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be covered in PEN, with a variety of articles, including a city focus on how

London is blending innovation and cycle safety measures.

The maritime section of the publication touches upon how stakeholders

from across the industry and government are moving to ensure a green

future for the maritime sector.

And the energy section opens with a focus on green fuels, with

commentary provided by Jean-Marc Jossart, secretary general of the

European Biomass Association. The following renewable energy section

sees PEN report from the International Conference on Ocean Energy

(ICOE) held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in late February. After pieces on the

event, focus on the work of KIC InnoEnergy is provided by Antoni

Martínez, while James Watson gives an insight on the priorities of the

European solar industry. Energy storage is intrinsically linked to the

realisation of a low carbon, renewables-driven energy sector. Two pieces

detail work in this area, with an editorial contributed by the European

Association for Storage of Energy’s (EASE) Julia Ioannou, and an article

on developments around lithium-ion battery technology. With interest in

the potential of carbon capture and storage technology continuing, the

director of NGO Bellona Europe also provides a viewpoint.

Within the agriculture section, representations can be found on the

greening of the agriculture and food systems. Reporting from the Forum

for the Future of Agriculture 2016, PEN details the perspective of the

commissioner responsible for agriculture, Phil Hogan, along with an

interview with Professor Jeffery D Sachs on the Sustainable Development

Goals and European agriculture.

Finally the society section covers the issues of youth and education,

alongside change management practice. Rounding out this edition, there

is a special feature on drug use in professional sport, featuring

commentary from a number of key stakeholders.

As ever, I hope that you will find these pages as informative and

interesting a read as I have found in their creation, and I welcome any

comments you may have.


the tragic events on 22 March in Brussels displayed,

Europe continues to face threats that require complex

policy responses and clear action. Indeed, the scale of

the challenges facing the EU and Europe has perhaps never been larger.

This edition of PEN: Government opens with a special feature on human

rights; with perspectives from the Human Rights and Democracy

Network, and the Council of Europe.

The international policy section which follows includes a variety of articles

on key issues such as European defence, EU foreign policy performance,

the Slovakian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, as well

as the debate around the upcoming In/Out referendum in the UK, and

the wider implications this holds for the union.

The economics and business section features reflection on the

developments around the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

(TTIP) as provided by AmCham EU, as well as discussion on an innovative

initiative for SMEs by the European Investment Fund, and the challenges

facing the European steel industry by EUROFER.

Under the ICT and cybersecurity heading, a focus on smart cities and

the internet of things can be found alongside pieces devoted to

developments around smart lighting; highlighting the benefits for the

public good that new technologies offer. Meanwhile, the Urban

Environment section brings together commentators from the European

Commission, alongside the V-Con Project and EUROCITIES, to discuss

key issues in the urban agenda. Following this, you will find a PEN city

focus on Warsaw, Poland. The first of more city focuses to come, this

section has pieces detailing efforts to make the Polish capital an attractive

place for innovation and investment.

The transport section provides an insight on the work of European

commissioner for transport Violeta Bulc, with PEN reporting from the

TRA2016 conference in Warsaw, while highlighting the developments

taking place across different modes of transport. Special attention is paid

to the greening of large vehicles. PEN reports on comments made by the

chairman of the European Technology Platform on Logistics, Ralph Keck,

and holds an interview with Arne Fellermann from BUND on the retrofitting

of buses to make them more environmentally friendly. A PEN article on

the funding of green utility vehicles also details present developments in

this critical sector. The ever important issue of road safety continues to


Michael Brennan


Pan European Networks: Government