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Clean Sky within the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme, formally
handed over to the European Commission their joint technical proposal
and a common declaration. The act formalised their strong commitment
towards a Clean Sky 2 Programme.
The Joint Technical Proposal details the proposed work plan for Clean
Sky 2, spanning 2014-2024, focused on research investments
and major demonstration activities. Clean Sky 2 will introduce further
integrated demonstrations and simulations at the aircraft platform level.
Innovations from Clean Sky 2 will underpin advances in the next
generation of aircraft by mastering the technologies and the risks in time
to meet the next market window to replace the current fleet. This flagship
European programme will be leveraged by further activities funded at
national, regional and private levels. Clean Sky 2, even more than the
current Clean Sky programme, is destined to play the role of the pivotal
European programme for aeronautical research at large.
The Clean Sky 2 programme is our future, having in mind that global
competitiveness can only be achieved through industrial leadership in
Europe and by supporting Europe’s knowledge economy. The wide
appetite for a Clean Sky 2 programme throughout industry, interest from
SMEs, research organisations and academia, provides evidence for the
appropriateness of this instrument for research and innovation.
Clean Sky 2 is approaching a decisive phase, now that the European
Commission is close to submitting its proposal for continuation of JTIs
to the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament for
discussion ahead of the final approval by the Council by the end of 2013.
We trust we can soon report good news about this process.
products will enter development. Only a
dedicated entity with both public and industrial
involvement can manage such a programme,
with the necessary flexibility as well as a
constant concern of keeping the overarching
objectives. Today, Clean Sky building on its core
of industrial leaders, involves more than 500
participants from 24 European countries.
Importantly, almost 40% of the projects open to
competition by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking
are won by SMEs. These SMEs directly
contribute to the building-up of integrated
demonstrators. Many of them are newcomers
to the field of European research. The three
main barriers they are usually facing – financial,
technical and reputational – are overcome
thanks to such participation. Clean Sky is
actually building a European innovation chain.
Paris Air Show
The Clean Sky Joint Undertaking has just come
back from the 50th edition of the Paris Air
Show which opened its doors to aeronautics
professionals and the public at large. Clean Sky
did not miss the opportunity to be part of
the greatest international air show there is
and explained what Clean Sky is, and its
achievements since its creation, to attendees.
In close co-operation with the integrated
technology demonstrator (ITD) leaders and the
support of the European Commission, the
Clean Sky stand showed tangible results of
the environmentally friendly technology that
our organisation has generated since its start
in 2008.
We offered visitors the chance to see a wide
array of hardware such as an open rotor mock-
up and actual blade, a morphing wing flap, the
laminar wing demonstrator mock-up, a model
of a helicopter diesel engine, as well as
equipment related to the more electric aircraft
concept. Clean Sky received many visitors at the
stand including our members, professionals and
the public at large. On the institutional side,
we welcomed representatives of the European
Commission, national delegations of parliaments
and governments, MEPs and others.
Clean Sky 2
Also during the Paris Air Show, the 16 leading
European aeronautical companies and
research organisations who have jointly been
preparing the ground for a continuation of
Pan European Networks: Government
Eric Dautriat
Executive Director
Clean Sky
© Patrick Ayrault
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