Aphrodisiac for women and men? Can you really influence libido?

Maybe you know it from yourself or your partner: You have sometimes simply no desire, although the other would like to have sexual intercourse. In our experience, it is mainly women who are affected by the problem of listlessness, although this statement by no means means means means that men always have the desire and a sparkling libido.

If you know the situation where one wants and the other doesn’t, then you know that this can be very straining for the relationship and may cause tension. Many partners take the displeasure personally and interpret it as a loss of interest. But this is often not the case at all.

There are certain means which are said to have an invigorating effect on the sexual desire of man and woman. These are also called “Aphrodisiac”. Whether it makes sense to resort to such a remedy and how it can help you or your partner is explained here!

Defeat unwillingness with aphrodisiac

Unlust as a relationship killer -simple means can help

Sexual tension and an unfulfilling love life can often be a reason for dispute or even separation. Even if many don’t want to admit it: Sex is part of it and if one of the two partners has no more desire, then this has automatically effects on the relationship, because it is difficult for the other to understand rationally why this might be now.

It’s normal that you don’t feel like it every now and then. You probably know that. But if this happens more often and is not because you no longer find your partner attractive, then it can be an indication that there is a disorder of your libido. Of course you can now resort to hard sexual enhancers such as Viagra, but there is also an alternative that is natural way to restore sexual balance within your relationship.

What is an aphrodisiac?

To keep it short: An aphrodisiac is a (mostly) natural agent or food which is said to have a positive effect on libido. This means that it should increase lust, increase sexual desire and has a provocative effect in total .

Since it concerns a natural power means, it is mostly a plant, food or also hormones and/or micronutrients such as vitamins and so on. Meanwhile, there is a whole set at materials, to which the effect of an Aphrodisiakums is after-said -leader is the Internet Durchwachsen with half-knowledge and marketing lies … Therefore we want to tell you now, what really works!

Pill vs. Natural lust enhancer

Modern medicine has already found various answers to sexual problems. These sexual enhancers are strictly speaking – in most cases – drugs that can also have adverse side effects. In addition, they often cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford them in the long run. The advantage of a natural aphrodisiac is that it is often low-priced to buy, safe to take and has no side effects.

As a result, more and more people are resorting to these “miracle” foods/plants to get their sex drive going again. But beware: Here’s where trying goes over studying. The science around the topic “Aphrodisiac” is not yet particularly far and thus research-technically founded statements to special food are difficult and are often based only on experiences. Since most of these remedies are often harmless and cheap, you can simply try what works best for you.

Our favorites when it comes to increasing libido:

There are over 500 substances that are said to have an aphrodisiac effect. Not all could be tested, but the following foods/plants were mentioned particularly frequently. These can increase the pleasure for you as well as for men!

Aphrodisiac No. 1: Ginger?!

Ginger increases your libidoGinger is classified as an aphrodisiac due to its essential oils. These provide an improved blood circulation, the typical warmth and finally an increase in libido. It is also recommended to eat ginger otherwise, as it contains many nutrients and vital substances that are necessary for the organism to run smoothly.

Pomegranate-the fruit of love:

Increase aphrodisiac by pomegranateThe effect of pomegranate is not scientifically proven, but there are indications that it is suitable as an aphrodisiac. Especially in women, this fruit is said to have a stimulating effect on the libido.

The reason for the assumption is a substance in the pomegranate –Piperidin – which you can also find in black pepper.

Black pepper itself is an aphrodisiac and has a stimulating effect on lust! It is definitely worth a try.

Strawberries – not only for women erotic:

Strawberries as a means to increase pleasureThat strawberry is delicious is – for most people – not up for debate. But they are also really healthy and contain a lot of vitamin C and zinc. Especially the latter makes them a suitable aphrodisiac for men, as zinc is important to produce enough sperm and to keep the testosterone level constant.

This is closely related to sexual desire and thus more or less controls the libido.

A good testosterone level is worth its weight in gold when it comes to an aphrodisiac effect.
In addition strawberries are a “sexually” touched food, since they offer themselves example-wise with cream as dessert after a romantic meal, which has already charged the mood anyway. The general mood is generally an important factor for libido. In order to feel sexual desire, the following factors are conducive:

  • quiet – an undisturbed atmosphere
  • Confidentiality with the partner
  • Little / no stress from everyday life

Various spices to make yourself?

In fact, the essential oils of many spices are considered to increase lust. Often this is not scientifically proven and therefore more or less a guess based on the consensus different experience reports. It would be a long list, one wanted to enumerate all spices, which are said to have an aphrodisiac effect, therefore we have a small selection for you:

  • curry as an aphrodisiac
  • muscat
  • cinnamon
  • Chili
  • Vanilla(pods)

Reliable aphrodisiac in the form of a natural preparation

The effects of food on sexual desire are often poorly researched and it is questionable whether the amounts you consume when you consume them are even sufficient to achieve an effect. Therefore, manufacturers have set themselves the task of developing preparations based on natural ingredients and acting as highly effective aphrodisiac.

It is often distinguished here between products for the woman and for the man. The composition of the active ingredients is different, because the optimal improvement of the libido should be achieved. It would therefore be inappropriate to use the same aphrodisiac for men and women – as is common practice for food products, for example.

How do the products for men and women work?

By processing a combination of highly concentrated and active ingredients in one product, you can benefit from the advantages of different aphrodisiacs for yourself and your potency.

After a hard and exhausting working day, such a remedy can make the difference and you no longer have to put your wife off. Taking such aphrodisiacs is believably easy and the side effects are hardly noticeable or not at all (rare).

The effect of such tablets is often significantly better and it is a stronger aphrodisiac, than for example oysters or similar. It is worth taking a look at this variant of the sexual enhancer, as it is available for you without a prescription and is a natural alternative to Viagra and the like!

Vorsicht bei Fake Aphrodisiakum Präperaten

Warn fake products!

The market is now more or less flooded with countless products that promise you the blue of the sky. You should be careful and check carefully whether it is a trustworthy supplier and a serious product.

Once you have decided, make sure that you order directly from the manufacturer. With middlemen there is always the danger that you receive fake products and/or plagiarisms, which are stretched with cheap materials. Such fakes usually do not work, but harm your health in the worst case. You should not take this risk.

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