Delay the climax – how you can last longer, delay your orgasm and have better sex!

Every man dreams of it: As long as stay in bed as he wants. If you also want to prevent premature ejaculations in order to be able to stay longer, then you are not alone. And something else at the beginning: The just described “dream of all men” can become reality for you!

If you often come too early then not only does your sex life suffer, but you are also blackmailed by the “pressure” to hold out. This is counterproductive. It affects your ego or self-confidence, so that in the future it can actually only get worse.

In most cases, it is psychological causes that lead to premature ejaculation and ensure that you cannot delay your orgasm to such an extent that your partner reaches her climax.


Let’s Talk about Sex: “He’s early” – better not!

These are sentences that men unfortunately have to face again and again:

  • “He’s early”
  • “He’s coming too fast”
  • “He won’t make it to my peak”

As a man, you don’t do this intentionally, but there are certain factors that make sure that you simply can’t delay the ejaculation . The following things can stand in your way if you want to be able to hold out longer during sex…

Fear – Premature ejaculation pre-programmed

It’s a kind of devil cycle. If it happens that you come too early and you can’t delay the climax, you are automatically afraid that it will happen again during your next sexual intercourse.

Here it is pure headache and sometimes it helps if you realize that one time has nothing to do with the next time. Especially as a man you are under a lot of pressure during sex, because you want to do your “thing” well – the woman should also have an orgasm.


Unbalance – that will make it hard

Everybody knows it: You had no sex for a long time and therefore have a lot of fun. Now it starts, you were so looking forward to it, are already quite restless and… it’s over sooner than you would like it to be. That is surely with most already more than only once occurred and that is completely normal. Manifested sexual arousal leads to the fact that the actual sex for the man then goes very quickly.

What can also be such a factor is of course attractivity. If you are already strongly stimulated by the sight or thought of your partner alone, it needs less sex to bring you – as a simple man – to ejaculate.

Tip: Reduce this pressure to last longer during sex!

This practice is used by many men, especially the first time not so quickly to climax . Just satisfy yourself before sexual intercourse. Then you no longer have this inner pressure, which often leads to premature orgasm.

Experience shows that works very well. But keep enough distance between masturbation and sex – otherwise you might have a problem maintaining an erection.

How can you last longer? Is there a secret?

Especially in young men, the reason for coming too fast is to be found on the psychic side. The older you get, the more likely a physical problem is, where you have to differentiate exactly.

Communication to prevent orgasm?

If you are excited or have problems with “fear of failure” or something like that, it can sometimes help to talk to your partner about it. In the best case she manages to take away your fear , so that you can get to the point easily. You’d be surprised how much this makes in practice.

Deflection – helps with delaying?

In fact, sometimes it is quite helpful to distract yourself. This may sound a little strange to you at first, but you must be aware that the orgasm is created in your head and controlled by arousal.

If you now put your entire focus on sex, you are very quickly strongly stimulated, which in turn leads to you coming close to it.

One solution could be to to bring yourself to other thoughts that do not sexually stimulate you. These can be all kinds of things, but you have to be careful to find the right balance so that you don’t drift too far and run the risk of not being able to hold the erection . With a little practice this technique can help you to get the one or other minute out.

Healthy living and good nutrition that helps!

If you lead a healthy life, it may help delay the climax. But what belongs to a healthy life? We have selected the most important aspects with regard to delaying the climax:

  • Sport and Other Physical Activities
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Increases the intake of trace elements and vitamins

What can also be a point is your breathing technique – it’s about aspects like “control” etc.!

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If all this doesn’t help: How can the man hold on longer?

All these tips are easy to say, but we know that it’s not always easy to apply them consistently so it works. If you can’t delay your climax despite the tips and tricks, there’s another way helps you not to come too soon:

Tablets or capsules for later climax!

In fact, there is now a wide range of products on the market that promise to help you stay in bed longer. We can also tell you openly and honestly that there are ways to really do it.

But beware: There are at least as many who only play with your problems, aren’t really effective and get the money out of your pocket. So rely on the expertise and experience of others to get what you deserve in the end: A fulfilled sex life without fear!

Seriosity should be the top priority, because in the long run this is about your health, which you should not put at risk carelessly.

Fazit – there is always a solution

There are home remedies, psychological tricks, medications, and drug capsules that can delay your high point . You are definitely not alone with your problem and there is nothing reprehensible about being helped or looking for help. We recommend that you use a serious remedy that works in a natural way and ensures that you can delay your orgasm.

It will also automatically have an effect on your psyche and take away your fear, as you can say still conscience that you have faced the problem and solved it. That alone is very masculine and a strong achievement!

Sex should be fun. Get the fun!

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