With Finasteride you can effectively counteract hair loss

If you look in the mirror in the morning and secret hairline corners are the least of your problems, a remedy for hair loss could be the solution. This process reaches many men already in younger years, they don’t even have to turn grey. If the bright spots get on your nerves and you want to actively do something about them, finasteride is an active ingredient that you can use. However, you should take a look at its properties and possible side effects in advance.

In the following, we report what effect the active ingredient has, what you can achieve with it and, above all, how you can take it correctly. In addition, we will also discuss whether it can be ordered without a prescription and what you have to pay attention to.

What is Finasteride – All about the active substance

Finasteride is a drug belonging to the group of enzyme inhibitors. There is a process in the body that converts the sex hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short) and thus favors processes such as androgenic hair loss and promotes. The active ingredient is supposed to prevent the process of conversion from starting in the first place.

Therefore, finasteride is used to treat the following diseases:

  • Androgenic hair loss
  • benign prostate hyperplasia

For the treatment of the prostate a dosage of 5mg is struck, while already 1mg is perfectly sufficient against hair loss. The experience with the prostate is predominantly positive, which is why treatment is indicated. Within Germany, the active substance is available only on prescription. The same applies to Austria and Switzerland.

The correct intake and dosing of Finasteride

The dosage listed above is usually monitored by a physician who takes over the complete treatment. The medication is taken in the form of tablets which cannot be divided and which are not applied topically, as is usual with other hair growth products. The intake is made together with some water. In addition, it is advisable to read the package insert to inform yourself accordingly.

These side effects can be expected

Finasteride is unfortunately an active substance whose successes are groundbreaking, but also often associated with many a side effect.

The following are particularly well known:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • reduced libido
  • Depressions
  • possible impotence

Already with a dosage of 1 mg per day, it came to potency disturbances and reduced libido. Depression is also frequently known. The problem is that the side effect is usually still present even if the drug has already been discontinued. In this case, one also speaks of a post finasteride syndrome. Therefore one should consider in any case before taking it for the first time whether one would like to take the risk at all since consequences can remain even after stopping.

Special case women – Is finasteride suitable for women?

The active substance is only suitable for men, Women should therefore not use it . In pregnant women in particular, the effect represents a high risk, as otherwise the foetus may suffer from malformations. It is therefore recommended that pregnant women avoid any contact with the active ingredient during pregnancy.

The sexual contact between man and woman is not problematic, the man ingests finasteride. If a woman is pregnant, the use of condoms is nevertheless advisable. If there is a desire to have children, should also be avoided in men .

Further regulations for the intake of finasteride

The results of the active substance are quite positive and the experience against hair loss is good, but it is one of the substances that is criticized when it comes to the subject of doping. Although it has been removed from the doping list since 2009, it is still questionable. A further provision is that men who take finasteride are no longer allowed to donate blood . The risk that a pregnant woman could get the blood is too high.

How long is Finasterid effective after placement?

If you use the hair growth remedy against hair loss, you can be sure that you will get good results as long as you don’t want to stop it. If at some point you don’t want to eat it anymore, you should be aware that the existing and regrown hair can fall out again.

The best procedure in this case is to leave the medication to balance out. This means that you take less and less of it. In this way one has also still guaranteed the effect for a certain time. However, you can be sure that within a few weeks there will be another hair loss.

Experiences with Finasterid and the competition

You can find a lot of testimonials about this remedy on the internet, some of them even including pictures afterwards. Also, the recommendation when it comes to a generic or alternatives such as dutasteride, minoxidil or the like. However, experience shows that the use of finasteride is expected to produce much better results, but the side effects are omnipresent. On the one hand it is presented as very positive, on the other hand others are a little discouraged due to the unattractive phenomena.

When it comes to the question of finasteride or minoxidil as an alternative, the decision is not easy in any case.
Proscar. These are also available under the same name as mono preparation.


Finasterid in the pharmacy or buy online?

If you have decided to buy Finasteride for hair loss, we recommend that you contact a trusted pharmacy, or one that offers the medication online. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the original or generics from Aurobindo, Ratiopharm, Harmosan, Stada, Heumann or Actavis. The costs are often relatively identical, nevertheless, it is worthwhile to compare the price here.

If you might consider ordering the medication without a prescription, we would advise you not to. Although there are EU countries where you can get the product cheaply, buying without a prescription sometimes involves even higher risks, which you simply should not take /strong>. The side effects can affect the heart and other important organs and cause long-term damage.

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