Crooked Penis: Symptoms & treatment without surgery

From when does one speak of a crooked penis?

We speak of a curvature at the following inclinations:

  • to the side (lateral)
  • up (dorsal)
  • or down (ventral)

Man(s) differentiates between a congenital and an acquired penis curvature.

A deformation of the penis – also called penis deviation or penis curvature – can lead to a considerable impairment of sexual life. The urine flow and the urine stream, i.e. the way to the toilet, are not restricted.

Born penis curvature

lateral curvature
One lateral curvature

This type of curvature already occurs in infancy and is usually the result of a genetic malformation of the male limb. The causes can be e.g. an asymmetrical development of the penis tissue (through which the cavernous bodies of different size are then) or a shortened urethra.

A congenital curvature of the penis remains unchanged in the course of life.

Purchased Penis Curvature

Every man can get a crooked penis in the course of his life. The number of people affected is between 3 – 7 %, whereby the number of unreported cases is probably higher. Not everyone likes to talk openly about the problems of his best play, which is fully understandable.

In the case of acquired penis curvature, experts refer to it as “induration penis plastica” (IPP for short) or “Peyronie’s disease”. The causes for this disease have not yet been clearly clarified, therefore only theories and speculations on this topic are currently in circulation:

  1. Microcracks in the erectile tissue e.g. due to too violent sex or masturbation which go unnoticed by the affected person. As a rule, these minor injuries heal again without further consequences. The theory of physicians is that deposits of connective tissue can lead to a crooked penis.
  2. The second theory is that a disorder of connective tissue metabolism could be the cause. In this disorder, instead of elastic connective tissue, a porous connective tissue is “embedded” in the microcracks.
  3. A genetic predisposition, so that this disease only appears in the course of one’s life, is a third assumption, which has also not yet been confirmed. Here for would speak that this illness concerns only about 3 – 7 % of all men.

IPP can develop either “overnight” or in a slow process. Men with IPP have a minimally higher risk of prostate cancer.

Treatment options for a crooked penis

The good news first: there are cases known where the curvature has improved over time without treatment. Unfortunately, these cases belong to the exceptions.

Today there are several possibilities for treatment, whereas the congenital curvature of the penis can only be treated surgically. In any case every treatment method should be discussed with a specialist.

Penis pump / penis extender

Phallosan forte LeiferumfangWith a penis pump or penis extender the penis is exposed to a vacuum and / or gently stretched by a mechanism. In both cases, pressure is applied to the penis tissue, which in turn affects the shape of the penis (and also its size). Further details are described in the article on the general function of the Penis Pump.

Meanwhile, some health insurance companies also pay for the use of these devices when a crooked penis is detected medically. A far-reaching recommendation is the PHALLOSAN® forte penis extender. Continue to the application and experience report for PHALLOSAN® forte…


Drug treatment is mainly used to slow down or stop the curvature process in the penis. Damage that has already occurred cannot be treated with this treatment. It is administered either in tablet form or as an injection into the erectile tissue. In connection with drugs often a shock wave therapy takes place.

Last possibility: the operation

In the last step there is only the surgical intervention in which the crooked penis is surgically straightened. However, this step should be carefully considered (like any surgery). Such an operation is normally only performed in the “stable disease phase”, i.e. if no further worsening of the deviation can be assumed.

My crooked penis: can I live with it?

Of course a treatment (no matter which method) is only necessary if the current state affects YOUR life. If you do not feel any pain during an erection and have no restrictions in your sex life, there is no reason for a treatment. Often even the sexual partner finds the curvature neither bad nor disturbing, but only the affected person himself. Talk openly with your partner about your problem and think about what the next step should be.

In your own cause
This page is for information purposes only. Please refrain from “self-treatment” and talk to a specialist about it. He will be able to inform you about further details and discuss further steps with you. If you are uncomfortable, always remember that a specialist, in your case a urologist, has made it his life’s work to help other people, especially when it comes to the subject of the penis. Day after day it looks like so many people and their genitals that you don’t have to be ashamed of it in any way.

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