Disclaimer for personal trainers

Here you can find a template of a disclaimer for freelance personal trainers. Simply adapt the text to your needs. The content is dated November 2012 and has been proofread by a lawyer.

The use of the following disclaimer is at your own risk. I expressly assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or legal conformity of this template.

Template disclaimer

1. My participation in the personal training of [insert your name here] or his representative is at your own risk.

2. I hereby expressly waive all claims – of any kind whatsoever – for damages, injuries or consequential damages:

  • those related to my participation in personnel training,
  • training according to the training plans created by Personal-Trainer [insert your name here],
  • the performance of test procedures to determine physical fitness (e.g. lactate level test or PWC test),
    unless the aforementioned persons are acting intentionally or with gross negligence.

3. The personal trainer [insert your name here] or his representative is also not liable for damage to property.

4. I assure that I am in good health. I have taken out an insurance policy with a doctor to cover my state of health. If I have renounced it, I do so on my own responsibility.

5. The personal trainer [use your name here] or his representative does not accept any liability for health risks, even those that are not currently known to me, in the event of an accident or damage.

6. I will immediately inform the personal trainer [insert your name here] or his representative about any illness and also sudden changes of state such as nausea, dizziness, pain, tachycardia or the like and if necessary stop the training.

7. I am insured against accidents and injuries that may occur during personal training. The same applies to the direct route from and to the training location. If this is not the case, it is my responsibility.

8. I have read this disclaimer before signing it and I am fully aware of its contents.

Date and signature

end of submission disclaimer

Download disclaimer template (PDF)

Tip: After you have adapted the text to your needs, have it proofread by a lawyer. Does not cost much and gives legal certainty.

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