Your penis does not get hard? Erection training is the solution!

It is the nightmare of many men: They are in bed with an attractive lady, had a good date, have known each other for a while (or not) and want to get down to business now. Everything seems so good – but then it happens: The penis fails the service. You can’t get an erection or it’s too weak to insert the penis. This is a real debacle and extremely unpleasant. Often the woman is not the reason at all, but she interprets this faux pas as a sign that you don’t find her attractive enough. In the end, you are the one who suffers from this erectile dysfunction.

You’re wondering if there’s something wrong with you. You believe that your best times are over and that you may simply not be able to do it anymore. You are desperate. What you may not be aware of right now is that you’re not alone!

Abad erection hardness and erection duration – a common problem!

If you’ve lived through this situation yourself, you know how difficult it is to live with the fact that you know there can be difficulties in bed. This means for a person to be afraid that next time it will happen again. So it is better to leave it alone.

Many men know this downward spiral all too well, but we can reassure you. That doesn’t have to be and there are ways and means to fight this kind of erectile dysfunction. Erection training is a good way to restore erectile function/hardness/ duration in the long term and thus to lead a normal sex life again. And are we honest: Most of us want that. Sex is too beautiful to be a problem. Training for erection is the answer to your problem. We’ll tell you how to do it!

A visit to the doctor is nothing to be ashamed of:

There are certain home remedies for a better erection, but if you notice that you have major problems with your erection, then you should not be afraid to consult a doctor. This has to do with the fact that the cause of erectile dysfunction is usually physical and can have serious consequences. Diabetes and high blood pressure are among the most common (physical) causes of such a disorder. Of course, there are also cases in which the psyche plays a role, but in comparison, it is rather rare or only indirectly treatable with erection training.

What forms the basis for the training:

Of course, there are other factors that make the penis not really stiff. In general, an unhealthy lifestyle – such as smoking – can cause your best piece to fail you. That’s why it’s important to live consciously, eat healthily and exercise regularly. We can understand if you can’t quit smoking completely, but you should at least try to reduce it to improve your erectile function in the future.

Pelvic floor training for men – is there such a thing at all?

If you’ve heard of pelvic floor training before, it’s probably in the context “for the woman”. Many people now know that pelvic floor training can have a positive effect on a woman’s sexual experience. However, the pelvic floor muscles are also present in men and play an important role in erection, which is why men can also benefit from regular training. It is particularly worthwhile if you have problems maintaining an erection for a long time or getting a sufficiently stiff limb. The pelvic floor is also responsible for the following tasks:

  • Controls urination – maintains urine stream
  • protection and stabilization of the abdominal cavity
  • Is also involved in defecation
  • Stiffening of the limb

When does pelvic floor training make sense?

Pelvic floor training always makes sense for men when there is something wrong with the blood circulation in the penis. This could mean that the blood drains off too quickly and thus no sufficiently strong erection can be built up. It should be noted that training your pelvic floor muscles will not help you if your erectile dysfunction has psychological causes. There the situation may improve as your self-confidence is strengthened by the knowledge that you are working on it and doing something. However, these are psychological aspects that have nothing to do with physical erection training.

How does proper erection training work?

As already indicated, most of the time it is about training the pelvic floor muscles of the man. There are two basic ways to train the pelvic floor: standing and sitting. In general, training the pelvic floor muscles is very easy and inconspicuous. In addition, you are independent of time and can do it whenever you want.

Tip: Some people initially have problems feeling their pelvic floor muscles or letting them a contract. This is quite normal and in such cases, it is a good idea to use a mirror. There you can follow the “movements” of your penis and testicles. If you manage to tense the pelvic floor, you should see how the testicles are pulled up a bit and the tip of the penis moves towards your body. Don’t expect too much and pay attention to every change, no matter how small.

Pelvic floor training Exercise for the man standing:

To train your pelvic floor with an erection exercise in a standing position, make sure you stand firmly, about shoulder-wide. Then concentrate and tighten the pelvic floor. You should then try to maintain this tension for at least 5 seconds before you relax again. You should do this at least three times.

Pelvic floor training Exercise for the man sitting:

This works very similar to standing. You sit down, make sure that the whole foot is on the floor and then tighten your pelvic floor for at least 5 seconds. Also here a training consists of 3 sequences and can be completed up to 3 times daily – depending on how you like.

However, make sure – both standing and sitting – that you only tense the pelvic floor and that nothing else changes. You should not hold your breath, tense your gluteal muscle or retract your abdomen. All these things have nothing to do with erection training. If they do this regularly, many men have already achieved an increase in potency with these exercises!

Improve structural stiffness by masturbation

Even if you find it hard to get an erection in the first place. You should try to get it as often as possible. This type of exercise is effective when several repetitions are performed. You don’t have to finish the masturbation three times in a row, but you can always get an erection, let it subside and reward yourself with orgasm after 3-4 times – your pelvic floor will be trained additionally.

Is that also true for sex?

Yes, you can also improve erection hardness during sex. Concentrate on your pelvic floor and tighten it – the blood flow can be positively influenced so that your penis becomes stiffer. In principle, training through sex is the same as training through masturbation.

Improve erection with natural sexual enhancer?

There are now a number of natural sexual enhancers that you can use to improve the hardness of your limb during an erection. The advantage of these products is that they have virtually no side effects and are therefore a real alternative to hard medicines such as Viagra and Co. However, you should make sure that you choose a reputable manufacturer or a sensible product, otherwise, you run the risk of consuming a drug that either does nothing or, in the worst case, damages your health.

Fazit: Penis muscle training and support with natural sexual enhancers!

Of course, there are other possibilities to do erection training (extender, vacuum pump etc.), but the above-mentioned things provide a solid basis for your penis to become really stiff again in the future. In our experience, it makes sense to combine the pelvic floor exercises for men with a natural sexual enhancer in order to achieve optimal success if the worst comes to the worst. Nevertheless, patience and continuity are the keys to success!

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