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Health awareness in the population increases

This is the conclusion of a recent survey conducted by the MindTake Research Institute.

When asked “Advere yourself generally to a healthy lifestyle (healthy diet, regular exercise, etc.)?“, almost two thirds of respondents answered positively.

And yet almost half the population is overweight, one in four takes at least three medications daily and 27% of all Americans younger than 45 call in sick 10+ days per year.

There are 3 good reasons for this

Lack of education

A large proportion of people simply know too little about their own body, diet and exercise. No wonder, since these topics are rarely discussed in our educational institutions – and if they are, then often very superficially or with outdated knowledge (see nutrition pyramid).

Modern everyday life

We have transformed ourselves from a physically working person to a desk stallion, always coupled with electronic aids. “Thanks to modern technology, a large part of the population sits hunchbacked in front of the PC – the resulting lack of movement is only one link in the chain of health decline.


In the morning pack yoghurt with fruits, in cold weather thickly so that you don’t get cold and in case of complaints simply take the next best pill. That’s what the doctor is for, and that’s what everyone relies on today. The supposedly safe comfort zone grows and causes exactly the opposite of what most people expect.

This is where the team comes in: We bring healthy education and enlightenment to the people - independently and to the best of the knowledge of our experienced authors.

Topics And Publications Currently Under Discussion

Virility Pills 2019 En Vogue

It should be clear to everyone that sexual enhancers are not jelly babies. Nevertheless, more and more healthy men are already taking Viagra, Cialis or pills such as Kamagra that are not approved as medication at a young age – almost 5% of under-26-year-olds are said to do so. A dangerous trend?

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Hormones Out Of Control

Plasticizers, hardeners, radiation, stress… potential dangers that could have a negative impact on our biochemistry. Particularly disadvantaged is the male sex hormone testosterone. Do our men become effeminate?

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Cannabis Acceptance On The Rise

No more criminalization of cannabis users? Finally a glimmer of hope for sick people who could benefit from THC or CBD oil? There is much to be said for it, but conservative voices are still against it. We analyse and inform.

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