocation to help others. They do it in the rarest for money, but to help other lives. They have already seen hundreds, thousands of people naked. And seen illnesses. They don’t think anything about it and you don’t have to. Be glad that you can be helped in our civilized world. In other regions of this earth it looks unfortunately completely differently.

How do women react during sex?

That cannot be said so sweepingly of course and depends quite on whether the woman has already gained experience with it and knows that it is something completely harmless or you have to explain it to her first. No knowledge without education: tell her what it is a possible entry on the Internet, on Wikipedia, in forums so that she sees that you are not alone with it or you show her perhaps also this article.

These little horns are nothing to be ashamed of. You always have to be aware of that.

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