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As part of paneuropeannetworkspublications.com (PENP), we publish content on all aspects of health, with a focus on potency and men as the primary target group. All rights are held by PENP Corp. under the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands.

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List of authors

William C. Hilberg

As an author, Mr. Hilberg has published several papers on health issues that have gained international recognition. As editor and author William C. Hilberg manages the entire content of PENP. Our team greatly appreciates his expertise and is proud to have him on board.

In his role as a freelance health and nutrition coach he has helped hundreds of people worldwide.

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Advising in medical matters of:

Dr. Eric Wood

Naturopath Dr. Eric Wood is available to the PENP team and Mr. Hilberg in particular as an advisor. His practice as a treating physician, his time at renowned universities in Canada and the USA as well as his work for leading manufacturers of dietary supplements have resulted in a comprehensive wealth of knowledge that Dr. Wood shares with us.

The collaboration of author and external consultant enables us to keep the content of PENP at the high level it is today.

Translation of the content into German by:

Andreas Müller

Mr. Müller is responsible for translations into German.

This post is also available in: German