Can Hammer of Thor really unfold its supposed effect? The truth about the sexual enhancer

In 2013 the patent for the potency agent Viagra expired. Since then, there have been more and more products on the market that are designed to increase male potency and to get sex life going again. Many products are produced on a natural basis and can be obtained over the counter. One of these drugs is Hammer of Thor, but the effect of the sexual enhancer is controversial.

The manufacturers promise to have created a true miracle cure. But the truth is different. Our guide reveals the truth about Hammer of Thor. We explain the effects, dosage and ingredients that the manufacturer claims. We will also explain to you how the product really works, which side effects can occur when taking it and whether it is advisable to buy it or whether it can even be dangerous for you. We bring you closer to our experiences with the product and clarify the question whether the product works.

This effect is promised by the manufacturer

According to the manufacturer, Hammer of Thor is the miracle cure for potency problems. But not only men, who suffer from a dwindling libido, should be able to boost their love life with this remedy. Allegedly, the use of the drops leads to a more intense sex experience, since the feeling in men should be strengthened.

This should lead to a stronger erection, which should also increase the pleasure and intensity of the sexual partner. The duration of the love play would be likewise increased by the income. Also several and strong orgasms should be able to cause the drops. The truth is however another.

We could not see any improvement in our love life while taking the remedy. The promises made by the manufacturer on his website were not fulfilled when we took it. 

After a 16-day application of the drops, nothing has changed positively at all. Our conclusion, the remedy does not work.
Other remedies tested by us keep the promise of their manufacturers. Our alternatives to Hammer of Thor have led to increased libido, which has made our sex life better and more exciting.

These ingredients are contained in Hammer of Thor

According to the manufacturer, the ingredients are purely natural. It is said that plant extracts such as zinc, macuna and testosterone are used in the production process. Furthermore, Hammer of Thor contains several different vitamins and the composition of these natural products is responsible for the effect on the male genitalia. On different sides one finds besides further contents materials, which are to provide for an improved love life.

These substances are contained in the potency agent:

  • Zinc
  • Macuna
  • Gorjanka
  • tesosterone
  • natural ginseng
  • Vitamin A, B and E
  • Beta Ergosterol
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Onopordum Acanthium
  • Sideritis Scardica
  • Hypercum Perforatum

What speaks against the seriousness of the product and the manufacturer is that on different pages, you get different information about the ingredients. Alternative sexual enhancers also consist of natural ingredients. We have tested them and found that they actually work.

These side effects can occur when ingested

According to the manufacturer, there are no known side effects caused by the product. Since the ingredients are purely natural, they are well tolerated. However, the contained ginseng, a Korean plant, can lead to severe hypoglycaemia in some cases. This so-called hypoglycaemia can lead to tremors and seizures. In severe cases it can also lead to tachycardia and unconsciousness and thus be dangerous for you.

hammer of thor dosierung

How do you dose the formula correctly?

About the dosage you will only find information on one partner page. Only after a longer search we could find information for the oil as well as for the capsules. Often one capsule daily, for 30 days, is enough to already feel a long lasting increase of lust and an improvement of your love life.

To find information about the dosage for the oil is still a little more difficult, than with the capsules. After a long search, we were able to find an indication via a sales page of the manufacturers. About half an hour before sexual intercourse, a few drops should be applied to the washed limb and massaged in.

When the skin has absorbed the oil, you are supposed to be ready for an unforgettable love play with your sexual partner and feel a success after only a few days of use. All in all, the information about the dosage of the drops is very inaccurate. Therefore we could only use the remedy with great uncertainty at the beginning. However, according to the manufacturer no overdose of Hammer of Thor is possible.

We have made these experiences and you can find these reviews on the internet via the drug

On the internet you can find some reviews in forums. Most of them are negative. An effect, as with other, comparable products, was not to be felt. The Internet community is disappointed because the product is quite expensive in price comparison. The ratings are negative.

Expert opinions and tests, which the manufacturer states, we could expose as fake . The pictures of the alleged testers we could find on other pages, as testers of other products, under a different name and age. All this speaks for the lack of seriousness of the manufacturer and their product. Finding neutral and serious testimonials about Hammer of Thor turns out to be not so easy. However, when you come across forums that mention the product, they only mention that it doesn’t work and doesn’t work. Other products are considered better sexual enhancers and actually work.

Also we could not determine any effect and improvement of our sex life, by the means, by the means. We did not feel any side effects with the income or application, but also not the advantages, which are promised by the manufacturers. Alternative sexual enhancers that we have tested work better than Hammer of Thor.

hammer of thor kaufen

You can’t buy the potency product in a pharmacy or on one of the big sales platforms like Amazon or Ebay. Only on some partner sites you can order the product. Sometimes it is offered particularly favorably with a discount, which lowers the price by half. But is the product recommended and can your sex life become more vital and better again? Is a purchase worthwhile for you and can the remedy really increase your potency?

We have tested the product and our conclusion is negative. We could not see any improvement by Hammer of Thor. Neither a stronger erection, nor an increased endurance had the intake to consequence. In comparison to other products, the product is not as effective and effective. If you really want to increase your potency, you should resort to alternative products.

We show you, which potency increasing means really works and for which means it is worth to invest your money. Taking and using Hammer of Thor is usually harmless. Side effects may occur, but are rare. In fact, it can only be dangerous for you if it comes to hypoglycaemia, but this occurs only in the rarest of cases. An increase in your libido is not to be expected.

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