Glans ring: The penis jewellery

The term “jewelry” has long since ceased to be used only for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and the like, also jewelry for the intimate area finds an ever larger sales market. Easy to understand, because some intimate jewelry does not only look chic when you wear it e.g. at the nudist beach, it is also extremely functional and can give its owner as well as his partner some great moments. An example of intimate jewelry is the glans ring.

What is a glans ring?

The glans ring is about penis jewelry. The ring, which usually has a ball attached to it, is fastened underneath the glans in the furrow and must fit snugly there, but not constrict the limb. It can be used purely as a piece of jewellery or for sexual adventures with your partner or alone. Because worn all day long in tight jeans, the glans ring is often noticeable for the man, but not negative, but definitely tingling.

By the movement, while running or light pressing on the ball of the glans ring by the clothes, one (n) feels the whole day long again and again exciting incentives. And what is exciting for the man is probably also exciting for the woman. So she too can play a little with the glans ring on her partner’s limb, or she can also get it to her own mind together with the ring, because: If the glans ring sits as it should, it can’t get lost during the love play.

How to use the glans ring

EichelringAs already mentioned, this penis jewelry is meant for you to place it directly below the acorn in the furrow, but you are still your own master and quite free in handling. You can also push it back to the shaft depending on the diameter of the glans ring. According to experience reports of various users, this would provide a particularly exciting feeling and stimulate the limb during the day again and again pleasantly. A special highlight of an acorn ring is the integrated ball, which can take away your senses from time to time if you want.

Advantages of the glans ring

The advantages of such a ring are obvious – at least in your own bed or at the nudist beach. So it is not only beautiful to look at, but it also gives its owner and his partner a lot of fun and pleasure in bed, similar to a Penis ring. A further advantage: an appointment with the piercer is necessary, you can easily attach it yourself within a few moments.

Disadvantages of the glans ring

If the glans ring has a disadvantage, then under circumstances this would be the inexperience of its owner. If you buy a glans ring with a diameter that is too small, it will tie up the penis and also cause quite a lot of pain during sex. For this reason, it makes sense to take exact measurements beforehand.

Buy oak ring:

Acorn rings are available in every well-assorted sex shop (online and offline) to buy.

Alternatives to the glans ring

Those who are interested in penis jewelry will now also get a little selection offered here. So there is still the very well-known Prince Albert Piercing and the rather little-known Prince scepter.

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