Delay spray – for longer fun in bed

Do you also have the problems that you come too fast during sex and the pleasure is accordingly limited to a few minutes or even seconds? You are by no means alone with it. But there are tools and that’s great. Some aids like the Penis ring I have already introduced. In this article I will deal with another remedy: The delay spray:

How does the delay spray work?

delay sprays are equipped with various active substances such as benzocaine, lidocaine, menthol or laureth-9 which have a (slightly) anaesthetic effect. The outer skin of the penis is thus numbed, you feel less, are less exposed to stimuli and can therefore have longer fun.

The disadvantage: You feel less

Indeed, the penis is really a little stunned after use. Although it works naturally as intended, by the stunning you feel less. Some people feel it quite annoying and therefore don’t use the delay spray. My opinion: If you can hold out effectively longer with it it is a good compromise. You don’t have to use it every time, quite the contrary. Always a little less until you can do without it completely.

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William C. Hilberg
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