CBD Oil Guide – Heal & Relieve with Cannabis Oil

Experience where CBD oil can help you how it works and how to avoid mistakes when buying.

CBD Hemp oil with 20 percent
CBD and its effect is on everyone’s lips. That cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has nothing to do with smoking joints and the resulting high is something very few people know. It’s a shame, as we think, because behind the term cannabidiol lies a unique, natural active ingredient with great potential. CBD oil is said to have a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and healing effect, which has been proven by the user as well as in several scientific studies. Our magazine will tell you what cannabidiol, cannabis oil, drops, capsules, liquid and Co. really are, where you can buy CBD, whether it is legal and which symptoms or illnesses it promises to alleviate.

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CBD Hemp – Legal, healthy and diverse

Cannabis oil in different concentrations

Hemp is wrongly in disrepute, because hardly any other plant can be used in such a meaningful and versatile way. The so-called CBD hemp, from which also the medically effective cannabidiol is extracted, is the hemp with a high THC content, which most people imagine to be the most THC-containing hemp. Optically both varieties hardly differ from each other, only the molecular structure differs from each other. As this hemp contains hardly any psychoactive THC, but between 10 and 20 percent cannabidiol, it is free for sale and absolutely legal. The THC content must be less than one percent, usually between 0.3 and 0.7 percent. The purchase is possible both on-line, and in hemp shops, gas stations and private Swiss kiosks, however only starting from 18 years.

Furthermore, CBD hemp is a ecologically sensible raw material , which improves the soil structure in a natural way. Especially soils and fields which have been over cultivated for a long time and which have been affected by modern agriculture can be revalued with the cultivation of hemp. Since hemp helps to break down harmful CO2, the plant also counteracts the greenhouse effect and makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Good to know: Hemp can be used not only for medical purposes, but also as a precious food rich in vital substances as well as for the production of clothes, cosmetics, fabrics and much more.


Hemp was already planted in Asia more than 10,000 years ago and used as food and against various complaints. Depending on the variety, the seeds are suitable for consumption and supply the body with important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. In general, a distinction can be made between three different varieties: On the one hand the Cannabis or CBD seeds, from which the valuable, nutrient-rich oil as well as the active substance Cannabidiol can be won, on the other hand the feminised hemp seeds and Autoflowering seeds, which are usually used for the cultivation of hemp varieties containing THC.

At this point we would like to concentrate exclusively on the legally available, non-psychoactive cannabis or CBD hemp seeds, which can be used excellently as food supplements. They contain countless amino acids, proteins, healthy fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. They can be used very well for the refinement of salads, but also for the production of raw vegetable soups, healthy snacks and sweets as well as butter. Their slightly nutty taste makes them a real treat, and even 300 grams cover the entire daily protein requirement. If you want to do something good for your health, you should definitely include hemp seeds in your daily diet.

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Cannabidiol vs. Tetrahydrocannabinol – What is CBD oil and how does it differ from THC?

Cannabidiol is extracted from the female part of the cannabis plant and belongs to the group of cannabinoids. The well-known THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also a cannabinoid. Both substances are medically effective, but their effects differ fundamentally. In contrast to CBD, THC is psychoactive and leads to intoxication.

Cannabidiol has a not mind-altering, appetite-stimulating or concentration-reducing effect and for this reason is clearly distinguishable from THC. In addition, THC is an illegal substance in Germany that is only prescribed for certain diseases. Cannabis oil and similar products are available in Germany freely for sale.

– Medically effective
– no psychoactive side effects
– in Germany legal
– Medically effective
– Psychoactive effect
– illegal in Germany
– Appetite stimulating, changes consciousness, reduces concentration

CBD effect – medical benefit and possible side effects

Cannabidiol can be taken in many different forms, to which we will return in detail elsewhere. Whether CBD capsule, crystals, oil, paste, ointment or liquid – the effect can unfold differently depending on the form of administration. For medical purposes, Cannabidiol-containing oil, which is taken orally, is usually used. Skin problems, however, can be treated with CBD ointment & cream.


Scientific studies and empirical values indicate that cannabidiol can provide relief especially in the following conditions:

  • pain, for example chronic migraine or menstrual cramps (analgesic effect)
  • chronic inflammations (anti-inflammatory effect)
  • Hot hunger attacks (anorexic effect)
  • nausea and nausea, e.g. in travel or seasickness (antiemetic effect)
  • Gastrointestinal complaints (anticinetic effect)
  • Delusions and hallucinations (neuroleptic effect)
  • fear and resulting physical complaints, such as accelerated heartbeat or high blood pressure (anxiolytic effect)
  • Epilepsy (antiepileptic effect)
  • Tension and muscle cramps (antispasmodic effect)
  • sleep disorders, e.g. problems falling asleep and sleeping through (anti-insomnia effect)
  • Allergies, hypersensitivities and intolerances (immunosuppressive effect)
  • dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (neuroprotective effect)
  • skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis (antipsoriatic effect)
  • inadequate tissue perfusion (antiischemic effect)
  • Bacterial and fungal infestation (antibacterial and antifungal effect)
  • cancer (antiproliferative effect)

Unlike THC, CBD did not receive much attention for a long time. The research is still in its infancy, but especially in the United States, more and more money is flowing into the investigation of cannabidiol. This is not least due to the fact that more and more physicians and scientists recognize the potential that lies in this unique cannabinoid.

In addition to the positive effects mentioned above, the intake or external use of cannabidiol may also be associated with many other positive and health-promoting effects. It is a fact, however, that the current study situation gives no cause for fear of potential side effects. Already in 2011 CBD oil was classified as probably safe for humans and animals, even maximum doses of up to 1,500 mg are generally well tolerated. Only pregnant women should be cautious, because according to a study from 2013 (Feinshtein et al.) cannabidiol can influence the placental protection function.

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CBD intake – What products are available and how can cannabidiol be taken?

Cannabidiol is offered in the form of many different products. It is popular CBD oil because it is easy to dose and can be used both externally and internally. Which product is suitable for you personally, depends essentially on your preferences and on which effect you want to achieve with the ingestion. In the following we present the most common Cannabidiol products currently available on the market.

Product overview: CBD OilLiquidcapsulescrystalsPasteCreamFlowersTea

Cannabis oil and CBD drops

Cannabis oil and cannabidiol drops are comparatively inexpensive and most widespread. As a rule, CBD oil or drops are based on natural hemp oil , which is enriched with 2 to 10 percent pure cannabidiol and contains less than 1 percent THC. Strictly speaking, such oils are CBD hemp oil, which can vary from product to product with regard to its actual cannabidiol content.

Warning – Conventional hemp oil in the bottle that has not been fortified with CBD is not a medically effective product. Simple hemp oil is obtained from the seeds of the hemp plant and is extremely rich in vitamins & nutrients and healthy. Nevertheless, it contains very little cannabidiol by nature, which is why it has little to do with “real” cannabidiol-enriched drops and CBD oil. In addition, you can buy hemp oil in the health food store as well as in some supermarkets.

Real CBD oil, on the other hand, is usually only available online at the moment. Before you buy, you should think about which CBD dosage makes sense for you. As a beginner we recommend a low dosage product, as you should first test how your body reacts to taking it.

The same applies to people who only want to relieve mild symptoms, such as occasional headaches and muscle aches, mild sleep disorders or mild gastrointestinal problems. However, if you suffer from a serious illness and hope for an improvement in the symptoms, a higher dose is usually required.

In general: General, always and generally valid recommendations cannot be given, because every person reacts differently. However, the topic of CBD dosage, especially cannabis oil, will be discussed in more detail elsewhere.

CBD Liquid

What is CBD Liquid? This cannabidiol product is usually only interesting for people who own an e-cigarette and steam regularly. Basically Liquid consists of a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, which is enriched with aroma and possibly nicotine. Whether liquids can generally be classified as harmless or rather harmful to health is not entirely clear. If nicotine is not used when steaming and cannabidiol is used instead, the e-cigarette may even have a healthy benefit.

The CBD experiences of most Cannabidiol Dampfer speak a clear language: A majority of the convinced CBD Dampfer reports from a improved sleep , a calming, pain-relieving effect as well as from a positive effect on the tendency and the general well-being.

Just like CBD oil, CBD Liquid is also available in various thicknesses. Whether you reach for 100 mg, 200 mg, 500 mg or even more depends essentially on your personal preferences. For some, a weak liquid is enough to achieve the desired effect, others rely on as high a dosage as possible. Ultimately, it is important to touch down slowly and try out for yourself which dose is the right one for you.

CBD capsules

As the taste of CBD oil is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is also possible to use CBD capsules as an alternative. The capsules contain the oil and have the same effect. They are tasteless and usually easy to swallow. The oil is gently processed and not heated, so that all important ingredients remain completely contained.

However, the problem is that the oil contained in the capsules cannot be absorbed immediately through the oral mucosa. The capsule only dissolves in the stomach, which is why it can take a little longer for the effect to set in. In addition, some people find it difficult to swallow the capsules and they are usually more expensive than pure oil.

If you still want to use CBD capsules because you have a problem with the taste of the oil, we strongly recommend that you pay attention to the quality. We had good experiences with the manufacturer Medihemp, whose capsules contain 5 percent cannabidiol from organic cultivation.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals are the purest, most concentrated and most expensive form of cannabidiol currently available. But don’t be deterred by the high price because they are very productive and can be used and processed flexible. It is important that CBD crystals contain at least 98 percent pure cannabidiol in order to develop their typical strong effect and to be considered pure.

Crystals or CBD powders enriched with additives or potential pollutants should be avoided. When buying, make sure that the powdered crystals only contain cannabidiol and traces of other cannabinoids. There are high-quality crystals with an above-average high cannabidiol content of 99.5 percent from the manufacturer linked below, which we can recommend without restriction due to our personal CBD experience.

The strong effect inherent to pure crystals can be achieved by melting the CBD crystals directly under the tongue. An advantage is that you can use the crystals in addition to making your own cannabidiol products. They can be dissolved in oil, liquid and beverages (e.g. CBD tea). Crystals are also suitable for CBD smoking, e.g. in the form of CBD cigarettes.

CBD Paste

Basically CBD Paste is nothing else than CBD oil, only a bit tougher and more viscous. The dark green mass is highly concentrated and is produced by CO2 extraction. As with oil, the cannabidiol is dissolved using CO2 gas and separated into its solid components.

The resulting particles are then dissolved in oil without the use of any chemicals. The viscous paste is usually offered in the form of syringes and tubes. The cannabidiol contained in it can best be absorbed via the oral mucosa oral way, for example by applying the paste directly under the tongue or on the front teeth.

CBD Ointment & Creme

CBD ointment and cream are especially suitable for external applications, e.g. skin diseases and external inflammations. According to convinced users, such ointments and creams can mainly be used to alleviate irritations, but also for general skin and beauty care.

In addition, such products have anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects, contribute to increased well-being and relieve pain. It is important to make sure that the cream is based as far as possible on natural ingredients. We recommend the skin care products from the Virgin-CBD-Shop, whose products are very varied and especially suitable for sensitive skin.

CBD Gras & Blüten

CBD flowers and their pollen differ from THC containing flowers in that they are not feminised, contain very little THC and are completely legal. CBD Gras & flowers can be consumed pure and are the most natural way to consume cannabidiol.

The flowers usually come from professional growers who specialize in growing and grafting sativa and indica cuttings. They can be bought exactly to the gram and processed at will. They contain a particularly high percentage of cannabidiol and have all the health benefits you would expect from hemp oil or other CBD products without being psychoactive.

Hemp Tea

If you do not want to smoke, steam or consume cannabidiol in the form of oil, you can simply prepare a tea containing CBD. Hemp tea can be made by pouring hot water over CBD Gras & Flowers. The cannabidiol it contains dissolves from the plant parts through the heat and makes the tea a relaxing, health-promoting and soothing hot drink.

Meanwhile there are also different suppliers for finished hemp teas, for example “myCBD”. In addition to hemp, such teas contain other ingredients that optimize the taste and ensure a maximum of well-being. If you want to make your own hemp tea or create your own mixture, you don’t have to make a big science out of it. Just be careful not to brew the tea with boiling water, otherwise it can become very bitter. Do not use metal containers and choose cotton tea filters instead of tea eggs, as they are tasteless and ensure that the ingredients can unfold optimally.

Tip: Add some fat or oil to the water so that the cannabinoids contained in the flowers and leaves can completely dissolve and the tea can develop its full effect.

CBD dosage of cannabidiol Oil

Dosing beepette for hemp oil
The dosage is decisive

Since most people opt for CBD oil and we can recommend this option without any restrictions, we would like to go into more detail about its dosage at this point.

The following applies here: There are some guideline values you can orientate yourself by, but in the end every body reacts differently. Unfortunately, there are currently no reliable studies that could give concrete, generally applicable recommendations. With too few drops you usually achieve a too weak, hardly noticeable effect, whereas too many drops resemble an unnecessary waste.

Nevertheless, several studies and studies have already been carried out which have focused on the effects and dosage to alleviate certain diseases. According to this, an adult who wants to treat a certain symptom or health problem should take 100 to 800 mg cannabidiol daily. At the beginning, the dosage should always be low. The dose can be gradually increased, depending on tolerance and effect. In the case of psychological complaints or anxiety disorders, 50 mg already proved to be helpful.

Dosing of cannabis oil according to manufacturer’s recommendation

Dose instructions can also be found on the packaging of the ampoule

Some manufacturers make recommendations regarding dosage. Often, however, the recommendation is set very low because the manufacturers want to protect themselves. This is generally the case for most dietary supplements, as too high a dosage can cause unwanted side effects in some people. As CBD oil, as mentioned above, usually has hardly any side effects and should only be used with caution by pregnant women, it is always worth not paying too much attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations and slowly approaching the individual dose.

If the symptoms are not alleviated, the dose can still be increased. If there are side effects that cannot be linked to any other cause, the dose can be lowered again. It is always important that you pay attention to your personal well-being and check at which dose the desired effect is achieved.

Dosage according to user experience

Another way to find the right dose is to use the CBD experience of other users. According to most CBD experiences one to two drops of a 5 percent cannabis oil are enough to relax. In our experience, sleep disorders can also be successfully treated with 5 mg cannabidiol, i.e. one drop. Regular pain, for example muscle pain, menstrual cramps or migraine, can be relieved with about four to five drops.

Even the symptoms of MS patients can in some cases be alleviated significantly with just two to three drops, but in the case of serious illnesses and symptoms the dosage must be gradually increased. High doses of around 1,000 mg are not uncommon in severe illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer. In any case, we recommend that you read through various user reports and, if possible, exchange online with other users in order to eliminate uncertainties and benefit from their CBD experiences.

TIPP: In any case, we recommend that you read through various user reports and, if possible, exchange information online with other users in order to eliminate uncertainties and benefit from their CBD experiences.

Cannabidiol in certain diseases

As already mentioned, cannabidiol can be used for many different ailments and diseases, such as schizophrenia, ADHD, insomnia, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease. Even when losing weight it could help due to its hunger-reducing effect. According to research, it does not only seem to have an anti-inflammatory effect, but it also alleviates pain, relaxes and, according to scientific research, even inhibits cancer.

Although its effect has not yet been fully researched, numerous studies and the CBD experiences of many users point to a great, health-promoting and healing potential. It has proven to be extremely helpful and effective in the treatment of rheumatism, pain, cancer and other mild to severe diseases, among others, which we would like to discuss in more detail in this guide.

Anxiety is a natural and meaningful reaction, to protect us from dangerous situations. It only becomes problematic if there is an anxiety disorder that causes the person concerned to react with worries, stress and panic even in harmless situations. Cannabidiol is known for its anxiety-relieving effect, which makes it an excellent treatment for acute or chronic anxiety.

Brazilian researchers were able to prove its anxiolytic effect as early as 2011 by investigating both humans and animals. Patients with a generalized anxiety disorder received 400 mg cannabidiol, whereas the control group received only a placebo. A second control session was conducted, during which the first group received placebo and the second group received cannabidiol. The result was that the administered cannabidiol could significantly reduce the fears of the patients. It is believed to have a positive effect on limbic and paralimbic brain activity.

If you want to use CBD against panic attacks and anxiety, start with a low dose and try to relax. Many people make the mistake of being afraid of the effects of cannabidiol and make their condition worse unnecessarily. Be aware that cannabidiol is a side effect free, natural substance that cannot harm you. If the symptoms worsen after taking cannabidiol, this is usually due to psychological reasons and the fear of possible side effects.

If the blood circulates too quickly through the blood vessels, this can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. Many people suffer from hypertension due to modern lifestyles and diets. Most people are treated with drugs that are associated with a number of dangerous side effects. All the better if natural, side-effect-free alternatives can be used. In the meantime, researchers have been able to prove that cannabidiol is just such a drug.

Several studies have investigated whether natural CBD-based treatment can have a positive effect on blood pressure. The first experiments were carried out exclusively with rats, but this THC was injected. In all animals the blood pressure decreased noticeably, but the problem was that it decreased while standing and increased while lying down. This can lead to dizziness, which is why research is now concentrating more on the effects of cannabidiol. For example, a study by the University of Nottingham examined nine subjects with blood pressure fluctuations. To determine the effect of cannabidiol on blood pressure, one group was treated with 600 mg CBD and the other with a placebo. All participants were subjected to various stress tests and their response to low temperatures was also tested. After the subjects took the cannabidiol, their blood pressure was monitored during stress, low temperatures and exercise, as well as at rest. Compared to the placebo group, a significantly lower, harmless blood pressure was found even in stressful situations. At the same time, the heart rate of the volunteers increased, as the heart muscle had to pump much faster to release enough oxygen-rich blood.

Cannabidiol is therefore able to dampen the heart’s response and reduce the stroke volume, which means that blood pressure rises less even during exercise. However, cannabidiol has long been able not only to lower blood pressure and maintain it at a normal level, but also to prevent secondary diseases. Myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis and stroke result from permanently elevated blood pressure and dangerous inflammatory processes. Since cannabidiol has an anti-inflammatory effect, studies have shown that it is able to slow down the process of arteriosclerosis. Due to its immunomodulating effect, it could also be used to treat circulatory disorders.

Depressions are a serious topic and affect a large part of today’s society. Mostly antidepressants are prescribed, which can provide temporary relief, but are usually associated with some side effects. Cannabidiol can help in a natural way because it stimulates the nerves and has been shown to improve calmness. Research suggests that this may also be due to the fact that the uptake of the endocannabinoid anandamide is inhibited, which can have a positive effect on nerve strength and concentration. It strengthens the nerve endings and influences the serotonin receptors, as well as stimulating the release of neurotransmitters (such as dopamine).

Although it is not psychoactive, many patients swear by the use of CBD against depression. The majority of users report more inner peace, relaxation and well-being. Anxiety is alleviated and sleep is improved, which means that cannabidiol can have an extremely positive effect on the typical symptoms of depression.

Epilepsy is a disease of the nervous system that is associated with epileptic seizures and can greatly restrict the lives of those affected. Cannabidiol has been shown to have a high therapeutic potential in the treatment of epilepsy. Unfortunately there are so far only a few well-founded studies that have dealt with the interrelationships – but all the more positive experience reports.

The only clinical study (Cunha et al. 1980) published so far examined in the first phase eight healthy volunteers who were given 3 mg cannabidiol per kilogram body weight for 30 days. Another group of eight subjects received a placebo. Both groups were examined both neurologically and physically. In phase two, 15 participants with epileptic seizures were randomly divided into two groups. One group received 200 to 300 mg cannabidiol, while the other group received a placebo. Both groups received their conventional drugs at the same time, even if they did not help. The result showed that four out of eight patients suffering from epilepsy did not have a single seizure during the entire study period (4.5 months) and that the condition improved dramatically in three patients. Only in one patient did the administered cannabidiol not show any significant effect. The condition of the placebo group did not change at all, only one patient reported slight improvements. A comparison of the groups also showed that cannabidiol was well tolerated by both healthy and epileptic patients.

Cancer is a severe and meanwhile widespread disease, against which apparently no reliably effective remedy could be discovered. Occasionally chemotherapy and radiation help, but often they worsen the condition of the patients even further. One drug that could help in the fight against cancer, according to recent research, is cannabidiol. Clinical studies and studies have shown that cannabidiol can slow down or even completely slow down the growth of tumour cells.

It also appears that it is able to kill malignant cells and effectively prevent the formation of new, growth-accelerating blood vessels around the tumour. Rick Simpson was the main person to make cannabis oil known in connection with cancer, but the oil of the cancerous Canadian was pure THC. Since THC is still illegal today, its sale and production is strictly prohibited in Germany. Nevertheless, there are now several studies that clearly show that even pure CBD oil can have an extremely positive effect on therapy and the course of the disease.

The main focus was on patients who were treated with chemotherapy or radiation at the same time. The oil had a particularly positive effect on appetite, as many patients were so weakened by conventional treatment that they lost more and more weight. CBD oil counteracts such a dangerous weight loss by stimulating the appetite and at the same time soothing the often severely damaged mucous membrane of the mouth and stomach. In the future, it can only be hoped that science will continue to focus on the effect of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids on cancer, because many users are already reporting an incredibly beneficial or at least therapeutically supportive effect.

Several studies as well as various reports of enthusiastic users could clearly prove that cannabidiol can be used excellently against migraine. Migraine develops when extensive blood vessels press on certain regions of the brain. As a result, it can lead to paralyzing, stabbing or throbbing pain that is difficult to control in the long run. The cannabidiol extracted from the female hemp plant has blocking and inhibitory effects, which means that the body’s natural cannabinoids (AEA and 2-AG) are positively stimulated. The receptors present in the human brain are stimulated by cannabidiol, which increases the sending and receiving of various pain-relieving messengers. The neurotransmitters responsible for the expansion and contraction of blood vessels are particularly affected. The result is an interaction that relieves the blood vessels and reduces the pressure. Cannabidiol also has a relaxing and antispasmodic effect, which can also be useful in the treatment of migraine.

Officially, cannabis is not exactly considered a medicinal herb when it comes to alleviating and healing psychoses. Rather, the plant is supposed to trigger psychoses and schizophrenia than counteract them. On the other hand, renowned scientists are now talking about people with such diseases being able to treat themselves well by smoking parts of the plant or eating them in other ways. In fact, the use of cannabis alone poses a much lower health risk than the mixed use of tobacco. Animal studies have also shown that cannabidiol can have an extremely beneficial effect on mental health and even alleviate schizophrenia.

The final proof was provided by hemp experiments on rats whose schizophrenia could be almost completely cured with the administration of cannabis. The study was conducted by the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) in Australia and was based on the administration of a high cannabidiol compound to rats injected over a longer period of time. Even deficit-born rats reacted surprisingly positively and showed a rapid improvement in their condition. According to the scientists, the animals were better able to fit into the social group, regained their natural perception and could act more clearly. The ability to remember, which was severely affected by schizophrenia, also increased significantly. It was important to note that the positive improvements could in fact be attributed solely to the cannabidiol contained in the substance. Even conventional medications failed and the great healing potential of CBD against psychosis was recognized. At the same time, the traditional use of marijuana was warned against, as it could even increase psychosis due to the psychoactive THC. It is therefore always important to treat schizophrenia and other mental disorders exclusively with cannabidiol in order to achieve a real improvement.

Rheumatism is an inflammatory disease of the joints, in which modern drugs are usually not effective enough or are associated with severe side effects. Nevertheless, there is hope for people suffering from rheumatism, as recent studies have shown that cannabidiol has an extremely analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The majority of those affected who have experimented themselves have also found that CBD oil quickly and reliably relieves rheumatism-related pain and makes their lives much more bearable again. Also the sleep problems associated with rheumatism, which mostly result from the strong nocturnal pain, can be improved according to the statements noticeably.

This is due to the fact that cannabidiol is not only pain-relieving but also has a calming and sleep-promoting effect. At night, but also during the day, the pain can decrease tremendously if cannabidiol is taken permanently and consistently.

Many other pain conditions can also be effectively treated with cannabidiol, because the cannabinoid not only has an anti-inflammatory effect, but also relieves cramps. The antioxidant properties of hemp should also be emphasized, which can be regarded as an extremely useful side effect. Slight pain can usually be completely relieved with CBD oil and requires no further medication. A conventional, however not sufficient pain therapy can be supplemented however optimally with Cannabidiol. Since it is not intoxicating, it can be taken at any time of the day and does not negatively influence the effect of other drugs. Similar to synthetic painkillers or medications, it suppresses the production of entündungsfördernder tissue hormones, which is why it is often used especially for inflammatory pain. In contrast to conventional drugs, it is not associated with any side effects – stomach, intestine, heart, liver and kidneys are not burdened or subsequently influenced. Cannabidiol has a lot more to offer in terms of pain, however, because it is able to relieve cramps and relieve nerve pain. The need for conventional painkillers can usually be significantly reduced, resulting in better health and vitality. Since cannabidiol also has a strong antioxidant effect, renewed inflammatory processes can be prevented particularly effectively.

This chronic inflammatory disease of the intestinal tract affects about 0.15% of the western population. As diverse – and often unexplained – the development of the disease as broad as the number of symptoms that can occur. CBD offers promising approaches to alleviate and cure the majority of these symptoms. The holistic, systemic effect as well as anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol are described in many experience reports as very beneficial for Crohn’s disease.

Fortunately, positive experiences with regard to CBD and multiple sclerosis are accumulating. The drug cocktail rich in side effects, which is usually administered to relieve symptoms in MS, can be restricted by cannabidiol in many cases. Both the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBDs have an effect here. But also the effect on general well-being seems to help multiple sclerosis patients noticeably in coping with their everyday life.

Which product performs best in the test?

No matter which of the above ailments you have to nibble at or whether you want to use CBD oil only for health maintenance or anti-aging purposes: It is very important that you buy a high quality, effective product.

CBD oil is particularly recommended in test reports as it can be used flexibly, offers safety and a very good price-performance ratio. It does not make much sense to choose a test winner in relation to a certain manufacturer, but due to the growing size of the market there are more and more inferior products, which are inexpensive, but no longer have the desired effect – here you burn only money as a buyer.

One manufacturer who was able to convince in the test is Nordic – here the ✓ quality is right, the ✓ price and the ✓ service. In addition, the full range of cannabis oil is vegan and shipping is fast with very cheap delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is CBD legal to order in Germany?

Answer: Again and again the question arises whether cannabidiol is actually legal. The fact is that end products (e.g. CBD oil) with a THC content of less than 0.0005 percent are not prohibited and can therefore be legally purchased in Germany – but theoretically only on prescription. This guideline applies above all to foods such as hemp oil and other foods, but also to CBD oil, liquids and Co… The products sold within Germany usually contain less than 0.0005 percent THC.

If you don’t want to take any risks, especially if you order from abroad, you should always inform yourself about the individual THC content of the product you prefer. In any case, we advise against buying in pharmacies and recommend our recommended online shop.

Is cannabidiol detectable in drug testing? Is the driving licence in danger?

Answer: No. We can definitely give the all-clear in this matter, as cannabidiol is generally not tested and high-quality CBD products do not contain THC. Even in strict Germany, where CBD was classiafied as prescription only, you don’t have to be afraid of a drug test and your driver’s license is safe.

Is CBD a recognized drug?

Answer: Unfortunately, cannabidiol is still not an officially used “drug”, which is why the clinical trial situation is still quite sobering. Therefore you will neither get a competent advice nor the possibility to buy a high quality cannabidiol oil in the pharmacy.

Nevertheless, studies already carried out on animals have repeatedly shown that cannabinoids can remedy numerous complaints. Animals react just as positively to Cannabidiol as humans, also here above all the fear-relieving, anti-inflammatory and easing effect attacks. Many veterinarians already swear by the use of cannabis, especially for sensitive pets. In cats, cannabidiol has a strong appetite-stimulating effect, but also alleviates pain. Cats who refused their food for a long time because they suffered from severe pain suddenly ate again. In dogs, on the other hand, cannabidiol was found to be extremely calming and relaxing. It also relieves cramps, has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the natural sleep-wake cycle. Animals suffering from epilepsy, arthritis, skin problems, asthma, immune disorders or chronic nausea could also be successfully treated with cannabidiol. In addition, many experienced pet owners now swear by the substance when it comes to treating chronic pain. Often cannabidiol was the last resort after years of suffering, as no other drug showed the desired effect. If you want to treat your pet with cannabidiol, always start with a small dose, observe its reaction and consult an experienced veterinarian if necessary.

Is CBD suitable for children?

Answer: Cannabis is repeatedly discredited for doing more harm than good to children. The fact that this is not the case shows the positive effect that cannabidiol has on children and adolescents with epilepsy. The best known case in which a child was treated with cannabidiol by his parents was that of Charlotte Figi from the US state of Colorado, who was 6 years old at the time. Charlotte suffered from the so-called Dravet syndrome and had more than 300 seizures per week. Since the conventional drugs and therapies had no effect, the doctors gave up the girl and saw no hope at all. Her parents then studied the medical potential of cannabidiol in detail and treated her child with a specially bred strain of cannabis with an extra high CBD content. The success came after only a few days. Already after ,one week the girl was completely free of seizures, in the course of the next seven months the illness seemed to be cured to 99 per cent.

Which CBD Oil to buy?

Answer: Meanwhile there are countless suppliers who sell CBD-containing products. The best and cheapest way to buy cannabidiol in Germany is online trading. Which CBD oil is the best? It’s hard to say, but we personally had extremely good experiences with the products recommended in this article, because the manufacturer offers its customers one of the purest and strongest cannabidiol products in the world in the form of e.g. crystals (99.5 percent). All products are manufactured and thoroughly researched according to the strict ISO 9001 and GMP standards. In addition, only high-quality raw materials of first-class organic quality that are free of pesticides and additives are used. However, the range not only includes crystals, but also high-quality CBD oils and sprays. Another supplier that we can highly recommend is the Austrian manufacturer Medihemp, which is especially known for its high-quality, biological CBD hemp oil. The company stands for pure natural organic hemp products in premium quality and has convinced above all with its highly effective products and sustainable production.

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