4 Gauge Review – Results and Side Effects from a Pre-Workout

I’m always on the lookout for a pre-workout that actually increases my pumps, adds noticeable stamina and doesn’t have so much sugar that it works against my gains. Even if I did find a brand that’s not just scamming my cash, it always tasted like chalk. I thought taking a steroid substitute like Clenbutrol or Decaduro would be enough. They’re just a pill, without side effects or flavor, but they enhanced my need for a pre-workout even more to keep up with my new endurance and bulk.

I was getting pretty tired of wasting my money and searching Amazon and Ebay for the best prices. I bought a ton of fake stuff. 4 Gauge showed me that what I wanted was out there, that flavor didn’t have to be sacrificed for performance and to always buy from the distributor if you want to guarantee you get the real deal. Check out my before and after experience with this pre-workout and see if it’s what you’ve been looking for too.

Tired of pre-workouts that taste horrible, give you a crash and are filled with bad ingredients?

We all want that extra edge in the gym that helps us go longer, push harder and squeeze out every last drop of our energy to gain muscle, speed and endurance. We eat the right diet. We take the right supplements. All we want is a clean label energy drink that gives us a boost in our workout to have our best set every time. Sometimes it can be an inner struggle to give it all we’ve got. Maybe we’re tired or not in the mood. We go anyway but feel the slump and it shows! That’s why a pre-workout is essential for our best performance every time. But why are they filled with sugar, calories and taste awful? A bad energy shot is the worst. You may feel jittery, unfocused, get a headache and then crash before you’ve even finished. It’s time for something different. It’s time to have it all!

What is 4 Gauge?

When you want explosive pumps, ridiculous endurance, intense focus and the mental and physical energy for your best workout ever, you want 4 Gauge.

It’s a powdered energy pre-workout that has been scientifically tested to fuel your body without artificial sweeteners and only rack up five calories!
In the past, I tried to avoid energy shots with caffeine, but 4 Gauge has formulated an exact blend of caffeine with L-Theanine an amino acid that gives you focus, control and keeps your nervous system calm. This gives your body the ability to control the energy from the caffeine and direct it to the task at hand.

How does 4 Gauge Work?

  • Increases blood flow, reduces post-workout soreness and enhances growth hormone production
  • Enhances your energy, stamina, power and focus
  • Elevates your mood, lowers stress and improves memory
  • Improves the assimilation of oxygen giving you stronger pumps

All-Natural (adjective) Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline DL-Malate – 6000 mg – vasodilator extracted from watermelon
  • Caffeine – 150 mg – natural stimulant extracted from coffee beans
  • L-Theanine – 200 mg – amino acid extracted from green tea leaves
  • Rhodiola Rosea – 100 mg – natural adaptogen from Scandinavia
  • Beta Vulgaris – 300 mg – nitric oxide enhancer extracted from beetroot
  • Creatine Monohydrate – natural compound that converts to phosphocreatine which stores ATP
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – amino acid that supports muscle mitochondria to burn fat
  • Coconut Water – natural hydration rich in vitamins and minerals to support a workout

The Correct Dosage and Directions

Though the recommended dosage is two scoops 15 to 45 minutes before your workout, the ingredients are all-natural and risk free, so feel free to adjust the amount and timing to what works best for you. The 4 Gauge website says you can double dose, meaning four scoops, without harming your body or workout. I found that three scoops, 20 minutes before my workout was the ideal balance. It all depends on your size, current endurance and rate of digestion. Find what works best for you.

Explosive Pre Workout

What Are the Side Effects?

There are no chemicals, additives or harsh fillers in the 4 Gauge blend which makes it safe, healthy and free of any side effects. Even if you are sensitive to caffeine, the L-Theanine should balance out any reactions you may normally feel. Start with one scoop and work up based on your own reactions.

Does 4 Gauge Really Work?

Without a doubt! It definitely did the trick. With such an awesome ingredient label in high quantities, I wasn’t worried about whether it worked. I was more worried about jitters, crashes and taste. I don’t typically have any caffeine in my diet, so it was really great to enjoy the boost without feeling twitchy or restless. Because 4 Gauge doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners there was no sugar crash or added fatigue. As for the taste, it was by far the best one I’ve had. They only have the one fruit punch flavor, but I don’t drink the stuff for variety. It tastes fine and it does the job!

My Real Experience with 4 Gauge

I told you that I’ve tried many pre-workouts without a lot of success, so I was jaded when I tried 4 Gauge. I almost didn’t bother thinking it was just one more powder to drink. I’m glad I went for it! Once I found my perfect dose and timing, my workouts went from exhausting and at times irritating to ideal each and every session.

Even if I’m not into it, I drink my shot and 15-20 minutes later, I’m itching to add on more weight and push harder. I definitely noticed my recovery rate improved. I have more power in each pump, and my endurance has a 20 to 40 minute boost depending on my routine.
Even my cardio has improved, and I hate cardio. The small percentage of body fat I’ve been trying to lose in my cutting cycles melted off of me this time, and I had to make less cuts to my diet.

For anyone who has been wanting to increase their performance in any sport, grab 4-Gauge.

Where to Buy 4 Gauge – Get the best deal with guaranteed results!

I said above how I’ve tried online sites like GNC to find discounts and new products, and that’s how I have wasted a lot of money on fake blends, embarrassing shipments and even a scammed credit card. I am giving you the direct link to 4 Gauge to get the best offers, 256-bit encryption, PayPal options and discreet, free shipping in the US and UK.

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