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sharing ideas and establishing best practice across cities and communities
in Europe will give the necessary impetus and critical mass for a sustainable
low-carbon economy. Increasing the market opportunities for new energy
efficiency and renewable energy technologies for new transport solutions
based on the use of ICT will drive down costs to the extent that they will
ready for mass production and use.
European cities can become hubs for innovation. Local business,
utilities, house owners, citizens associations, technology providers,
financial institutions or research institutions, all will be able to contribute
to the development and implementation of innovative energy and
transport solutions.
The Smart Cities and Communities idea offers huge opportunities for
the industry to deliver what cities and regions need. Industry players
from different sectors will jointly develop solutions for a faster
commercialisation of new urban technologies. Cities will be empowered
to take their energy, transport and innovation destiny in their own hands
and citizens will profit from a better urban environment.
three sectors to maximise the co-financing
available to integrated urban projects within
Horizon 2020 will be fully explored. Market
introduction of innovative services and new-
technologies could also be stimulated by
pre-commercial procurement.
The initiative would finance, for example, projects
optimising energy and transport in districts
through the modelling of flows, increasing the
energy efficiency of neighbourhoods and districts
of buildings improving energy supply and demand
systems(electricity and heating and cooling
through demand response, use of smart meters,
balancing of the grid and so on). As for transport,
the initiative would finance projects improving
interconnections, inter-modal transport, public
transport and low-carbon vehicles. As for the ICT
sector, the cross-cutting applications for energy
or transport sectors as well as the development
of sustainable infrastructures in particular data
centres and telecommunications equipment,
including broadband, are example of actions
which can be envisaged for financial support.
Critical mass
Integrating energy, transport and information and
communication technologies to provide new
products and services for urban environments,
Pan European Networks: Government
Günther Oettinger
European Commissioner for Energy
Paris from the air
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