Vision: Neuronano Research Center
ur vision is to improve quality of life for disabled people and individuals
with neurodegenerative disorders by listening to, understanding and
talking to the nervous system by means of a neural interface.
ur goal is to develop a new generation of safe and tissue-friendly miniaturised
Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI), i.e. electrodes that can be implanted in the
brain and spinal cord for long time periods. The electrode implants will be able
to communicate without wires with an external computer and thereby supply
information to and from nerve cells and the central nervous system and thereby
enabling direct brain-computer interactions. This will allow for groundbreaking
and pioneering basic research on fundamental neuronal mechanisms related to
e.g. learning and memory, pain and altered information processing in neuronal
networks during neurodegenerative disease. In the clinic, the applications for
the new electrodes include treatment of chronic pain, depression, epilepsy,
Parkinson’s disease and other motor disorders and memory disorders.
It is our hope that patients will be able to benefit from this research in the near
future, with positive impact on individual suffering and social economic spending.
Prof Jens Schouenborg
NRC Co-ordinator
Neuronano Research Center
tel: +46 70 292 45 72
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