Bathmate under review: Advantages – Disadvantages – Offers

The Bathmate is excellent for 2 things: if you want to try something new and your primary wish is a thicker penis. Then the Bathmate is just the thing for you: it is the only water-based penis pump I know of in the world. Water? Yes exactly right: Water. The application therefore takes place under the shower or alternatively in the bathtub.

How my experiences with the Bathmate are and what there is to consider I tell you in my big test, let’s get started:

How the Bathmate Penis Pump Works

The Bathmate is based on a patented hydraulic technology. Instead of air as usual the cylinder is filled with water.

  1. Pressure build-up according to the accordion principle
  2. Cylinder with length scale (will be filled with water later)
  3. Pressure relief valve
  4. Personal code to register the Bathmate penis pump for the 2 year manufacturer warranty

The application is totally simple:

  1. Tip first of all: your pubic area should be completely shaved for a positive application experience
  2. The application can take place while sitting or standing. Ideally, you should sit in the bathtub filled with warm water for the first time. Then completely fill the Bathmate with water and place it on your (slightly) erect penis.
  3. If the Bathmate sits on it, push it about 4 to 5 times towards the base of the penis until no more water flows out of the pressure relief valve. Now a gentle vacuum should be created. In this position, you stay relaxed for about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Then pump again until no more water escapes and the perfect vacuum has been achieved for you.
  5. If the vacuum is so strong that it no longer feels nice or even painful, you can reduce the pressure through the pressure relief valve.
  6. After 15 minutes of use, release the entire pressure and remove the penis pump from your best friend. Afterward, you can marvel at the result.
  7. The application should be done for max. 15 minutes and only once a day.

You’ll be surprised at the result.  Especially in the thickness – so my experience and those of other users – the penis increases in mass. Of course, the result is only temporary as with every penis pump. Only the permanent, regular application leads to a long-term result: the penis enlargement.

It’s like strength training: your body is only pumped up for a short time by one-time training, only by continuity it comes to permanent muscle building. This principle is exactly the same here. Already after 6 weeks of regular use (3 – 4 times a week), you will get permanent results such as a larger size and also a harder erection!

Application areas according to the manufacturer:

  • for penis extension (for thickness and girth)
  • to straighten the penis
  • in erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)
  • stronger, harder erection than before
  • in case of problems with premature ejaculation

Customer service from the manufacturer:

Bathmate Penis Pump WarrantyThe manufacturer grants 2 years warranty

My opinion: recommended or not?

All products usually have advantages and disadvantages, including Bathmate.

Let’s start with the advantages:

    • User-friendly:
      extremely easy operation of the Bathmate penis pump
    • Well-being:
      the vacuum feels really great due to the water, it is a very pleasant feeling during application or training
    • Quality:
      the processing of the material is great, I wouldn’t have expected that because of the low price compared to other penis pumps
    • Price/performance ratio:
      like a point higher already described, at the price one can not complain really
    • Cleaning:
      as you are already under the shower or in the bathtub the cleaning is easy to do by hand

And now to the drawbacks:

  • Only active application possible:
    and not, as with competing products such as the Penix-Extender PHALLOSAN ® forte, a passive application, e.g. overnight. You have to actively deal with the device to achieve success, which leads us to the next point
  • shower or bathtub necessary for top results:
    no question, the application in the water is something new and totally varied and I also like it great, just because of the hot feeling. In the beginning, it’s no problem, but permanently over 6 months 3-4 times a week every 15 minutes in the shower to use the pump could become a bit annoying. The manufacturer writes that the application can also take place with air, that the end result is then only not as effective as in water. I personally advise against this, because there is no pressure gauge available (I have not tested this either, so I have no direct comparison).
  • No pressure indication:
    a missing pressure indication is, in my opinion, an absolute NoGo for health reasons with air-based penis pumps. Since the pressure compensation is done with water, there is no sudden overpressure. It is therefore in this case rather a “Nice-to-have” and no “Must-to-have”.

My opinion on the Bathmate Review:
The Bathmate penis pump is super for active use in the shower and in price/performance ratio not to beat. Since I don’t always feel like taking a shower for another 15 minutes but only use the pump for a relaxing bath, I also used a penis extender: the PHALLOSAN ® Forte. With this one, it is also possible to use it at night while sleeping. You can find more information here: my experience with the PHALLOSAN ® forte.

But if you want a really good penis pump for small money the Bathmate is the best choice for you.

Where can buy the Bathmate?

Originally the Bathmate comes from the USA, but can – like so much nowadays – be bought easily in Germany on The dispatch takes place in discreet packing. So you don’t have to worry about embarrassing encounters when accepting parcels.

Depending on your current penis size, the Bathmate is available in 2 different versions:

Both products are identical in the application. Furthermore, there are numerous similar offers from the same supplier with different names such as “Hydromax” or “X30”. With the Bathmate Hercules and Bathmate Goliath pump you are well served, everything else just confuses at some point.

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