Creatine as a natural testosterone booster

It is known today that creatine plays an important role in the human body. But have you ever heard that the substance is also said to have a remarkable effect on male testosterone levels?

In this article you will learn more about the properties of creatine and whether it is possible to stimulate the production of testosterone by ingesting it.

For what is creatine important?

Creatine has long been very popular among bodybuilders. The substance helps to build muscles and can even accelerate them. Many swear also during a Testosteron cure on the food supplement. In addition, creatine ensures that the performance of the body increases. For athletes the intake of creatine is therefore an advantage and almost a “must”.

But the substance is not only needed for muscle building. It supports various processes in the entire body – for example in the brain or skeleton. One could even prove that the amino acid is also contained in semen.

Deficiency of amino acid = deficiency of testosterone

The body produces a certain amount of creatine through the liver, kidney and pancreas itself and stores most of it in the skeletal muscles.

If there is a creatine deficiency, you will quickly notice many symptoms. Since these are often unspecific and a deficiency is usually only recognized by a blood count, we have listed the most common symptoms.

  • Weak performance
  • Learning disorders
  • Fatigue
  • muscle weakness, muscle atrophy

The effects can be severe. Vegetarians or vegans are particularly often affected – why? You will find out later.

How does creatine affect testosterone levels?

But now to an important question: how can the amino acid influence the testosterone content in the body? Studies have shown that creatine does not directly affect the hormone. Nevertheless, it can help to cause properties that an elevated testosterone level also brings with it.

You need to take a closer look at testosterone. Testosterone has various metabolites – these are intermediate products of metabolic processes. One of them is the so-called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This intermediate is similar to testosterone and has the same effects. If you take enough creatine, the content of DHT will increase and you will notice that your libido and performance will increase.

How to eat creatine?

If you want to eat creatine, you have many possibilities. On the one hand you can pay attention to a creatine rich diet. Foods, which contain particularly much of the amino acid, are the following:

  • Game
  • Pork and beef
  • salmon
  • Tuna

As you might have noticed, the food is fish or meat. Herbal products often contain very little creatine. This is the reason why vegetarians or vegans often suffer from a creatine deficiency. Therefore it is recommended to take the Supplement with a meat-free nourishing way in any case to itself.

Intake by powder or capsule

Even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, it is difficult to get enough creatine from your diet alone. But you have the possibility to buy a dietary supplement and take it daily. There are capsules as well as powder. They stir this into a glass of water and can drink it at any time of the day. The capsules are easier to dose than powder. In which form you want to supplement the creatine is up to you. It should also not fail because of the taste of the powder, as this is normally tasteless.

How much creatine you should consume to increase testosterone levels:

As mentioned before, it is best to take the amino acid daily. 5-10 mg are sufficient. If you are active in sports, you can supplement a lot of creatine after sports. On training-free days you simply leave out the additional amount.

A tip: To promote creatine absorption, you can add vitamin C, carbohydrates or other amino acids such as BCAA to your body.

Is the intake of creatine useful for the testosterone household?

As you have already learned, creatine does not directly help to increase the testosterone level , but the properties of a high testosterone level are probably important to you. If you want to promote these, then it is definitely sensible to take creatine.

You will notice that your DHT value and thus your libido will increase. In addition, your muscle strength and physical performance will be noticeably better. Also, cognitive abilities can be improved by the supplement.

What you should pay attention to, however, is that there are many dubious dealers on the Internet. They often sell either overpriced products or cheap supplements, which are supposed to be as good as the “normal” ones.

The products are mostly inferior and rarely bring promised success. Save your money and look for a good supplier who sells high-quality goods.

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